Ah, so begins what is for me the Upside of the year.  I’m shaking off the seasonal affective disorder, or whatever it is, and looking forward to the Spring.  I’m fully back on my proper diet and exercise regimen too.  Well, sort of.

On Thursday morning, I suffered a back spasm on account of the mild arthritis I was diagnosed with in 2014 (pic related).  The good news is that when I first learned of it, my doctor told me that I could control it with some stretching and strength-building exercises.  It’s what finally persuaded me to lose weight and start getting back in shape.   Over the past couple of months, I’ve been neglecting my exercise routine, particularly morning yoga, which keeps the spasms at bay.  On Thursday, I had completed a quick kettlebell workout before the spasm and that’s probably what led to it, since I should have eased back into my routine by starting with yoga first.

It’s all my fault, long story short.  I had to sacrifice some blogging time this week and even take a sick day at work because, oddly, my back was only really bothering me when I was sitting down at a computer–which is exactly what I was doing when the spasm hit.  The good news is that it’s almost better after a few days of stretching and sitting on the heating pad, so have no worries.  I’m ready to resume my sworn duty of antagonizing and shocking you at every opportunity.

Let’s talk about the stories I didn’t get to blog about while I was ailing with my elderly person affliction.

First up is the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

I’m pleased by this action by AG Sessions for two reasons.  First, it has been obvious for several months as we’ve learned more and more about the Strzok/Page texts, FISA abuse, and the squashed Clinton emails investigation that McCabe was entangled in some crookery. The second reason I’m happy is because McCabe’s termination came as the result of IG Horowitz’s findings, which means that Sessions’s investigation of the DOJ/FBI is proceeding as well as I could hope and he is prepared to act on what is reported to him.

The best and the rest of the IG report is still to come, now supposedly in April.  It says a lot that Sessions acted against McCabe and did not quietly allow him to retire, as usually happens with misbehaving senior officials.  If Sessions was willing to do this, I imagine that the final results of the report will be an earthquake of world-shitting magnitude.

McCabe’s friends and allies in Washington, DC are already rising to his defense and trying to garner public support for him.  They’d like to make him a martyr.  My advice to my friends on the Left is this: Don’t.


You can absolutely believe that Trump has engaged in some improper conduct, has been mistreating the FBI, and shouldn’t be using the McCabe termination as a pretext to fire Mueller.  That’s fine.  But McCabe isn’t the right man to rally around.  We still don’t know exactly what cases he had lied about (I’m guessing Flynn’s, but who knows?) or the full extent of what he did.  It’s going to come out and the IG and FBI wouldn’t have recommended this if there weren’t solid grounds.  Save yourselves for a more worthy victim.  There will be more to come, worthy or not, at Sessions’s hands.  He’s not screwing around.

And yes, Trump’s lawyer is calling for the termination of Mueller’s investigation.


Not going to happen yet, but I will say that if Flynn ends up walking because it is proven that McCabe’s assholery led to the charge against him, Mueller’s credibility will take a tremendous hit.  It’s already looking bad for the integrity of the investigation, thanks to McCabe and his clique of degenerate weirdos.

Best article I’ve read on North Korea and how we arrived at the current impasse, right here.

The conventional wisdom says that when any agreement was reached in the past, North Korea has cheated. But the reality is more complex. Not all negotiations have failed — and the collapse of agreements during that time has been as much the responsibility of Washington as of Pyongyang.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true that the US has been as unreliable and inconsistent as the Kim’s have been unrelenting and insane.

Speaking of unrelenting insanity, Democrats are jubilant that they’ve finally managed to unseat a Republican in a House special election.


I guess Republicans in Pennsylvania forgot to tell their wives not to vote for Lamb.  Cucks.

It goes to show what I keep saying: Democrats are fully energized and good candidate selection is essential.  In this instance, the Democrats ended up with an excellent candidate in Lamb who is sufficiently conservative and pro-Trump in the Joe Mancin mold.  His Republican opponent only really had abortion to run on, but was too anti-union to succeed where his predecessor had been viewed as more pro-labor.  In other words, he was the wrong fit for the district, just as Ossoff was a bad candidate to run in Georgia.

Lamb’s victory makes me wonder for the first time if Democrats are actually going to try to repeat their 2006 midterm victory by running “blue dog” Democrats in conservative areas to again elect a far-Left majority.  Lamb has proven it can work, but can they do it everywhere?  That’s still unclear and they can’t count on running against Roy Moore every time.

The GOP cannot take any seat for granted this year and have to stop focusing on the Culture War issues when they head for the primaries, that is if they want to win in the general.  On the other hand, Democrats aren’t going to be able to outspend their Republican opponents by 5 to 1 in every district this November.

In summary, the challenge in 2018 is for Republicans to recruit and nominate sane right-leaning moderates in GOP districts.  The Democratic challenge is to do the same thing while drawing attention away from its insane liberals in DC.

What else was there this week?  Ah, yes.  the nationwide school walkout.  Like #MeToo, this astroturfed gun-grabbing movement has gotten out of hand.


Armbands.  If your movement’s leaders are wearing armbands, just…ah, blah, blah, “wrong side of history”, la de da.

The whole spectacle was a disgraceful farce.  I don’t care what your cause is.  You have absolutely no right to use other people’s children, who are a captive audience when they’re supposed to be in public school, to further an agenda.

“But what about those students who genuinely feel strongly about Parkland and want change, WG?” you may ask.  Fuck ’em, that’s what I say.  The little shits don’t do walkouts over teachers sexually abusing students.  They don’t walkout over bullying or teen suicide or gang violence or drug dealing in schools, do they?  When they grow some backbone and start demanding publicity for the social problems that not only happen to affect them but are also within their own ability to influence on a day-to-day basis, I’ll listen to what Generation Tide Pod has to say.

Oddly, David Hogg is experiencing problems in finding a college to attend in the Fall.

I’m not sure why any modern American college wouldn’t want Hogg.  He’s fully absorbed in left-wing activist politics at the expense of academics.  That’s virtually the mission statement of higher education in the US these days, isn’t it?  Maybe Hogg needs to be more concerned about his GPA and less so about the NRA.

United Airlines was having a good year.  Not one passenger beaten up in 2018!  There was the business with the NRA discount, but it looked like they’d get past it okay.  But then they killed a puppy and started sending dogs to the wrong airports.

Unforgivable in today’s America.  People will laugh about a guy ending up on YouTube and shrieking while the cops drag him off a plane, even if they think it’s outrageous.  Hurting dogs though?  God help them.  Public sentiment is unforgiving when it comes to dogs being harmed.

Oh, yeah, and the Pentagon has released yet another video showing that our military aircraft keep coming into contact with foreign craft that they can’t identify and can easily evade our most advanced fighter jets by darting off at 10,000 miles per hour.  Hard to believe that there might have been a time when this would’ve been considered the biggest happening of the week.

“The US Military is publicly admitting that possible alien spacecraft really are visiting Earth and it absolutely cannot defend against them?  Ah, so what.  Check out my NCAA brackets, bro.”

On the topic of extraterrestrial threats:

This week will be my Spring Break so I’m looking forward to getting some decent writing in.  What do you want to talk about?

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I’m also glad that Sessions pulled the trigger but don’t think this was particularly courageous. Sessions has proven to be a ,”path of least resistance” guy, going against the recommendations of the FBI’s own O.P.R. would have produced much more resistance. We have come to find out that McCabe was also hip deep in both the Benghazi and IRS abuse investigations. How lucky Obama was to have his FBI minions providing interference for him every time the shit went south. Oh, and it turns out that he will still get his pension, just can’t draw on it now. The IG… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

What you’re saying about McCabe is fine, I guess, if you have seen the IG findings and the FISA warrant applications in totality. You give the impression that you’ve reviewed both of those documents and that justifies Session’s decisions, except that you haven’t, in reality. No one has. You can choose to believe what’s coming from the White House, sight unseen, but I don’t. Jeff Sessions is a cuck, and I don’t trust that the results of the OPR would be any less politically charged than the release of the pro-trump Nunez memos, and gag of the anti-trump Schumer memos.… Read more »

Judge, let’s be clear what happened here. Horowitz, in the course of his investigation on how the FBI handled the Russian collusion probe, found such damning evidence of McCabe wrong doing, that prior to releasing his report went to the FBI on his own with his evidence. The FBI looked at it and said ,”Holy Shit, McCabe is dirty”. They went to their own Office of Professional Responsibility, and showed them the evidence. The O.P.R. said ,”Holy Fucking Shit, McCabe is really dirty, we gotta take this to Justice with a recommendation that McCabe be immediately terminated”, and that is… Read more »

OK, you are jaded 🙂

So you think this was not a Russian hit but a ploy by an western spy agency to make it look like a Russian hit in order to foment distrust and further the chances of open conflict in the future?


Ah, yes. the nationwide school walkout.

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Speaking of unrelenting insanity, Democrats are jubilant that they’ve finally managed to unseat a Republican in a House special election.

as i understand it,that District in Pa, wont exist her for to long it vanishes in the district map. and that the election wil have to be re run this fall, because that election was to fill a set, for the remaining term, that was vacated, by a republican that stepped down under a scandal..

Oh, yeah, and the Pentagon has released yet another video showing that our military aircraft keep coming into contact with foreign craft that they can’t identify and can easily evade our most advanced fighter jets by darting off at 10,000 miles per hour. Hard to believe that there might have been a time when this would’ve been considered the biggest happening of the week. 5 years ago, this was purely Coast to coast AM material Art Bell meat. now with out fanfair we are seeing Military video, showing something that is far and away beyond current technology…

David Hogg,
i want to know where this little shit was during the shooting, form the press hes getting one would assume that he was right in the cusp of getting shot……

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