Back in the 70’s Philip Morris came up with a new marketing angle to bring in female smokers; Virginia Slims was born and with it a snappy new slogan, “You’ve come a long way, baby”. Unshackled from the male patriarchy (at least in the smoking world) women were given their own brand and the freedom to decide for themselves. Virginia Slims told a new generation of smokers that they can be cool, sophisticated and highbrow, that they don’t need a man telling them what cigarette to enjoy. In fact, they don’t need a man at all since women are physically superior anyway.  V.S’s became the sponsor of the Women’s Tennis Association and started the Virginia Slims circuit, bringing women tennis players into the main and parity with regard to prize money.

And now we have the #MeToo movement, not only calling attention to the past boorish behavior of some men in how they related and treated women but essentially throwing millions of years of evolution on its ear, trashing the courting process completely and replacing it with signed contracts and stipulations of consent.

We used to teach our sons  “No” means “No”, and “Yes” can be revoked at any time so be a gentleman and pay attention.  Even this is insufficient in modern times.  The rules have changed to a point where there are no rules. What is consent Friday night may not be so Saturday morning.  The “Walk of Shame” has turned into, “Just because your dick is in my mouth, don’t assume I’m that in to you.”

Even the innocuous is up for debate. For instance, that top pic I posted, did you linger over that image longer than you should?  What is the proper time for seeing something right in front of you and processing the visual? Questions we never bothered with before…oh Nelly, you better start pondering them now.  It does not matter what venue; a public beach, a track meet, watching beach volleyball or even at a shopping mall, the apparel is legal, voluntarily selected and worn by the wearer, the onus is now on you not to gawk. And what is gawking? We will let you know when you have done it, and beat you over the head for it;

Our little dirty pocket of surf has been effectively quarantined from the #metoo movement and the resultant sexual harassment claims that have torn through some of the world’s most powerful men and businesses. While there have been no sexual misconduct allegations involving surfing’s biggest players, that doesn’t mean the industry isn’t taking precautions in combatting any lurking IEDs.

All cinematographers have been instructed to exercise discretion while shooting the women’s heats. Cinematographers must be careful to be zoomed out during bottom turns or duck dives. A live broadcast means there’s no time for editing so all camera operators need to use common sense when shooting. That means wide shots of any competitors in skimpy swimwear. Girls who surf in boardshorts will feature larger on screen than those in bikinis.

I should get points for not posting that video of the surfer twerking in the link. Now I’m going to lose said points by posting this;

I know, shameful.

The good news is that they can try to ignore the obvious: that attractive women (and men) will dress to stress their attractiveness and people will notice , no matter how far you zoom out. The West will never go along with Islamic values of modesty.  It ain’t gonna happen and it is the women that would fight it the hardest. Sure, we can try to moderate behavior and shape fashion norms, hence we have women 50 lbs overweight wearing swimsuits in S.I., and past iconic publications like Playboy bouncing back and forth; nudity or non nudity, which way to go?

I always go by the ,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto. Since the dinosaurs (probably before that) the female of the species, any species,  did what was necessary to make herself more attractive to the males, thus increasing her odds of mating with that alpha male and propagating the species. You don’t mess with biology.  Dress, dance, make up all designed with one thing in mind, to get someone of the opposite sex to notice you.

Why do they think women’s beach volleyball is so popular?

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What is the proper time for seeing something right in front of you and processing the visual?

This one’s easy. You can look as long as you want and anyone else can think whatever they want of you. Win, win.

Too much is made of this. It has always been rude to outright ogle. Rodney Dangerfield used to parody this one perfectly.

I’ll take feminist complaints about looking seriously when they get rid of Chippendale dancers and male strippers (hey, I don’t work for free, ladies…)


I’m definitely more aware of it, not so much because of the #MeToo movement, but more so because I’m constantly telling my youngest daughter not to stare. She gets that from her dad. I do have a staring problem, and not always in the, Man I can’t take my eyes off her ass type of stare but more of a nosy what are these strangers up to stare (e.g. studying people’s body language in a restaurant to determine if they’re on a first date, that sort of thing). Which has led me to be more conscious to not be creepy.… Read more »

Why do they think women’s beach volleyball is so popular?

I’ve heard before that the single most popular thing to watch on television in men’s prisons is collegiate women’s volleyball. Seriously. If the networks really want to downplay the sexuality angle (and they’re full of shit if they think anyone is watching because they like volleyball), it’s bound to hurt ratings among the important Incarcerated Americans demographic.


Hmmm,I guess at least #metoo won’t lie and give you lung cancer just to make a buck.


I’ve heard before that the single most popular thing to watch on television in men’s prisons is collegiate women’s volleyball.

I have to confess, when I had the Big Ten Network I often watched women’s volleyball and not just for the love of sport. I highly recommend watching it!!

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