Winter kicked my ass this year.  Daylight savings time is widely mocked every time changed, but it signals to me that seasonal affective disorder should have lifted.  I should be outside in my garden cleaning up by now and have my vegetable starts going inside.  I don’t have anything done, indoors or out.  Bit off more than I could chew, I suppose, though I only have two more classes to go for graduation after I finish this crazy Pop Culture class.  I can’t take them together so it will be September before I finish.

I started watching Frankenstein Chronicles this week.  I did not anticipate the Season 1 finale at all.  Good job Netflix.   I have not started Season 2 yet.

Amidst all kinds of crazy shit this week Stephen Hawking died.  Honestly, he didn’t really get the sendoff he deserved.  Where was all the coverage of his contributions to science?  How he lived a full life despite having fucking ALS?  How he did more with his cheek than most do with their whole bodies?

I went to a free seminar of some sort featuring Stephen Hawking down at Civic Center in Atlanta in 1999.  I ended up in the overfill room at SciTrek and had to watch on a screen.  The coverage of the event is still online. Apparently, there were tickets and I know I did not have one so that is probably how I ended up at SciTrek. I didn’t remember that part, LOL. Funny how we remember things.  Anyway, the place was absolutely packed.  It was a fascinating lecture and I was quite glad I went.  It was the first time that I was exposed to concepts like that.

Ever since then I have paid more attention to Hawking and physicists in general.  These are generally some weird dudes/dudettes and have formed a sort of class of celebrity geeks with appearances on so many shows that I often wonder if any of them actually get anything else done.  My favorite celeb geek is Michio Kaku (sorry Stephen).

In one of my classes this week I read that the geek is dead.  Whaaaaa?  No fucking way. He’s gone a little mainstream, but he still exists.

Ok, so we are going to geek out this week.  I don’t have any separate categories, I just want your geeky music.  I KNOW YOU HAVE SOME.  If they started at a small college town, sing about geeky shit, look like robots or furries and move around like rusty farm equipment, they are geeky.

Here is your playlist.  The first song is by a band that my husband I saw on our second date.  I lived upstairs from an underground night club and these guys would play sets on Saturday nights sometimes. They were from Athens, GA.  Their claim to fame was that they tossed lit firecrackers into the audience.  When he called me back I knew he was mine.  It was free, LOL.  I couldn’t do that to someone for a dedication.  Oh, and keep in mind I used to go to sleep to that shit and step over the results the next day.

Here are this week’s dedications:

Zurvan – Blume

Ilovecress – Particle Man

WVR – Lyre of Orpheus

Spootyjim – Geek Stink Breath

Santino – Dance on Vaseline

Grendel – Popular

Thrill – Add It Up

As always, if you would like a dedication next week, play us a geeky song!


  1. I used it last week, but since it fits so well with this week’s theme here’s In the Garage by Weezer. Weezer, Dungeons and Dragons, and X-men, it’s like a nerdy trinity.

    The Minibosses are a band I’ve followed on and off for probably 13-14 years. Their gig is doing rock covers of 8-bit Nintendo game theme songs. Super Mario Bros 3 – The Minibosses

    I’m sure somebody has posted this before, but Okilly Dokilly – how nerdy/dorky are they? White Wine Spritzer – Okilly Dokilly

  2. Napoleon Dynamite’s dance! Of course!

    I love the Midori reprises of the old video game Gemfire (or Royal Blood in Japan).

    Gemfire was kind of like Game of Thrones without rape. You ruled a fief in a fantasy kingdom that was in a civil war and had to lead your armies to victory. When I was a teenager (and well into my twenties), I loved all of the Koei strategy games from Nobunaga’s Ambition to Dynasty Warriors.

    Erin’s Theme:

    I played those games so obsessively, I’d even set theme music for certain events. Like when I had the enemy forces in retreat and was chasing them down, I’d start playing this:

    Can’t Do Nuttin’ For You Man:

    Sometimes this too:

    Kickstart My Heart:

    And I think I’ve mentioned before that in Civilization II, I used to build up my country with nuclear warheads, a badass navy, and shitload of tanks and go for military conquest…every…single…time.

    From when the first nuke was launched until the end, this would be playing:


  3. All About the Pentiums – Weird Al
    The Saga Begins – Weird Al
    Yoda – Weird Al
    Live Medley – Breaking Benjamin. They always start their medleys with The Imperial March from Star Wars.
    Head Like a Hole – Devo. Because, Devo.
    She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby
    Praise You – Fatboy Slim. The Napoleon Dynamite discussion made me think of this video.
    Keep Fishin’ – Weezer. Because Muppets.
    Pork and Beans – Weezer. More like pork and memes, amirite?

  4. I got beaten out for White and Nerdy by Zurvan. spootyjim’s got the right idea. This could entirely be a Weird Al thread.

    So I’ll go in a different direction. A beta male song by a group named after a character from Labyrinth. That’s high-geekery.

    Love Me Dead by Ludo –


    Speaking of Venture Bros.

    Fumblestealth by JG Thirlwell –

    Best music from the Return of the King soundtrack:

    Lighting of the Beacons –

  5. no one posted this yet?
    Einstein vs Stephen Hawking -Epic Rap Battles of History #7

    *cough cough*

    Zurvan says:
    MARCH 16, 2018 AT 12:21 PM
    One of my favorite YouTube channels deserves some love.

    ERB – Einstein vs Hawking

  6. *cough cough* yeah saw that bout 5 minutes after i posted, figured i leave it there and accept my shame.

    Koei ahh the days gone by……….Nobunaga’s Ambition great game PTO and others were such fun,.

  7. Yeah, being on vacation and the theme really did me in. I had to make sure I didn’t miss out though!

  8. As a counterweight to the Shatner posted above, here’s The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins – Leonard Nimoy

    Ah, that’s the thread winner there. Totally forgot about that one!

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