A cop walks in to a coffee shop. No, this is not the first part of a joke; it has larger implications, at least according my local media. Turns out he goes in for a cup of coffee, gets told, “We don’t serve your kind in these parts”, and is shown the door. News-worthy? hardly, but in progressive land  every slight is an insult, every mole hill a mountain, and every thrusted finger in the eye of the police or the GOP run government is somehow an act worthy of a new Che Guevara reference;

A California coffee shop doubled down on its refusal to serve police officers, claiming cops threaten their “physical and emotional safety.”


Hasta Muerte Coffee owners refused service to a Latino police sergeant March 8 and are now defending that decision despite growing outrage, KTVU reported. The shop is a worker-owned collective with a mural criticizing police shootings and the militarization of law enforcement. Oakland’s police union wrote a letter to the owners, complaining about the measure. A local city councilman said while he disagrees with the policy, there aren’t any plans to stop it.

The sad secret is that nobody wearing a badge gives a rat’s ass about the owner’s brave act of defiance. The police will just go someplace else. But when conflict exists between the police and the community they serve, when a complaint arises, even if the charge is half-baked in the mind of the complainant, it is news-worthy. Sure, the media would love to turn this into a war, but it won’t happen, for a number of reasons. The cops are not SJW’s with a chip on their shoulder; notoriety just makes their job harder. They respect business owners within their community and want a good working relationship with them. But mostly, who wants to eat or drink anything from an establishment that does not like them? Many won’t go to public restaurants while on duty for this specific reason. I don’t need to drudge up all the stories we have all heard about cooks messing with their food, some of them are true. So they will go someplace else, no muss no fuss.

Is this a clear violation of the Public Accommodations Law? As written, probably not, but this clearly violates the spirit of public service discrimination. And the fact that the original cop was Latino, worth the cost and effort of suing the coffee-house owner? This cop clearly does not think so.

We heard all the moaning, harping, and belly aching over gays and their wedding cakes. Some perceived discriminations are more serious than others.

On the outrage meter, this hardly ticks, nobody really cares. Cops drink way too much coffee anyway, and if this guy wants to beat his chest in front of his neighbors and virtue signal, we won’t stand in his way. But like most virtue signaling, the hollow pretense behind it negates any virtue intended.

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