I hate the thought of spending time this week bitching about King Crybully David Hogg again, but there’s always more.  He has apparently claimed his first conservative scalp with forcing Laura Ingraham to apologize for making fun of his failure to get into his chosen colleges.

She may yet be out at Fox News, as advertisers are still dropping her despite the fact that she apologized.  This is the reason that I don’t think any conservative should ever submit to the SJW mob, sorry to say, even when they’re wrong.  All it does is put blood in the water and set off a frenzy.  If you want to know why so many of us who voted for Trump never care that he doesn’t apologize for anything he says or does, look no further than the behavior of your own mobs to understand why, progressive folks.  Needless to say, I don’t think Ingraham should have apologized nor did she say anything worse about Hogg than I have.

There isn’t much I can add on my commentary about Hogg.  He’s allowed to call NRA members “murderers”, wage targeted harassment campaigns on Twitter, lie on national television, and throw out profanity-laced tirades against “old ass parents” without consequence.  He’s fully protected.  Yet any attempt to call him out for anything, even something he, himself, has mentioned on Twitter as a public figure is beyond the pale.

I think he’s going to hang himself with all of the rope he’s being given.  I hope so, anyway.  It’s clear that he hasn’t been given merely a fifteen minutes of fame.  We’re going to be stuck with his antics for a long time to come.

There’s very little sympathy from me for Hogg or Gonzalez and what they went through at Parkland.  They have long since abandoned any justification for pity by their horrible rhetoric, revelry in celebrity, vicious attacks, and exposure as bullies.  Bullies, both before and after the massacre.

Before you say, “Aw, WG, you can’t say you don’t have any pity for these survivors!  You asshole.”  My response to that is that nobody cares that Laura Ingraham is a breast cancer survivor.  She’s a public figure and an opinionated one at that.  She is still held accountable for her statements, despite any sympathy she might have ever deserved.  I would just like to see the same standard held to the Parkland survivors.  There’s no excuse for their behavior.

Not that my opinion matters.  Yours doesn’t either, you stupid peasant.   There’s only one thing that dictates our national politics.  What?  No, it’s not Russian trolls on social media.  It’s having lots and lots of money and influence.  Science confirms.

h/t: Judge Dredd, pro se.  It’s an older study, but still relevant.

Speaking of misuse of power and authority on a David Hoggian level, details of former Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe’s misconduct are starting to leak out from the upcoming IG report.


Like I said earlier in the week, the FBI is rotten from top to bottom.  If the FBI is to be saved as an institution (and I don’t think it should be), then it must begin with accountability.  It starts with indicting McCabe.  We’ve already seen the harm that can come from official malpractice at the hands of the FBI, from terror suspects walking free to mass killers left unchecked.  Restore accountability.  Make the FBI afraid and it can serve the public.

In that vein, Deputy AG Rosenstein is feeling some pressure from Congress over the DOJ slow-walking some documentation that it would very much like to see.

When the DOJ and the FBI don’t have to demand documentation and responses from these officials is when you’ll know that the problem has been fixed.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: any official who doesn’t comply with our representatives’ attempts to provide proper oversight should be immediately impeached.  The rest will get the message.  Throw them out of office, terminate their benefits, and end their careers.

Tweet of the Week:

One thing I’m sorry to see end is Right Thinking from the Left Coast.  JimK has announced that it will be shutting down in a week.  Please swing by and share your final thoughts.  Much appreciation is due to both JimK and Hal for keeping the lights on, as well as our own Rich Taylor.  Praise them with great praise!

Slowly but surely, big names are abandoning Facebook over its abhorrent privacy practices.

The company is under federal investigation.  Is Zuckerberg going to get the Martha Stewart treatment?

Then there’s President Trump.  He, uh, didn’t…really say much this week, did he?  That’s unusual.  About all there was is the ongoing Stormy Daniels revenge porn, I guess.  Can’t say I care about it though.  Then there’s the new VA head.  Some Russian diplomats were expelled over the UK nerve gas false flag assassination attempt, right?

Oh, yeah, there was one thing Trump said this week that got my attention.

Hell, yes.  I love it and that’s the foreign policy I voted for.  Killing ISIS jihadists serves our national interests, sure (although I still think the war over there lacks legal basis and don’t see why nobody has bothered with Congressional approval for it since 2014).  If there aren’t any there anymore, then there’s nothing for us to do.  Let someone who gives a damn do the nation-building.

There’s some basketball thing going on.  I like to see KU do well and am glad they made it to the Final Four since I have many alumni among my family.  I suppose this’ll be a bad week to remind my family that I have a graduate certificate from Villanova.

My region will be undergoing some snow showers and freezing rain over the next 24 hours.  I’ll have to run out to the garden when it blows in and throw a tarp over the chives and strawberries.

We’ll be enjoying our family Easter dinner by a roaring fire.  This year, we’re foregoing the usual ham with a pork loin.  I hope all of you have a Happy Easter with your loved ones.  Or that you get an extra day off and spend it playing video games or whatever you people do.

On the topic of religion, let’s close with some speculation about the fate of the Ark of the Covenant.

What had you outraged, depressed, entertained, or aroused this week?  What are you doing for Easter?

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I’d stop patronizing the companies that have dropped Ingram (not because I particularly like Ingram or ever watch her show), but I don’t do business with any of them already (except perhaps Nestlé and J&J).

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I have to sheepishly admit to cracking an evil smile over the China tariffs and the DACA/NAFTA baiting.

Although Hogg is an uninformed low information sock puppet, doing the bidding of his progressive handlers, Ingraham’s tweet was just stupid. No white male, not Newton, Einstein, Hawkins or Oppenheimer could get into those schools in today’s toxic environment in academia. He got into other good schools, but her to slam him for being a victim of racial identity bigotry, not smart. If Fox cancels her show over something this innocuous, a dumb tweet, they will be dead to me. really say much this week, did he? That’s unusual He’s still ragging on Amazon. If Bezos didn’t own WaPo, Amazon… Read more »


Santino will be rooting for Michigan so I’ll back Villanova, this is going to be good.

🙂 You and Kyle Lowry.

Found a bar last night with a bunch of Michigan alumni also watching the game. They even had the commentary played over the sound system instead of the Leafs game! Looking forward to tomorrow night.

Well, we now live in an age where kids literally think they can tell adults what to do, so there’s that.

So there’s apparently this caravan headed for the US, which Trump doesn’t have a wall for, but he swears it’s coming soon.

When it comes to the Feds, Mr. President, don’t be a jerk.

Things seem to be heating up vis a vis Israel and the Middle East’s favorite strongman.

Lil’ Kim is back to looking at things.

Phili got themselves another championship, wahoo!!!


Is this the first time that Ingraham has discovered that freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences?


The Ingraham boycott is an issue meanwhile your actual POTUS is actively trying to tank specific businesses (e.g. Amazon) he doesn’t like? Lol. FFS.


Phili got themselves another championship, wahoo!!!

Man, Michigan was totally outclassed. That DiVincenzo kid was impressive.


The issue is that Hogg faces no consequences for freedom of speech. Ok, so what specific consequences should Hogg face, in your view? Anybody who challenges him for what he spouts is subject to censorship either by YouTube content yanked, Twitter suspensions, or sponsors withdrawing Those are all actions taken by private companies. Sponsors withdrawing is in response to the reaction to Hogg. You absolutely love the result of the left’s reactions to Trump, you’ve made that points for much longer than weeks. So I guess I’m part of the problem. What problem? The problem of your POTUS acting completely… Read more »


What do you mean by related?

The problem of your POTUS acting completely irresponsibly and inappropriately in attempting to personally interfere in the market Yeah, cause your hero never did anything like that himself; 1) While bailing out the auto industry he attacked GM bondholders, calling them selfish speculators who refused to sacrifice like everyone else ( of course he left the auto unions whole, gotta keep those campaign donations rolling in). 2) Using his attack dog the NLRB to block Boeing’s plans to build another plant in a right to work state. 3) Going after the Chamber of Commerce and lying about them using foreign… Read more »


Yeah, cause your hero never did anything like that himself

That’s exactly my point. Why the screaming outrage then, and none now?
(I could argue with some of your examples, but that’s beside the point)

Your TDS is truly amazing.

Not nearly as amazing as your ability to consider everything TDS.


What do you mean by related?

A reaction to YouTube ‘censonrship’ (mentioned by Will The Thrill). Unlikely.

Lets look at just a few of the people or groups Trump has attacked on twitter; fake news and about half a dozen news organizations, about half a dozen Democrats, about half a dozen Republicans, about half a dozen actors, Comey, McCabe, Sessions, sports, and other specific outlets. All these attacks have managed to damage absolutely no one, in fact, of those attacked most have gained popularity. So for you to say that Trump going after Amazon is somehow a attempt to ,”Personally interfere in the market”, is just silly. That’s exactly my point. Why the screaming outrage then, and… Read more »


4) Exposing his socialist leanings with ,”I do think that at some point you have made enough money”, and I suppose it’s up to him to decide when? As I said not relevant to the point, but still, your question is answered by not relying on partisan cherry-picking, as explained here: http://themoderatevoice.com/the-out-of-context-quote-award/ The full quote: We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. But, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on… Read more »

“That’s exactly my point. Why the screaming outrage then, and none now?”

And this is doubly dopey because I was the one that brought up the dumb Amazon attack in an earlier comment. Yes, I was not screaming about it so maybe that is what threw you off.

“So this would definitely be an example of your relentless ODS, relying on such blatant misinformation.”

Except that it’s not misinformation since he said it. Yes, he double backed to clean up such an obvious attack on capitalism knowing that his true leanings just got exposed. That’s what happens when you take away his teleprompter. But you can’t deny it, he genuinely believes that at some point you have made enough money. So where is that point and who determines what to do with your excess cash once you have reached that point?

To be conciliatory, I will admit that consistency is important. When Obama went after the Koch Brothers, people noticed, they should also notice and comment of this Amazon attack.

Because his twitter post is like a scatter gun, most folks have Trump Twitter Dysphoria (We’ll see if this catches on) so outrage is generally reserved for the most egregious. That bar keeps getting raised.


Except that it’s not misinformation since he said it. Yes, he double backed to clean up such an obvious attack on capitalism knowing that his true leanings just got exposed. That’s what happens when you take away his teleprompter. But you can’t deny it, he genuinely believes that at some point you have made enough money. So where is that point and who determines what to do with your excess cash once you have reached that point? It’s a moot point. The wider quote (in context, notwithstanding your ODS narrative about doubling back and cleaning up and teleprompters etc) answers… Read more »


5) Attacking the very essence of capitalism with the silly notion that income redistribution is the only answer to income inequality. Is there anything more antagonistic to entrepreneurship, the free markets or corporate governance than to have the government seize the profits of sound economic decisions in order to try and engineer social equality? I completely disagree. The older I get and more I read and consider this the clearer it becomes that maintaining at least some degree of social equality is fundamental to keeping capitalism going. You need to have enough people to buy enough widgets, otherwise people won’t… Read more »


2) Using his attack dog the NLRB to block Boeing’s plans to build another plant in a right to work state. Romney claimed that the NLRB told Boeing that it “can’t build a factory in a non-union state.” This presents a sweeping distortion of the NLRB’s actions that is not borne out by the facts. An office at the NLRB has started a process that could, at the theoretical limit, result in a factory closure, but the NLRB as a whole hasn’t told Boeing anything. The office of the NLRB that moved the complaint forward could have asked for the… Read more »

It’s a moot point. Of course it is, because it exposes his true feelings about capitalism, and you don’t like it one bit because it negates you doubling back to clean up his mess. It doesn’t really matter who decides how much is enough because nobody should decide, only the one making the money. But that clearly is counter to what he said and what he believes. It’s not always about you Rich But it is totally dishonest on your part (old habits die young, I guess) when you said “That’s exactly my point. Why the screaming outrage then, and… Read more »

And I would also be interested in how you spin this; “But, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you’re providing a good product or providing good service.” All the ,”You knows” is a classic “tell” that he was not speaking from a script but from the heart. So, it’s OK to make money as long as you are providing a good service or a good product. Who determines whether it is “good” or not? If the product is popular and in demand, now it must pass his test… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I don’t have a Hogg in this fight but I just thought I’d point out for future reference that those crying foul that Ingraham is getting hit below the belt with people attacking her advertisers are also of the ilk that thought this behavior was entirely (not only) appropriate and celebrated the death of the nfl, posting low ratings as porn when black people did not dance on command for the “freedom” crowd.


That is an interesting point, Judge. I think there are some differences though; First is proportionality, do you equate a silly tweet, one that just poked fun at Hogg but did not insult or denigrate him, with kneeling for the National Anthem? The other is frequency, where here it was just one short tweet, the NFL had multiple kneelers every singe Sunday for the whole season. And lastly, I could be wrong but I don’t think the advertisers of the NFL where threatened with product boycotts asking them not advertise with the NFL. It was a small minority of fans… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

This is going to be fraught with peril because you’re already implying by the tone of your comparison that one cause is greater than another in your eyes, but hey, I’ve put money on the craps table despite better judgement so here goes: I DO equate the two as equal, because the greater comparison, the comparison people on both sides want their viewpoint understood as is “free expression.” I do equate the kneeling for the national anthem and a degrading, chiding insult tweet from a public official to be the same thing. A choice. An opposition view. An expression of… Read more »

I DO equate the two as equal, because the greater comparison, the comparison people on both sides want their viewpoint understood as is “free expression.” So you believe that all exhibitions of free expression are equal in your eyes, is that right? So if I wanted to go to a Westboro Baptist demonstration to show my support, not for what they stood for but for their right to express their unpopular views, and I just stood there listening, I would be no better then the guys carrying the “God hates fags” signs and yelling at passerby’s that fags are all… Read more »

And again, this is a very different response (turning off the games and not watching) than actively contacting the NFL or NFL sponsors and demanding that they do something.


If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend! @realdonaldtrump 24 September 2017

Omygod!!!, 16 months in office and this is the first time that I disagreed with Trump, gonna have to turn in my MAGA hat.

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