Speaking of binging and purging, I’m all about it this weekend.  As Spring approaches and I shake off the Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever it is, I find that I’m eager to get back to a healthy regimen.  When it’s cold and crappy, I don’t want to exercise and I eat junk food because it gives me momentary happiness.  Oh, yeah, and the booze.

The result is that I’m a bit heavier than I prefer, I look like crap, and I feel like crap.  My energy is down, and I have little patience. I’m ready to fix it.

So I made an agreement with the wife that we were going on a bender this weekend.  Junk food, whiskey, hamburgers, KFC, etc.  We’re going wild.  My plan is to overdo it, get sick, and then enjoy getting back on a normal diet.  We’ll have some decent weather too, so I can start walking and work my way back up the gym.  Monday is going to be a welcome shift.

Honestly, I think my approach is a valid one.  When you’re not up to maintaining a fitness regime, don’t.  When you’re ready to start again, indulge yourself and then do it, fatso.  I’m less troubled than some.  Like who?  Well, this guy.

The White House was put in lockdown on Saturday afternoon after a man shot himself dead at the North Lawn.

The shooting happened at around noon and sparked panic inside as staff were told to shelter in place.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man who lives inside of the White House is doing well, mentally speaking.  He may even be too relaxed.

With his appearance Saturday at his Palm Beach County, Florida, golf course, the president hit a new milestone: 100 days of golfing at his own properties, according to CNN. It’s a remarkable feat for a man who’s been president for 407 days.

You know, I wonder if it’s just another one of those areas he’s planning to beat Obama over.  He’s well on track, assuming he’s a two term president.  If Trump maintains his current rate, he should equal Eisenhower.  Oh, lighten up, liberals.  When he’s playing golf, he’s at least not threatening to nuke Atlanta to defeat CNN for good.

Let’s focus on real civilization-destroying insanity.  Such as this.

Ah, screw it all.  Here’s Mark Hamill vs Mark Hamill.

I can’t even remember if I’ve shared this one before.  Plus it’s been around for a few years, but hey.  If everyone gets to be crazy and do whatever they want to, so can I.

Welcome to my bender.

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When it’s cold and crappy, I don’t want to exercise and I eat junk food because it gives me momentary happiness. Oh, yeah, and the booze.

I hear you. I enjoy exercise year round, but I have my soft spots when it comes to food and beverage. I should be a lot more lean and cut than I am, but the damn siren song of beer and my kids Halloween candy is just too damn hard to avoid at times. But I swear, this is the week that it all starts….


The problem is sleep.

#MeToo. I’ve never been a good sleeper, and my good intentions are always wasted when I turn on the porn machine computer. It invariably leads to long nights. I lay some of the blame on this blog!

On a side note, not sure what put it over the edge but RVS is now considered a full-on adult material website by my work internet filter. Congrats, you are officially blacklisted. 🙂

We can only celebrate them one day a week?……. Fascist!!!


Awesome, I love titties. And alliteration.

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