I’m waiting for the Billy Graham funeral to start (I can just picture God now ,”Finally, somebody interesting to talk to”), a good time to blog.

One of the primary duties citizens have to the country is to check our elected leaders, to keep them on a short leash, and be ever vigilant to scrutinize any public actions they take in our name. Similarly, we should call out and recognize those that stand out from the rest.

My favorite senator is Ben Sasse. A self-described gym-rat (hence the image above) he is fairly new to Washington, which probably goes a long way in describing his dedication in changing it. A modern-day John Locke, he gets the job description. Naturally I would like some one of his caliber to ascend the ladder and assume greater duties within government but I don’t think that will happen. Right out of Jefferson’s citizen-politician model ( successful driven citizens putting their lives on hold and doing the people’s business, then passing the baton and going back home to private life), I suspect Sasse, like Gowdy, feels a genuine calling to improve the system while having the power to do it, then ride into the sunset.

I saw a short clip yesterday on Beher’s show that encapsulated way I think he gets it. It was also timely in that our president is going off the rails again;

We have already talked about his waffling on gun rights and his lack of understanding in general about civil liberties and the 1st Amendment. The good news is that he has proved to be malleable. This business man/reality TV star has not had his come to jesus moment when it comes to core values. Another reason him picking Pence as VP (if only he is smart enough to listen to him) was pure genius.

The due process/gun rights debate, I got a pretty good handle on, but the trade war stuff, I wanted to throw out there because we got smart folks who follow us, many non US folks who do this for a living, and I wanted to know what they thought.

My rudimentary understanding on the subject  is this; the greatest most powerful nations in history used free trade as a bulwark for growth and expansion. Great Britain is a great example. Owning an empire covering one-quarter of the earth’s land mass, it ruled the seas with its Royal Navy. It’s 2 trading companies, Hudson Bay and East India, controlled one-third of all world trade. Half the world’s ships flew the Union Jack. Their land possessions controlled more than 400 million people, free trade was the life blood, the gasoline that made the engine run.

All the points that Sasse made in his clip, I  believed as well. The door of free trade swings both ways and it does not exist in a vacuum. I get one of the  reasons Trump used in protecting our steel mills, national security, in perilous times a nation can not rely on foreign imports for its necessities. But does anybody think that good things will result from high tariffs or trade wars?

His convoluted business ideas wrt China and free trade were always a worry to me before the election.”Make America Great Again”, nice slogan, who doesn’t want that? But as the other side has taught me in spades, no matter how well intended or where your heart is, all actions have consequences and they better be thought out a head of time. NAFTA, TPP, all other trade agreements with foreign nations, our economy is firing on all cylinders now with record low unemployment. Sure, some of these agreements can be made better, but don’t make “good” the enemy of “perfect”.

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If Big Labor likes it, it can’t be all that great. They always like tariffs “for the workers.” Maybe you could make the case that Trump is trying to take issues away from the Democrats ahead of the midterms, but I don’t know. Hillary probably would have done the same earlier in her presidency, so would anything on these two issues have been much different?

My own opinion is that the tariff is a scare tactic Trump is using to negotiate better deals. Can’t say for sure though. He’s not known for loving free trade.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Our economies are too intertwined for trade wars. I think in trump’s thick skull he imagines a world where America exports everything and imports nothing.

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