We all knew that the new president was going to be a bit of a wild card going in. Sure, we knew he was going to stick it to the press, to go out of his way to tweak the opposition, to bring back some good old-fashioned Pat Buchanan-tier protectionism, all the while preening for the camera with accolades of how awesome he is. I was ready for all of this. I was ready for him, like Obama, to move away from the crazier aspects of his campaign promises, once saner minds surrounded him and gave him council. I was also ready for him to juice the economy with some much-needed tax reform and strangulation of the onerous Obama business regulations, although suspecting that he didn’t give a fig about the resulting deficit escalation.

We all knew he was not a deep thinker. More of a limousine conservative, his conservative bona fides were like loose change picked up last Wednesday off the sidewalk, not forged in steel over the years through thoughtful discernment.  I figured this might not be too bad as long as he is malleable, persuadable, and rational. Surround him with warriors from the military, economists who understood free markets and policy wonks who understood that less is more wrt governmental intrusion and over reach into the lives of average Americans. Personally, I gave him odds of about 60/40 whether he would do good things and make a real impact on our lives or if he would be a disaster, over his head, and bumbling along until the latest sex scandal took him down.

But what caught me totally by surprise is this new and improved ,”Let’s have a summit” approach, where he brings in folks from both sides of the aisle and spitballs, getting everybody wet in the process. The last gun summit was a good example. Demonstrating his lack of knowledge or conviction for the 2nd Amendment, he threw around notions of gun bans and violated civil liberties, all for appearing conciliatory. Sure, when he works off the cuff, he has a tendency to eat the cuff in the process.

He is at it again and he wants your joy stick;

President Donald Trump will host a White House summit on Thursday with members of the video game community, video game manufacturers, and video game critics, in an apparent effort to address the “violence” the president believes video games have fostered in society.

Trump told media last week that he believes there’s a connection between first person shooter and other violent video games and mass shootings, like the one that happened in Parkland, Florida, in February. This week, the White House followed up on that, convening a group they believe will fully inform the president on the issue.

Channeling Tipper Gore, this latest photo-op will address the new toxic masculinity syndrome and give a more sedate avenue to channel this aggression. Translation: more censorship.

These events are fun to watch and could even be the impetus for a drinking game.  You take a drink every time he says ,”We are doing it for the children”.

Like rap albums with suggestive lyrics, the gaming industry already labels all video games. If it is labeled ,”M for mature, with violent bloody images” you can rest assured it was not manufactured for 1st graders, so I guess parents are going to forced to do the uncomfortable and parent their kids.

Game bans, gun bans, tariffs, I think Melania cut him off after the Stormy Daniels affair hit, and now he is just frustrated. I suggest he play more golf and keep his mitts out of our lives.

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Melania cut him off

Probably a long time ago.

Well, it looks like Mexico and Canada may be exempt from the tariffs. Also, Kim is coming to South Korea. Winning with love?

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