The old Dennis Miller line, where he wakes up from a dream and sees the chimps are the one’s riding the horses, it’s like every day is “opposite’s day”.  This is the world as I see it now. Lost is that bygone era where men were men and women wore girdles.  The world where saying, ”You look nice today!” did not get you a formal complaint with HR, and rules established by thousands of years of biology which delineated and defined social norms were imprinted on all of us at an early age. Things were easy to figure out, appearances were NOT deceiving and accents were the only precursors to any ambiguity of language.

Those times are deader than Disco. Now we have girls in the Boy Scouts, men in women’s bathrooms, and gender identity more pliant than fashion. We have boys wrestling girls and parents raising pre-specific children. And woe be unto parents who stand in the way of allowing their kids to undergo radical hormone therapy.

The only constant is that there is no constant, public manipulation on a grand scale right out of 1984. Social norms are not normal, it is to be determined and dictated to you at a later date.

And kids today, don’t get me started;

My only saving grace is that I am not in the arena, only a spectator, far removed from the action that I am unaffected, but not unaware. I can take notice and comment without consequences as a casual observer not guided or ruled by the insanity.  I’m a passing traveler who can witness the spectacle then go back to my book after a sigh and a heartfelt chuckle.

Lady referees in the NFL and the NBA are OK, I’m a renaissance kind of guy. But now they are really messing with me;

For the first time in NFL history, a team will have male cheerleaders performing the same dance routine as the female performers — and not just helping with the stunts.

Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies were named to the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad this week. The Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts have men on the team who perform stunts with female cheerleaders, but this is the first time male cheerleaders will dance as well.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Yeah, they are both good dancers, so what? How does the entire concept of cheerleading get woke by the new age brown shirts? Figures it would happen in L.A., bunch of pansies.

A tradition with regard to cheerleading has been rigorously adhered to since pigs gave up their skins for the nation’s pastime. OK, so my Neanderthal side is coming out but dad gummit, they are messing with history.

You won’t see the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders following suit. Another stark contrast between Texas and California. San Andreas will soon make everything right, you’ll see.

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These are the end times (I don’t really believe in an afterlife either but for him to say it):

I repeat: These are the end times:

Who knows, maybe John Bolton can get Trump to start WW3 with Russia and Iran and put us out of our misery. Or maybe this thing will land on us instead:

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Haha, don’t mess with LA fans. You lived here so you know that tailgating here involves everyone packing. 🙂

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Everyday must game day up there in the bay then. 😉

its Heinleins “Crazy Years”

all the old traditions and institutions will be challenged broke, tore down, because progressiveness demands it.

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