It  has come to my attention that one of our contributing authors has  a couple of boxers. Commonalities provide the glue in any blogging community. Trailing right behind God, country, and family, our pets define our humanity. Gandhi once said ‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” In our home they are treated pretty damn well. So, lets hear about your pets.

For several years now both my wife and I have volunteered at our local animal shelter, she puts in many more hours than I do. Where I will just walk the dogs, she is plugged in to almost all the local rescues , she is responsible for well over a hundred dogs getting good homes. We have 2 shelter dogs, the last one, Brittany, was 6 hours away from her van ride to county to be put down. I didn’t want a second dog but am so glad that we saved her. Our dogs get along so well, sleep together, run together, they are inseparable. The photo at the top show the open space that lies just behind our house. Every day they get their morning walk (run), over the dear trails. A few more;

I hope I don’t overload our bandwidth.

So lets add to this photo gallery, show us your 4 legged family members with commentary if desired.

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I was raised with cats as pets, so I’m more of a cat person. The only dogs we ever had were 2 German short hair pointers that were hunting dogs. It has to be over 20 years since the last time I was in a household with a pet. I’m at a point in my life where I have enough to deal with 2 children. My wife and I both think that adding any pets to the household would be tantamount to having another child. We’re happy being pet free. That may change as the kids get older. The photo… Read more »

Hard as hell to get this dog to pose, but here’s Coco. She’s mostly Thrilla’s dog. They seem to share the same brain.

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Since passed on, but here was the most recent:

Ow if I knew how to insert images…

inserting images is easy. All you have to do is put down the link to an image and it will render in the comments. Looks like this with (dot) in place of the .



https://i.imgur. com/kXdtVV5. png


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Here goes nothing!

These are our rescue pitties:
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I use photobucket.

What about images not plumed from the internet but taken off of my hard-drive?

You can’t. They have to be uploaded somewhere and linked. Like pfluffy said, Photobucket is good for this.

I think we need a group intervention to work on Will getting a second dog. 2

Ah, we’re good. I’m crazy about my cat, Luna. She’s the shit.

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