Today is International Women’s Day and being good civil servants here, we will do our part. Too bad the news feeds are populated with Stormy Daniel stories, high-profile sports icons getting caught for grab-ass (looking at you Mark Cuban), and more toe tapping in the interminable wait for the NYPD to serve an arrest warrant for Harvey.

Although here in the states , where women have made great strides (Milo has called them the most protected class in the history of the world, he goes into great detail on one of his YouTube videos in cataloging the war on men and how women have not only reached equality, but have surpassed us by a mile), in many other nations (predominantly Muslim theocracies) women are still not given the human rights, respect, or proper placement in the natural order of things. Slavery, subjugation, child weddings, genital mutilation, lack of property/voting rights, and even the simplest of free speech rights like assembly are obstacles to equality.  This means bringing them into the 21st century from the 12th has proven difficult.

One of the greatest setbacks women in Europe have experienced of late is the concerted effort by those in power to mute or ignore the rape and sexual assault epidemic to the indigenous females by the veritable onslaught of unfettered migration from nations where women are not treated well.  It is manifested by “No Go” zones for police, women afraid to leave their homes at night, no real effort made to assimilate the new comers and introduce them to civilized behavior with respect to women.  They have a tough row to hoe.

In an effort to celebrate the homogametic sex, here are some admirable notables that come to mind for me:

  • Sarah Sanders- is there a more difficult job out there then to have to explain/nuance the president’s lamebrained tweets? Some days I honestly don’t know how she does it; talk about taking one for the team.
  • Melania Trump- If you looked up both class and dignity in the dictionary, you would see a picture of her. Demonstrating the patience of a saint in staying with that pig, she comports herself with so much grace.  She and Pence are literally the ribbon and bow that make Trump a silk purse.
  • Nikki Haley- another paragon of virtue and grace. She won me over while governing South Carolina. After the Dylan Roof shooting, the empathy demonstrated in bringing the state together, her ability to genuinely grieve and shepherd the people without it looking contrived, she proved she is a leader. And the yeomen’s work she is doing at the U.N., you go, girl.
  • Faith Fowler- I know, you are asking ,”Who”?, take a look at this short video;

Faith is  local pastor who, through her church, bought up several lots in the more blighted areas of Detroit and is building “tiny” homes for the homeless. Jesus talked a lot about helping the poor and the needy and Faith is putting it into action.

  • Besty DeVos- Public enemy number one with the NEA, she is not beholden to the unions and is forging ahead in injecting some accountability within our education system. She champions charter schools (giving the parents more of a say in how their kids are educated), shoring up the massive student debt problems, and gutting the past administration’s meddling-such as that abominable “dear colleague” letter back in 2014 that killed due process within the academic community. Kangaroo courts were established for purposes of expelling men from college when a female came brought a complaint of an uncomfortable sexual experience”.  It didn’t matter that the sex was consensual, didn’t matter that witnesses were introduced that confirmed the consent, didn’t matter that the police (when called to investigate) would not file for lack of evidence, the guys got expelled anyway. The chickens are coming home to roost in that these universities are now being sued and big judgment’s being paid to those affected. F.I.R.E.  has more than 200 cases pending where they are representing men suing their universities for lack of due process in expelling them.
  • Dana Loesch- for taking the heat and being demonized for her association with the NRA:

A few other notables in business; Meg Whitman, Abigail Johnson, and Mary Barra.

If you got any other notable women who want to bring attention to, let’s have it!

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My late Mom, my sister, grandmother, and aunt. To all the ladies who make us better.


Besty DeVos- Public enemy number one with the NEA, she is not beholden to the unions and is forging ahead in injecting some accountability within our education system. Holy hell that DeVos interview. There’s a lot to take away from it about her incompetence, but man if that isn’t a straight up case study for how being born rich really does remove any and all requirements for you to have any competence at your job. You could slot a college sophomore minoring in education into her job and they’d have a better handle on the department. (Y’know, that’s unfair to… Read more »


You could add Haspel now, who ran a secret CIA prison in Thailand but it hasn’t held her back.


And those who were utterly qualified to run the school system ran it right into the ground. So, we’re screwed either way. But maybe some outside thinking isn’t a bad thing when it comes to US education.


Nothing wrong with outside thinking. However this appears to be outside the ability to think.


Maybe. Maybe not. I know this – the people that got us into this situation will NOT be the ones leading us out.


Hmm, I hear that a lot. I’m still not convinced how replacing them with someone who clearly has no idea is going to improve things. It’s more likely they’ll make it worse. I don’t agree with the whole “well anyone else would be better” line of reasoning. Unqualified is unqualified. Stupid is stupid. Whatever happened to disagreeing with someone qualified making good arguments and showing competence?


I’m not convinced either and don’t believe I said otherwise above. I don’t think it is any more or less likely they will make it worse as years of “qualified” persons has only brought us the highest rate or cost of education in the world with mediocre results at best. That the highest cost usually goes to overhead admin costs and not to the classrooms or teachers and it’s all politically motivated shouldn’t be overlooked due to the alphabet behind someone’s name. Would I love it if our educational system wasn’t really more about political leverage and all about educating… Read more »

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