“Take this ring, Master, for your labours will be heavy; but it will support you in the weariness that you have taken upon yourself. For this is the Ring of Fire, and with it you may rekindle hearts in a world that grows chill.”

― Círdan to Gandalf in The Return of the King, Appendix B, JRR Tolkien

Congratulations again to Zurvan, upon whom was bestowed the Braveheart Bonus by boldly bringing a burst of Bowie…bandwidth…bumblebee butts…baking…during our last DJ thread.  In accordance with the ancient laws, he won the right to choose this week’s DJ theme.

Before beginning, behold my blabbering and blustering bout…damn it….prior to starting, I’d like to make a few remarks.  I’ve been told I have a way with words and I think there are times I should put whatever I have to offer to use, whenever it might do some good.

You know what I want?  What my own ideal use is for RVS?  It’s to inform and discuss and make you feel better about life without lying to you.  I don’t want to sell you on any agenda I have.  I don’t want to talk about the issues and how they help or hurt Candidate X or further Agenda Y.  It’s not about what I want it to be about.

It’s about us.    I want to talk about how the issues of the day are affecting you and understand what’s happening in the hearts and minds of normal people rather than the ambitious freaks who drive all of this nonsense.

Although RVS isn’t strictly a politics and news site (or an “adult material” site according to at least one of our friend’s employers), much of our discussion revolves around current events.  Big deal, because Bing brought up billions and billions of blogs billowing–aaaagh.  There are many sites that do this.  What’s tricky about this one is that when you’re constantly following the news and writing about politics, it’s very difficult not to succumb to the negativity that the present environment is seething with.

I’m not very old, but I’m not young either.  Over 40.  I’ve been politically “woke” for over 20 years and I have never seen it this bad in terms of anger and hatred.  Yeah, I know.  There have always been plentiful periods of political partisanship percolat–this is part of the ebb and flow of things.  There has always been unspeakable violence, grieving families, and bitter recriminations.  What’s different now is that you can’t escape it, no matter who you are or how hard you try.

What this has done is make us unhappy.  People are fearful and upset.  What’s wrong with us?  It’s hard to understand why this is such a dark time.  We’re prosperous and generally peaceful.  Sure, there are wars going on but they don’t affect us.  We’re not starving.  I’d argue that we’re safer and more comfortable now than was ever thought possible even fifty years ago.  Why are we so bitchy and sad?  It’s as if somebody left the basement door open and demons are just wandering out.

It’s because we’re waging a mental, perhaps even a spiritual, fight.  Like Eldritch Abominations, just knowing about these horrible things in the world and (wrongly) thinking that we’re helpless to do anything about them drains our energy.  Worse, we’re seeing cynical and mean-spirited people attempt to manipulate us, polarize us, and in the process they depress us.  I hear lots of good people say, “Ah, I’m just going to shut the news off.  Totally disconnect.  I’ll feel better then!”  They do.  For a short time.  The escape from the negativity doesn’t last long because it’s saturated in every form of media and it creeps into our personal relationships and then our own hearts.

That’s one reason, anyway.  The other reason that they don’t stay away for good is because they care about other people and what’s happening to our world.  If you’re still reading, can you use the word “polarization” somewhere in your first comment so I’ll know who’s shirking?  Thanks.

We each have it in us to make the world a better place and the only reason we don’t is because we underestimate our own power level.  My opinion is that it starts with a genuine compassion and willingness to understand others.  It comes easier to some people than others.  I grapple with maintaining an open mind and keeping the darkness at bay.  Yet when I’m at my best and focused, I like to believe that I help other people when I make them feel better.  Sometimes all it takes is some humor and sometimes I just need to understand what someone is trying to express.  Anybody can do that, really.  They just have to care.

Today, I’m asking all of our readers to fight the darkness.  How?  All you have to do is shine your inner light at it.  Yeah, I said that corny shit.  Can you believe it?  You cannot control the world or change it simply with good intentions, of course.  What you can do is refuse to be manipulated and controlled.  You can also choose to heal, understand, inspire, and cheer up others.

The world needs more people like that, doesn’t it?  Well, be that person, just for today if you can. Nothing is stopping you, I shit you not.  Nothing even can, unless you’re convinced otherwise.  Be positive and kind and hold your own light high.  Others will follow.  Little by little, we can make it better.  We will start with ourselves.

In that vein, Zurvan and I are determined to help you break whatever negativity grips you.  Today, you are being liberated.  Set free from the despair and anger.  When you feel the warmth, please share it with someone else today.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a group like ours, online or IRL.   Here are the categories for this week’s music thread.

  • I’m Looking at the Man in the Mirror — Songs that drive you to be a better person.  I’m really curious to know if you have any selections that changed your life.  I think many of this have something like this among our favorite albums.  I certainly do!
  •  Walking on Sunshine — Songs that make you happy!  Music has a huge impact on our moods.  Our Lightworkers need inspiration to lead the way.  Give it.
  •  Turn on Your Heart Light –Songs that inspire hope in humanity.  Regale me with your selections that evoke faith, selflessness, sacrifice, and The Power of Love.  We just need to hear that everything is going to be okay from someone we can trust.  There are more powerful forces at work than those that depress the people in your lives.  Reveal them.

Tom Bombadil Bonus.  Take the song in your heart and do a good deed for someone else after you read this.  Save someone.  Pay something forward. Really go out of your way, I’m serious. The harder you work at it, the stronger you will feel.  The reward is the knowledge that you proved the world has fine folks in it to at least one person.  That’s what people need most at this stage.  Please explain what you did in the comments.  Modesty is not necessary.

This is an open music thread.  All are welcome to participate.  To do so, just share a song consistent with one of the given themes or you can just claim the bonus.  Songs will be added to the embedded playlist as fast as I can get to them.

Zurvan: It’s your week, so you’re first up.  Thank you for a much-needed suggestion!  Everybody needed this, I think.  The order of dedications typically has no importance, but this was your idea and the rest of us are happy to follow.

I have an absurd soft spot for sappy 1980’s-ish love songs.  Nothing redeems us or leads us to strive for becoming better people than love.  Nor do we do anything greater in our existence except that which we do in the name of love.  I’ll be doing these songs like crazy for the whole thread, but they very much are what works best for making me feel happy (I can be such a fag sometimes).

You get one of my favorites in this realm and a very strong opening:

Open Arms by Journey

pfluffy: This song never fails to cheer me up and I always remember that you’re the one who introduced me to it years ago.  Thanks for sharing something that makes me happy, you wild woman.

Sunshine Superman by Donovan

Santino: So someone seriously said something stating silly sentences send a sense of silliness assuming certain starting sounds synch similarly?  Here’s another alliterative title that’s good vibes.

Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Grendel: The music near the end of Fellowship of the Ring, oh, my feelz.  Everything about LOTR brings out the best in me emotionally.   The whole soundtrack puts my mind on an elevated plane I can’t even begin to describe.

The Breaking of the Fellowship. 

Rich Taylor: I don’t think there’s another song more inspiring than this one that was written by someone who so truly needed to become a better human being…and actually did.

Amazing Grace by John Newton as performed by Judy Collins.

WVR: This song is very much in line with the post.  I interpret it as carrying on the best you can as a regular person, regardless of what happens in the larger scheme of things.

Ordinary World by Duran Duran

Want a dedication of your own next week?  Make a contribution.

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For me Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giantsis guaranteed to pull me out of the deepest of funks. It’s just a relentlessly cheery cheery sounding song, and takes me back to the days before life had truly started grinding me down. Get Through This – Art of Dying. This song was always a favorite because it reminded me to not let the bastards at work see me sweat, regardless of how terrible the assignment. Waking Lions – Pop Evil. I really like the message of this song. It’s been on the radio for a few weeks (that… Read more »

Thanks for sharing that Billy Graham clip. Graham was not only an inspiration but a reminder that the work is not finished, much more is still left to do. Simple Man– A life well lived is it’s own reward. Forever Young– Kindness, charity, faith and love keeps us all young. You can bet that when Rod is on his death bed, he will look fondly back at the times that he got to sing with his daughter. Minutes To Memories-“Family and friends are the best things I’ve known, be the best you can, an honest man’s pillow is his peace… Read more »


I commend your goal of addressing the polarization of politics in the US. https://youtu.be/j7leQB_Oe_k I’m not a fan of the Rolling Stones, but I can’t think of a song that can inspires me more than You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Party in the USA – https://youtu.be/M11SvDtPBhA I’m not ashamed to admit that I love this sing. It’s a heart warming story and I can’t not groove to it every time I hear it. Try – Blue Rodeo https://youtu.be/hkMaBy6EX0w One of those love songs that make me feel all funny in the belly. Takes me back to my Red… Read more »


Thanks Will.i.am. Open Arms is a terrific one. #1 – So…circa 1997, I was going through a rough patch in life. In between listening to NIN, and a few other bands that helped fuel my depression and what were at the time suicidal thoughts, I came across a song (or more accurately, the music video) that made me stop and pause. That song was The World I Know by Collective Soul. It didn’t cure my depression, but it was enough to make me analyze what was happening in my life. I can still remember the feelings I had at the… Read more »


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Pretty much a 1 2 and 3.

Polarization. First of all, thank you Zurvan for a great topic! What makes me happy? Marilyn Monroe – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkFPeUPcx2M “What’s Your Name, Honey?” LOL! First time I saw “No Business Like Show Business” I had to rewind to be sure what I saw. I have an almost obsession with Monroe – fascinating woman for “Womes’s Day” this week. Monroe blazed trails for women back when it wasn’t cool and before Madonna was a thought. Nick Cave – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORAyUF2Qs7Y Should have done that one last week! The epic of Gilgamesh A pretty little black A-line dress I give to you The… Read more »


Meant to Live by Switchfoot

Excellent Choice!

Since we are adding more U2, Sunday Bloody Sunday for an emotionally charged #3.

Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi for another #3.

There’s an article I read a while back (I think it was on Cracked) that outlined why, despite the polarisation, now is actually an amazing time to be alive…. that makes me happy. 1. Bridge Over Troubled Water. It’s been covered a million times (and I love covers) but it always reminds me how little you have to do to make a huge difference to someone. The Artists for Grenfell charity version is really emotional. 2. Its the end of the world and I know (But I feel fine) – not only is it a happy tune, it’s hilarious trying… Read more »

I did us a Spotify playlist, as I’ll be driving a bit today an wanted something to listen to. If you search RVS – Lightworkers edition, you should find it.

Sister Christian by Night Ranger
I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew
Rosanna by Toto

gods, i love these songs…

Simple Man, one of the best drunk off your ass sitting around a bonfire songs ever…

since Open Arms has already been taken.., love that song… i op for Journey’s Faithfully i think it covers 1 2 and 3 for me.,. for #1 this song i found a week ago, does it for me. Uncle Lucius – Keep The Wolves Away #1 Cats In The Cradle-Harry Chapin this hits me.. every time. @2 i jsut can help myself, i jsut wnat to move, dance sing along with these. Jim Croce – Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce – Greatest Hits – You Don’t Mess Around With Jim Ray Stevens – The Mississippi Squirrel Revival IT’S A… Read more »


A few more before I call it a night.

For a sad song, at least melodically, this Elton John tune is pretty inspirational. It’s about redemption.


This song always puts me in a good mood. I get lost in the story and envision myself gallivanting in a park.


Finally, a sweet love song that turned me on to the best rock band there is today.



Okay one more….

Simple Man, one of the best drunk off your ass sitting around a bonfire songs ever…

As a Canadian, you can’t get much more bonfire than this song.



More walking on sunshine. Thinking back, I realized that I spent an inordinate amount of time listening to the Dr. Demento radio show, and an awful lot of comedy albums. So with that in mind: Last Will and Temperment (Boot to the head) – The Frantics Dungeons & Dragons – The Dead Alewives The Talking Goat – Adam Sandler Fatty McGhee – Adam Sandler The Dead Parrot – Monty Python Actual Music, more or less: Boats ‘n Hoes – Step Brothers It’s Cold Outside (Red Dwarf Credit Song) Tongue Tied (Red Dwarf) Liquor and Whores – The Trailer Park Boys… Read more »


Fuck me in the goat ass was my go to profanity for the longest time but I had to stop using it when my co-workers got to be so young as to be unfamiliar with Adam Sandler as anything other than star of mediocre direct to Netflix comedies.

I haven’t listened to a ton of his comedy skits in forever because they have aged really poorly in terms of content.

Monty Python on the other hand is something I’m dying to introduce my kids to once they hit their teens.


I’ve been enjoying this playlist all week. Thanks guys.

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