Slow news day. I had a great post lined up with me critiquing last night’s fashion disasters, so close to hitting “publish”, you guy’s dodged a bullet, which segues right into this post.

A great video is going viral on the right leaning sites I look at. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but may have forgotten while inundated with instantly famous 17 year olds declaring themselves experts in their NRA condemnations. Take a look:

There is a lot to unpack……………..and I’m not going to do most of it here. In an effort to keep my posts concise, easier to read, I’m hitting just a few highlights.

Most Americans get the importance of gun rights because it speaks directly our civil liberties, it speaks directly to freedoms as secured by The Constitution, and it directly connects John Locke’s natural rights of “Life, Liberty, and Property”, as unalienable, secured only by the government, not granted.

Many times I am bemused by what I perceive as an ambiguity that some foreigners have wrt the symbiotic relationship Americans have with gun rights. From the outside it can easily be confused as an idiosyncrasy, a crazed obsession devoid of both reason and logic. Only a concerted effort to learn about our heritage, our founding, how we progressed as a nation, and how we value certain rights to such a degree that we enshrined them in our founding document so that no ambiguity could result, only then can you get a taste of the reverence given by people hell-bent on not allowing any alterations. The sanctity of life and the right to self-defense, no governmental intrusions will ever be countenanced.

In a movie with Tom Cruise–the best one he ever made–there is a line spoken by Katsumoto: “The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.”. Similarly you could spend your life looking for better ways to stop needless gun violence, in schools, on the streets, anywhere, and it would not be a wasted life. I am for constant continual debate in this area, whatever it takes, any ideas and I will listen. But the simple fact is that as long as bad people exist, gun violence will never be totally eliminated.

The newest stars emerging from the Parkland shooting are some of the students who somehow think because they were near to a mass murder, they are now experts on gun rights. This is a great read.

I can’t watch them, not because they don’t have a right to their opinion and a right to voice that opinion, but because they are not savvy enough to understand that they are nothing more than public stooges parroting the MSM’s talking points. I did see a kid call the NRA mass murders with the CNN host sitting mute. If they want to enter the arena, great, but put them on an honest show where they will be challenged. Of course they want none of that.

The other thing I wanted to hit on real quick, still gun related (naturally) is the kidney stones being passed over the new making of Death Wish.

And the critics don’t just hate the movie, they haaaaaate it.

Of course they do, it has a real movie star (and he is a conservative), it shows the ineptness of those tasked with protecting us, and it metes out swift justice to evil doers. And they will miss the obvious take away, the gun can not think, does not function on its own and has no morality.

I should take a principled stand and go see this movie at the theaters,  or if I was really enthused to buy thousands of tickets and give them to the community to jack up box office sales. Or I could just do what I normally do and RedBox it.

“From my cold dead hands”.

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This is currently the best movie going around.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

There’s a study I’ll finf and link for you about the futility of gun control at this point. Basically it counted up all of the guns owned currently and came up with the startling number. A number of what it would cost to gmhave people voluntarily turn them in for cash, and the number that would still be owned if we didn’t have some way to get people to turn them in.

Gun control worked in the UK because most people in the UK didn’t really like their guns that much.

Gun control worked in the UK because most people in the UK didn’t really like their guns that much.

No, it worked because the people of the UK are Subjects…………im still pissed at teh UK for, my great grandfather never got his Spare Krag and Springfield back from them, when he loaned them to the UK as part of the NRA loan program.

People in the UK didn’t like their guns, but they seem to like acid throwing.

Abdula Oblongata

That was an XLNT video! Trump may need to watch his 6 in 2020 or the DNC in 2024. I don’t define myself by my stance on 2A but I DO believe that it’s the most pivotal of our rights only because it serves as the insurance policy to preserve the rest.
Saw alleged poll results on FOX today saying NRA members would not mind “broadened” background checks. Must watch these developments for when the Left says broadened or expanded, they mean “universal” and THAT would require national registry.
Not in favor of that.

Must watch these developments for when the Left says broadened or expanded, they mean “universal” and THAT would require national registry.

Welcome GabFam!

It would take some time, but the feds could easily compile a list of who has what firearm simply by gathering up all of the records from all of the retailers on the forms the ATF requires them to maintain for 20 years after each sale.

Call it the Gun Registration Loophole.

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