No Soldier Of Fortune magazine with those ribeyes.

OK, now we are approaching “Stupid” on an epic scale;

Kroger said it will stop selling magazines that feature assault rifles as part of a tightening of its policies in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting and growing national anger over gun violence.

I’m a bit fuzzy on this latest example of useless virtue signaling. Is it just magazines with “assault rifles” on the cover? Whew, I was worried that the latest Street Survival mag, the one with the article on the perfect way to gut feral cats for your outdoor rotisserie, would no longer be available. So, no assault rifles (still haven’t figured out what an assault rifle really is) on the cover, but it’s OK to have the latest issue of Cosmo (the one where they tell you how to cheat on your husband and not get caught, now there is some wholesome family friendly advice) or a stack of Newsweek magazines (as opposed to them killing my brain, how about I use an assault rifle for a quick shot between the eyes?)

I wonder if Kroger sells cigarettes?  Since diabetes, hypertension and heart disease kills several thousand times more folks than assault rifles, no doubt they have removed all meats, dairy, items containing sugars and any other foods high in cholesterol. It’s all about safety and good health, Kroger cares about the community it serves, right?

It is also interesting that when these companies stumble over their conscience it coincides with a falling stock price. Like Dick’s, who needed a new Nike shoe to juice sales, but settled for a new gun policy instead, Kroger has been the latest roadkill to the free markets. Amazon buying Whole Foods put a bulls-eye squarely on the back of all Kroger’s stores.

The grocery business operates on razor-thin margins. But it is not all about prices. The Amazon venture has forced Kroger and Walmart into the 21st century, providing more organic foods along with delivery options.

There are no Kroger’s in my neck of the woods but there are Whole Foods, Sprouts Markets and Dominico’s, all offering high-end pay through the nose foods that allows for a clear conscience that no dolphins were agitated in coaxing that tuna into the boat, and those eggs you purchased were from free-range chickens that just got back from their spa vacation in Palm Springs.

Cut throat competition encourages thinking outside the box. But greasing the squeaky wheel and bowing to mob pressure with useless gestures of emotion gratification, this is strictly the in-box approach.

Safeway is ubiquitous in The Bay Area.  Since they could not lower prices any further a few years back they revamped their customer service. Friday special days, addressing customers by name, getting a new checker when three people are in line, helping you out to the car with your groceries, these are all smart moves that have kept me as a customer.


  1. It is also interesting that when these companies stumble over their conscience it coincides with a falling stock price.

    I really don’t understand the marketing people at all of these businesses, from Kroger to the NFL, who keep thinking that political “wokeness” is a sensible business strategy. The decision to keep or discard sales of certain magazines needs to be entirely based on whether or not they’re selling. You have to wonder what bubble they’re living in to think that they can take these political hot-button issues and not risk pissing off as many as half of their consumers.

    One thing I’m curious about is whether or not Kroger sells DVD’s or has any Red Box kiosks at their stores (my local grocery stores do). Will they stop selling violent Hollywood movies or nah?

  2. Guess for some businesses they want to be seen as standing for something, other than profit I mean.

    The rest of the western world has violent Hollywood movies and all those other things (diabetes, hypertension and heart disease) but not all the mass shootings.

  3. Looks like this door swings both ways;

    It appears the socially conservative right has racked up a small win against the liberal agenda.

    Walmart stores will no longer carry trashy feminist Cosmopolitan Magazine in their checkout lines as the result of pressure from a socially conservative group that advocated for such a removal due to Cosmo’s unsavory sexual content marketed to young girls.

    National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) applauded the win in a press release.

    “This is what real change looks like in our #MeToo culture, and NCOSE is proud to work with a major corporation like Walmart to combat sexually exploitative influences in our society,” said executive director Dawn Hawkins.

    “Further, Cosmo targets young girls by placing former Disney stars on its covers, despite the enclosed sexually erotic articles which describe risky sexual acts like public, intoxicated, or anal sex in detail,” she added. “Customers should not be forced to be exposed to this content when they are trying to check out at the store.”

    Do I think this is just as dopey as the ban on magazines with guns on them? Yes, or course, but it is interesting that 1) the right is using “prison rules” with as much alacrity as the left, and 2) that public companies don’t like criticisms from either political spectrum.

    Thinking that the exposure of trashy magazines at the check out will somehow make teenage girls all randy and wet, isn’t that what they said about violent video games?

    Although if Cosmo did in fact find 8 sexual positions heretofore undiscovered, I say we should get them federal funding immediately.

  4. I’ve been mulling the Cosmo issue and having a hard time figuring it out. Yes, it’s as much useless virtue signalling as the Kroger deal.

    It’s the #MeToo angle that really throws me for a loop. NCOSE is a conservative group, but they’re using #MeToo feminist concepts to push this and it’s funny how feminists are so upset about it, as if it’s one step to Handmaid’s Tale America.

    It’s that weird, old dynamic where evangelicals and feminists are both opposed to pornography and female exploitation, but they refuse to agree on the issue.

    #MeToo is already worrisome enough. If the Religious Right is now able to advance its goals under its umbrella, that should have us all worrying.

  5. NCOSE is a conservative group

    Not knowing anything about them, I went to their website and learned about their mission. I would not label them as “conservative”. There is no religious underpinning to the message or any family values bent other than this; pornography drives many other societal ills like forced prostitution, violence against women, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking.

    but they’re using #MeToo feminist concepts to push this and it’s funny how feminists are so upset about it, as if it’s one step to Handmaid’s Tale America.

    NCOSE has been around a long time, they are enlisting the #MeToo angle because it is timely and topical, and it plays right in line with their core message.

    If the Religious Right is now able to advance its goals under its umbrella, that should have us all worrying.

    I don’t think NCOSE has anything to do with the religious right. NCOSE stragically targets low hanging fruit; HBO (If you are not having sex right now, you are weird, women demonstrate their power be being a skank and sleeping around), The National Library Association for not having filters on public computers, and other media outlets for promoting an unhealthy image of the sexual dynamic between the sexes. Whether you should “worry” about that depends on what you are in to, I guess. They will target Walmart for trashy magazines (low hanging fruit) but will leave Victoria’s Secret and Nike alone because those are a bridge too far.

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