After this week’s DJ post with all of its heavy Lord of the Rings symbolism, I had to declare a “Lord of the Rings Weekend” in my house.  We all watched parts one and two on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Tonight will include a viewing of “The Return of the King” and I put my wife on notice that she isn’t allowed to look at me for the duration of the Battle of Pelennor Fields since I’ve managed to never cry in front of her after 11 years of marriage.  Even during the climax of “The Two Towers”, I managed to wipe my eyes before she saw it and could tell how much of a woobie I am.

I’ll try not to get all weepy this time, and will let you know how it goes.

In line with that, I found this map overlaying Middle-Earth with the United States to be fun:

Personally, I wouldn’t place the Shire anywhere near Topeka, Kansas.  Maybe Lawrence, but not Topeka.  And yes, Florida could easily hold the Black Gate of Mordor.  If you were wondering, I live somewhere near the east side of the Old Forest.  Not far from Tom Bombadil’s house, about an hour’s drive east of Hobbiton.

Speaking of an old being with an inexplicable power that involves short nonsensical phrases and immobilizes evil creatures and who’s married to a beautiful foreign woman, President Trump might have convinced Kim Jong Orc to meet with him at the negotiating table.

In a stunning development following months of tension and mutual sabre-rattling, senior South Korean officials appeared outside the White House to announce the news, having verbally conveyed Kim’s invitation to Trump. The White House confirmed Trump was ready to meet Kim “by May”, at a time and location yet to be determined.

If the meeting takes place it would be the first ever between leaders of the two countries. Pyongyang has long sought a summit with the US to reflect what the regime sees as its status as a regional military power. Bill Clinton came close to agreeing to a meeting with Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il, in 2000, but arrangements had not been made by the time he left office in January 2001.

It’s far too soon to get optimistic about this.  The Kim family loves to play games and might just be looking for an opportunity to grandstand.  I’m not sure what room there is to negotiate anyway that we’d actually do.

The Rohirrim are the heroes in both Two Towers and Return of the King for making epic charges into danger and saving the day. In real life, Theoden King would allow the orcs to massacre half the population of Minas Tirith, and then give Eomer a week-long suspension for unauthorized heroism by charging into .

It has less to do with a violation of policy and more to do with making the Oathbreakers who sat out the battle look bad.  For them, there will be no redemption in the afterlife.

What else has been happening in the news that can be related to Tolkien’s works?  Anything nerdy, really.  Let’s make it fun and less contentious.

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