Is fame in and of itself something that we aspire to achieve? Can you quantify fame; is it worth say a set fixed some of wealth? Does fame have the same esteem level it once had? Can favoring one over the other or part out one over the other determine moral values?

The other day I saw a poll (not scientific, only 1000 samples, and certainly not reflective of the national character) whereby these questions were tested;


I recently put out a poll asking if people would rather be kind of rich and super famous or super rich but anonymous. The results were overwhelming.

A total of 1,000 people voted in the poll and a stunning 97 percent of people took the $50 million and anonymity over being famous with $10 million in the bank.


I’m surprised that the author had his faith in humanity restored or thought this reflected any altruistic motives. The results did not surprise me in the least. In fact, I would have preferred a more drilled down sampling. Pose these questions;

  • Would you rather have $10 million and be famous or, $15 million and not be famous?

Or better still;

  • Would you rather have $10 million and be famous or $10 million and not be famous?


Given my position that fame is not at all what it is cracked up to be, in fact, many times it is more trouble than it’s worth, I would posit that most people would prefer the cash and their anonymity.


Both social and mainstream media has provided an environment where notoriety is risky, unforgiving, and fraught with peril. Aside from the lack of privacy and constant scrutiny is all things, there exists a large percentage of people who are so lacking in anything extraordinary, they find refuge in attacking those that are. The old adage that there are two types of people; those that do great things and those that do not have greatness in them so they criticize those that do, a lot of truth in this. The less than ordinary humans, those that for whatever reason are incapable of achievement, take so much glee in attacking others on social media, revealing their basest of instincts.

It’s bad enough dealing with this insanity by yourself, factor in your family and the effect it will have on their lives, fame is actually something to run away from. You can bet that the Trump kids had no earthly idea of the media circus that would follow them around, lie about them, and put every action under the microscope with an unflattering spin attached.

Historically fame was a precursor to wealth, not anymore and never had the trappings that exist today. Unless motivated to move the social order in the lives of many, or use charity to change institutions, most folks just want to be comfortable and live happily without want. Fame is not only unnecessary but can be an impediment when quality of life is balanced out.

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I’ll take the money, thanks. Fame ain’t what it’s cracked up to be, at least if you’re looking to get on American Idol.

I’d be alright with being famous if I could leverage it into power. Problem is that wealth, power, and a general dislike of having people around makes for a bad combination in a person.

I think when people say fame, they really mean ‘lots of people like me’ – which is basically only half of fame.

screw fame, just give me the money. besides i rather not have my dirty laundry strung out for the world to see..


Would you rather have $10 million and be famous or $10 million and not be famous?

I’d infinitely rather have the money and have no one know about it than be famous.

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