This is a semi regular post I’ve run from time to time to tap in to the community data base for TV suggestions.

A couple of ground rules up front. Writing is the most important thing for me. Any genre is fine but I’m not into millennial angst, virtue signaling, or some Social justice trope that wants to cure me of what the creators think is some societal ill. It is generally understood that most TV shows are crap, I get it, so save me some time and clue me in to those shows that either make me think or make me feel good about our personal relationships. Network TV is best, I will add a Netflix section at the end. First, stuff that I’m watching now;

The Resident– I know there has been a lot of hospital type shows over the years, I’ve never watched any of them. A tennis buddy clued me in to this show and I’ve enjoyed it. Yes, like all Hollywood fare, it provides just the perfect balance of ethnicity’s and sexual orientations, and they hit many progressive themes like homelessness (Yeah) and greed (Boo) and the altruism is right off the chart. But it is watchable.

Several shows on the Audience Channel; I have directv, a subsidiary of ATT. They have their own channel which features original content. 2 comedies that grabbed me was Loudermilk and You,Me,Her. Loudermilk is a comedy about an ex drunk trying to get his shit together while running AA meetings full of interesting characters. Y.M.H is a comedy about a “thruaple”, a married couple that adds another woman into the mix. Both shows are really good but fair warning, any show that originates in San Fran., Portland, or Seattle, you know what you are getting up front. Everyone is so hip, so witty by half (a Woody Allen movie on steroids) where they drink too much, smoke weed too much, have sex too much, do not work very much and every line delivered is either a joke or a witticism. As an added bonus, I found season three episode one that just aired, enjoy;

Last year Audience ran a series called Billy and Billie, about half siblings starting a taboo relationship, it was great, but they stopped it after season 2.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, check out these original series; Good Girls Revolt, Catastrophe, and Fleabag, all good shows.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is the romantic Hallmark original movies, new ones run every Saturday night. Sorry, can’t help myself.

I am not a Netflix subscriber but have been in the past off and on. I know they have lots of shows but what I want is a good excuse to start it up again. I used to watch House Of Cards and O.I.T.N.B. but am always on the look out for something good.

So, there you go. Give me something worth watching besides my usual ESPN and Tennis Channel.

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Santa Clarita Diet? Although anything with Drew Barrymore in it is OK by my book; she also qualifies as a guilty pleasure.

Another guilty pleasure: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sneaky Pete

Wormwood seems interesting.


It’s Sunny In Philadelphia is pretty dark but definitely in my top 5 shows of all time. I highly recommend Rectify and The Leftovers, both criminally underappreciated. Also Better Call Saul (better if you’ve seen the compulsory Breaking Bad), and recently finished the first season of Mind Hunter which was excellent.
As for comedies I’m also big Catastrophe fan, and you can’t beat the old skool Flight of the Concordes

Currently, nothing…. i have Ozark, American Gods, and Frontier, lined up to watch, but havent pulled the trigger on them yet.
The Expanse, Starts back up here soon, i will be watching that .


Some weird-ass timing….a tweet of mine was just liked by Rob Delaney (Catastrophe).


Ozark was pretty good. Not outstanding but interesting enough to be worthwhile.


Probably my favorite currently running drama is Seal Team (in its first season). This is Us is extremely well written, and well acted. And they keep the SJW stuff to a minimum. There are a number of episodes that caused dust to get stuck in my eye. I was enjoying Designated Survivor, but they keep throwing in full on SJW episodes that drive me nuts. Lately on the plane I’ve been binge watching the first season of Blue Bloods. Thus far I’m really enjoying it, and who doesn’t love Tom Selleck? If you’ve never watched Suits, I would highly recommend… Read more »

Also Bones. The show was consistently entertaining and David Boreanaz does not age. Supernatural, after the first couple of seasons.

It’s Sunny In Philadelphia is pretty dark but definitely in my top 5 shows of all time.

That show is truly beautiful. Watching it darkens my aura and I don’t care.

Schitt’s Creek is fantastic, I think I’ve mentioned that one before.

I’m still mostly watching YouTube, honestly. Most of the stuff I share each week are the channels I watch.

I was enjoying Designated Survivor, but they keep throwing in full on SJW episodes that drive me nuts.

i gave up about 2/3s of the way through. the whole They used Antitank mine to plow the capitol up ….god that was stupid…then the whole showdown with the gov of mich….ugh.,..

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