In an effort to occasionally delve into the esoteric (and still smarting from my “Full Frontal Friday” shoot down) I present a story so perverse and disgusting, you will be kicking yourself, saying ,”Why didn’t I think of that?”

FBI agents made an astonishing discovery this morning while executing a search warrant at the residence of a Houston mortician: 3,178 embalmed human penises.

You know how the chubby girl likes to go clubbing with her average looking friends to up the cumulative score, I look at guys like this as some perverse validation that I’m pretty normal after all. Of course this makes Jeffrey Dahmer look normal. You would think that after collecting the first couple,  the novelty would have worn off. And it’s not exactly something you can share with your friends, if he had any.

This is right out of a Dexter episode.

Not sure why the agents would need to collect all the “body parts”, it’s not like they will be able to reunite them with their previous owners. And you thought FBI work was all pillow talk between colleagues and running interference for your favorite politician.

Since Florida gives tax credits to all degenerates I’m surprised this did not happen there.

This makes your model airplane collection look positively pedestrian.

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This guy was a cocky fellow……….


It puts the lotion on its foreskin or else it gets the hose again…

That mugshot though…

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Total dick move, says prosecutor.

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