When asked what the founders were up to at Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin replied ,“A Republic, if you can keep it.” Part of keeping it is staying informed and paying attention, watching the watchers and guarding the guards. Reminding our leaders that their powers are derived from the consent of the people; temporary powers that when abused or neglected can be revoked and it is our due diligence to make sure that those chosen to represent us, represent us.

Keeping tabs on these folks is no small feat. We depend on news outlets to provide information on the goings on of our republic and our leaders. We want our news a la carte, unvarnished and certainly untainted by biases of the presenter.  Well, good luck with that.

I’ve said all along that you should never fall in love with any politician, pundit, prognosticator or pollster. No matter how aligned their views are with yours, no matter how stridently their words resonate with your core values, no matter how loud that little voice in your head declares him the all time champion of logic and reason, stay calm and measured. Sooner or later he is going to say something or do something that will throw that certitude right out the window. I can’t count the times politicians that I have over the years found favor with, that I try to follow and wish for a further political ascendancy, these same speakers of ideas that I have thought of, totally shit the bed and go off the rails. Prudence dictates that you never elevate the man, just his ideas, so you embrace the good and discard the bad.

Over the years Ralph Peters has been a military analysts and foreign policy wonk over on fox-news. I have always liked his no-nonsense ,”Does the bear shit in the woods?” approach to the  world dangers and foreign intrigue. A few years back he in-artfully called our last president a bad name and was suspended for it;

Yesterday Col. Peters made much hay of his leaving Fox over his perceived Trump bias and toadying, here is his parting shot;

Longtime Fox News contributor Lt. Col. Ralph Peters quit Tuesday and sent a scathing email to colleagues in which he said he is “ashamed” of the network’s blatant toadying to Pres. Donald Trump and his administration.

“Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration,” wrote Peters, a Fox News “strategic analyst.”
“Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association. Now I am ashamed,” he wrote.”

When you actually read his email to Fox colleagues, you come to find out that his beef is not with Fox Business, not with the hard news Fox anchors, not even with most of the opinion folks, they are OK too. So what got him all wound up? Apparently one guy.  Sean Hannity, he is the Trump toady. Gee, Ralph, didn’t we already know that?

I think Peters is wrong on the first part and right on the second;

To dismiss worries about the “Deep State”, to give all his FBI and Justice buddies a blanket pass, and  say Mueller should be hands off and free to go wherever the hell he wants down his Fitzgerald like primrose path of ,”I’ll keep looking until I can find something to hang on someone”, he should know better than this. Law Enforcement is never above reproach, especially this Law Enforcement branch. We know McCabe broke the law and we suspect many others over there did as well. We saw how  they handled botched the tips given before hand concerning the Parkland shooter. The incompetence and perfidy exhibited is just astounding. For Peters to defend these clowns, surprising.

The “Deep State” is very much alive, especially within the intelligence community. There are only 8 members of congress that have any idea what those folks are up to, and they continually rubber stamp any Intel request that reaches their desk. Almost every FISA warrant gets approved on the flimsiest of evidence. The meta data program is still firing on all cylinders, just as Mr. Meta Data himself, John Brennan, a supposedly non political figure launches into the most partisan and political of attacks against Trump.

Peters is right about Russia and the dangers the world faces through Putin’s machinations. That novichok attack in the UK was about as ballsy as they come. Putin still has not paid any significant price for his theft of Crimea or his backing of the Russian separatists in the Ukraine. Something big is going to unfold either in The Balkans or The Baltic’s soon and the U.N. will be tested. Here was a short exchange last Sunday on The Journal Report;

Staying informed and gathering unbiased facts is tricky. Brett Stephens used to write for The Wall Street Journal. He was about as close to that little voice in my head as I could find. Then the 2016 election came and he became the staunchest of Never-Trumpers.  His editorials shifted into the surreal. He felt betrayed by his party (I was sympathetic) to the point where he wanted to set it aflame and start over with Trump not only losing, but losing every state, all GOP candidates defeated and giving Hillary everything. Clearly he was delusional. We saw firsthand in Obama’s first year, when he had bullet proof majorities in all Congressional Houses, what this sort of power can give us; Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the unholy creation of the C.F.P.B.. Stephens became persona non grata and his days were numbered. He later found a home over at The New York Times as the resident conservative, which goes a long way in exposing their journalistic slant.

The facts always circle back to the obvious; there is no one go to guy for eternal truth or objectivity when digesting news stories. Whether it be Rush (I assume he is still around), Levin, Shapiro (my latest go to guy) Milo, Coulter, Malkin, Loesch, or Matthews, Olbermann, Beher, all report how they see and interpret things. It is up to us to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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I only believe in Captain America. As he says:
Can you even IMAGINE if Obama had been accused of cheating on Michelle with a porn star to whom he paid hush money??? Fox News and it’s goblin army would indict his character and integrity EVERY SINGLE TIME they mentioned his name. And that’s not hyperbole.

Honestly, there is no such thing as “unfiltered” opinion these days. Maybe there never was, but at least at one point you could read or listen to someone who was relatively fair, regardless of which side they were on. Peters was an old-school kind of guy in a new media spin world.

Meanwhile, in semi-real news, we must do something about the dangers of cardboard and duct tape:


No imagination needed, we have it playing out right in front of us, just go to the Stormy Daniels Network (formally known as CNN) where it’s all Stormy all the time.

The point is, this is just another example which proves that Fox is a complete joke. No matter what you think of CNN or any other place.

as unqualified as he was and as bad as he was at the job

Comedy gold right there!

The point is, this is just another example which proves that Fox is a complete joke. No matter what you think of CNN or any other place. To me, it just shows how much the partisan news outlets have entrenched themselves in their respective positions, along with their audiences. I think what CNN has been doing is much worse, because they’ve utterly ruined their brand as a news organization, but I also recognize that they’ve done it because it’s what they generally thought Fox News was doing on the Right. They’ve simply set themselves up as the Fox News for… Read more »

We knew Trump was a pig before the election so stories about his infidelities prior to becoming president are not spiking the outrage meter for most folks. Obama OTOH, as unqualified as he was and as bad as he was at the job, was known as a family man, the stain of infidelity would have soiled him much more. Just to explore this a little…. why though? Surely either people wither think infidelity is a character flaw, or they don’t? If someone voted for Trump knowing he was the sort of person who would do this – then surely it… Read more »


Rich, your boy Barry O’Bama is busy stinking it up in town here at the moment. No word on what sort of party he’s having, or who’s paying for it though.

#spoileralert – I’m there… 🙂


Such a libtard. …are you part Kenyan or something?


Surely either people wither think infidelity is a character flaw, or they don’t? If someone voted for Trump knowing he was the sort of person who would do this – then surely it follows that they don’t rate this as very important?

Examining my own feelings…It would matter more to me if it came out that Bush (someone I voted for in addition to Trump) was guilty of infidelity. Strange how that works. The only thing I can think of is – with Trump, you expect it.

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