A clear consensus exists, at least in non-Muslim countries, that laying hands on women for the purposes of violence is never ever acceptable. Violence in general is frowned on unless you are defending yourself from another act of violence, but when a  power dynamic is involved, it is even more odious; a man beating an animal, a man beating a kid, and a man beating on a woman.  More than civility itself, a sense of fair play is equally violated, not picking on someone his own size. There are few things in life that will label you as unmanly, even cowardly and contemptible, beating on a woman will invalidate your man card quicker than kicking a puppy.

There is a video circulating today of a baseball player who got caught smacking his girlfriend around. Here it is if you want to watch it, but really, no need to, it is as bad as the Ray Rice video that surfaced a few years back;

This happened in 2016. No charges were filed because the victim would not press charges. She has later regretted her inaction.

Many excuses have been made for this guy’s behavior;

With regard to the beating victim … we spoke with Danry’s attorney who tells TMZ Sports, “I recall conversations about the extreme stress he was under and the pressures to perform that he was young. Came to USA at a young age with no parents (accommodating him) and no guidance … just his dreams. She never excused his behavior just loved him enough to believe they could move forward.”

The “culture” change really doesn’t wash for me. Every day he was here in the states he observed males interacting with women, one beating on the other was not normal.

A few words about women that put up with this. Why didn’t she file charges? Why didn’t she leave him? Was the remuneration of hooking up with a potentially well banked pro athlete worth getting beat on? When marriage is involved with children, I get that the dynamic is different. But this woman has no excuse.

Worse still, he has since married another woman. Too bad for her that she didn’t get a heads up before as to his potential violent nature. We all assume that she went in unaware but do domestic abusers suddenly stop abusing on their own? It is a tough call to tell someone who they should get out of a difficult marriage. Many women put up with all kinds of abuse, not just physical. The serial philanderer, the guy that spends all his time golfing or in strip clubs, or putting half his salary up his nose. Yeah, people deserve better but many factors are in play, not just your safety.

I remember when Michael Vick got into trouble for dog fighting. For you non sports types, this guy was a rock star. He transformed the  QB position and made many pro bowls. He then went to prison, career ended. When he got out, he said all the right things, showed genuine contrition and asked for forgiveness. We all want people to have a second chance when they know they screwed up the first. Vick had a few more successful seasons, with my backing, I was one of those that wanted him to make good.

Vasquez has done nothing for his sins, no public statement of apology or even a pronouncement that he does not beat his current wife. Until he has his ,”Road to Damascus” moment, he is just another woman beater.

Some in his profession have already called him out, good. This guy is more toxic than Kaepernick. I hope the fans of any team looking to hire him give the owners an earful. Some penance on his part is required.

You would think that violence is violence, not so. There is a series of YouTube videos out there that show the difference in reactions from when a man is abusive to a woman, then when a woman is abusive to a man, eye-opening.

The worst part is the women actually laughing with each other when they witness real violence done towards men, this is really bad. Both sexes need to check their past bigotry and prejudices at the door. The #metoo movement is making great strides (even as one feminist put it ,”If a few innocent men have to be sacrificed in the process, so be it”) but some women need to get a clue that men also suffer domestic abuse, and they don’t have the ready-made built-in sympathies that society gives to women, they just need to suck it up.

Wrong is wrong, we don’t need qualifiers.

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