“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”, from an old 70’s TV show, you youngsters missed some good stuff.

Scaffolding the concept of the rule of law, we hold criminals accountable for the evil that they do. If the offense grave enough then they give up rights granted to all in a free society; life, liberty, and property (in the form of fines) are all on the table. Justice must be swift and proportional, uniform not arbitrary, meted out to all offenders  equally, hence the blindfold on the statute.

Today Rand Paul got some closure in the bizarre attack from his neighbor while mowing his lawn;

On Friday, the man who assaulted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) late last year pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge in a Kentucky federal courtroom.

Paul’s neighbor, registered Democrat Rene Boucher, pled guilty to one felony charge of assaulting a member of Congress resulting in personal injury. That charge stemmed from when he tackled Paul on November 3. Federal prosecutors are reportedly pursuing a 21-month jail sentence against Boucher.

Paul’s injuries sustained during the attack was really serious. By his own admission, he was bed ridden for weeks and in continual pain.

Sure, it is possible the attack was not politically motivated but given that the Boucher was a rabid “impeach Trump” proponent on social media, even hoping Mueller “fry Trump’s gonads”, if not politically motivated the only other plausible explanation is that he just snapped. You think anyone made the suggestion that firearms be removed from his house?

Paul admitted that he was not close to this neighbor, not speaking to him in years, but if this guy bothered to get off the hate sites, he would have realized that Paul is not fan of Trump.

It was clear right off the bat that many of the left lost their collective minds when the election did not go their way, hence the howls of impeachment before the curtains were changed. Sadness, dissatisfaction and feelings of disenfranchisement are a natural by-product of losing, but what is not is premeditated violence perpetrated by the losers against the winners. Shooting up a baseball field full of Republican congressmen, sending envelopes of suspicious white powder to the kids of the president and sending them to the hospital, we have figuratively crossed the Rubicon and entered the set of Westworld.

So, what do you think is a fair sentence? The defense lawyer said he is really sorry, won’t do it again, and wants no jail time. I think an example needs to be made. Personal attacks of this nature can’t ignored or countenanced. I think 18 months is fair but will be satisfied with 12.

I assume Paul lives in a nice neighborhood, so it stands to reason that Boucher has money. I think a nice civil suit would also be proper.  Paul may never be the same again, might suffer complications and pain for years, to slough it off as the price you pay for being a public figure is nonsense.

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12 months and every dime he has ever had..

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