I’m a bit confused. Nikki Haley has said, more than once, that the U.S. will never accept a nuclear North Korea. Don’t they already have them? Around 20 nuclear devices, as a best guess estimate. What’s lacking is a reliable delivery system, so their ICBM tests continue.

Although Trump as thus far failed to articulate a current policy towards the Hermit Kingdom–or drawn any red lines–he has threatened the use of force, even a first strike if circumstances arise that he interprets as a serious provocation.  Whatever that means.

So it seems that, like it or not, we are stuck co-existing with another Saddam Hussein and invasion is not an option this time. But technology moves forward, and what seemed like fantasy in the Star Wars program Reagan pushed in the 80’s, we now have drones capable of shooting down ICBM’s in their boost phase;

The concept behind the proposed system is simple. It would deploy remotely piloted drones to target missiles early in flight while the missile booster engines are firing. During this early “boost phase,” the intense heat of the boosters makes missiles easier to detect.

Our existing ground-based missile-defense systems are designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles during the later phases of flight. But missiles become harder to detect and destroy during later phases because they are colder, smaller, faster and capable of evasive countermeasures. Thus adding another layer of defense makes obvious sense.

Yes, this really is rocket science, and since I slept through all my junior NASA training classes, I have to assume that getting the proper amount of drones up in the air and constantly monitoring all  probable ICBM paths that would be used to target the states, that this is feasible  and economically viable. I suspect that we already have satellites constantly over North Korea, to the point that Kim could not set off a fire cracker without us knowing about it before hand. Unlike a submarine or B-1 launch, ground launchers are more permanent and more easily recognized.

And the deterrent of having the world aware of this system in place, functional and ready to neutralize any crazy impulse Kim might entertain. Most times, having it means never having to use it.

For those not sure on the concept, this explains it pretty well;

Ummm, maybe not, but blowing up shit in  outer space, Who’s in?

A $100 million price tag, 1% of the missile budget, and the promise of getting it up and running in 18 months, added incentives. Jeez, I hate to use the term ,”No brainer” with this or any Congress (brains have never been required in that august body), but this needs to get done, no fanfare required.

Now the only thing needed is a really bitchin’ name……….The Scorpion Project, I like it.

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