If you haven’t watched this yet, it’s worth it.

Charen isn’t one of my favorite conservatives, nor do I have much use for CPAC.  However, when the two clashed in this instance, I found myself mostly agreeing with her on principle.

Most Republicans want President Trump to succeed and are supportive of his agenda, but his attitude toward the women in his life–not simply women in general–is a black eye for Republicans.  Melania is a beautiful woman, a wife and mother, and would have been successful in life whether or not she married the man she did.  His treatment of her and his previous wives that bore him children degrades them.  It degrades the types of women that we conservatives generally place on a pedestal.

Charen has done right by reminding conservatives not to overlook this or normalize it, unless we want to forget who we are or what we stand for.  I think her scolding was appropriate, especially when we’re seeing such betrayal from other high-profile Republicans, such as my own state governor.

When I said a few weeks back that I was going to start reigning in my partisan impulses, this is exactly the sort of reason why.  It felt like I was going to start defending conduct which I find indefensible because doing otherwise would hurt “my side”.  It doesn’t.  Our side loves and treasures women and we should criticize those in our own ranks who do otherwise.  That’s not anti-conservative.  It’s totally conservative.

That’s not to say that I completely agree with her.  The allegations against Moore were weak and he wasn’t a “child molester”.  Our position must fall somewhere between “believe everything this crazy bitch says or you hate women” and “women are such whores that I can’t even be alone with one in case she tempts me”.  We’ll figure it out eventually, but for now, let’s not make excuses for rotten behavior that hurts blameless Republican women.  We can start there, right?

Republican men must show they value the decent, honest women that turned out in support of the GOP in 2016.  CPAC’s reaction to Charen leads me to believe that they are being taken for granted instead.  It may yet indeed be Republicans who ultimately get cuckolded by their women at the polls.

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Maybe the question women should be asking themselves is why they’re attracted to guys like Trump (and Clinton, for that matter) in the first place.

nor do I have much use for CPAC

I like CPAC. Sure, it’s mostly feeding meat to the hungry dogs, but your Mona example is a good one in that for many of us it is the message that we support, not the messenger. You should check out Ben Shaphiro’s CPAC speech. Ben has never been a Trump supporter, but takes the attitude ,”Praise him when he does something good, and slam him when he does something bad”.

We need to get serious about all of it. I’m worrying that Republicans are becoming too accepting of this sort of behavior simply because we’re too preoccupied with beating Democrats. Yeah, maybe for some for but for the pundits I listen to they agree with me (funny how that works) that we are glad Trump is president only for the good things he can do, not because he is some how worthy of that position. We understand all of his moral failings, and if Mueller presented credible evidence that he did collude with the Russians, it would not shock us… Read more »

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