Maybe it felt like it was over all too fast because I really wasn’t paying that much attention. Maybe it was because in a YouTube era, anything exciting that happened the night before, I can catch the highlights the next day, the same formula that made ESPN an iconic success . And Maybe most Americans think curling is some Nancy sport, right up there with darts. But in any event NBC took a cash bath in its ratings. Lower viewership, lower medal count, some political intrigue, and some political nastiness, for me all this translates into ,”Come on, March Madness”.

Some hit and misses:


U.S. women’s hockey team (DUH!!!)- Yes, the shoot out at the end was anti climatic for some, but the goal in which victory  achieved ,”oops, I did it again”, and the shear feat of knocking off the perennial champs, magnafique.

U.S. Men’s Curling team This is by far the greatest underdog story of the entire games. Hollywood wants to make a movie about the, “Team Rejects”. After wiping away  the tears on the medal podium (always like to see that), they noticed that the got the wrong medals. They were given women’s gold hockey medals. How did they it was women’s? The embossed had a cell phone in one hand and a Gucci bag in the other.

Lindsey Voss- The oldest female Alpine skier to ever medal.

Team Norway- Winner yet again in total medal haul. They were The Patriots before The Patriots.

Marchel Hirscher- The Roger Federer of skiing. The Austrian skier owns  records that will probably never be broken, yet, he has never won an Olympic gold medal. So he comes to South Korea and wins 2 Gold medals.

Marit Bjoergen, at 37, the greatest Olympic champion in history, got her 15th Gold medal in her last Olympics, winning the 30 kilometer cross-country ski event. And yes, she is Norwegian.

The “Garlic Girls” of South Korea- I always root for the host nation. The ladies from a small town known for garlic growing turned  into Rock Stars by winning the silver medal in curling.


Gus Kenworthy- The darling of the LGBTQ community, he finishes last in his event but slams Ivanka Trump on Twitter because she was at the closing ceremonies. Hey Gus, she can probably ski better than you, ya putz.

Russian doping- Come on, did this surprise anyone?

Shani Davis- A great Olympic champion who turned into a racial crybaby. He and a female bobsledder, with an equally illustrious resume, tied 4-4 in the Olympic Committee votes as to who carries the flag. The usual procedure for breaking ties is a coin flip. The coin was flipped and Shani lost the toss. He then goes on social media and complains about the “disgraceful coin toss”, and then boycotts the opening ceremony, thus showing the world that he knows nothing about good sportsmanship.

A dishonorable mention to a couple of Canadians- Jocelyne Larocque for not waiting a full second before removing her silver medal off of her neck on the medal stand, and Dave Duncan for an honest attempt at making Ryan Lochti look good by stealing a car (along with his wife and coach) to ride back to the Olympic village from a night of partying. Both apologized afterwards, we forgive you.

So, on to Tokyo.  I will do better next time is my Olympics watching, and promise to bring you the highlights right here.

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Other moments:

Streaker guy on the ice

Olympic squirrel hero

K Pop gets a world stage

The kid guitarist

Russians singing their national anthem despite sanctions

Those creepy North Korean cheerleaders


My favourite moments were watching Scott Moir with a beer in hand yelling at the refs during the women’s final. And akso seeing, at the same game, Canadian curler Joanne Courtney carrying a four pack of beer to her seat.

I absolutely enjoyed watching the hicks from Wisconsin demolish the pretty boy Swedes in the men’s curling final.

I loved being overcome with joy with my 2 daughters when Cansda won gold in mixed curling.

Obvious disappointment in team curling and hockey. And rich’s bromides to the Canadian contingent. 🙂 Save it for Trudeau. 😉

so, no last minute north Korean , treachery?.

I am a cord-cutter. So thanks to a trial of YouTube TV, this was the first time I’ve been able to really get into watching the Olympics on a daily basis in a very long time. It was refreshing to sit with the family in the evening and watch the coverage. My highlights include Shaun White’s dramatic win in the men’s HP, after coming out amazing strong, getting one-upped, then finally taking back the lead in his final run; the Shibutani siblings, while only getting bronze I loved their story and they were awesome to watch; Canada and Germany tying… Read more »


NZ finished with two medals, our greatest ever haul. Lol. We do better at the Summer one.

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