There is an old Woody Allen line that relationships are like sharks, they have to keep moving forward, otherwise they wither and die. The key to our happiness in general is very similar, it is never sedentary, it improves, learns, move forward. It  never settles for what is, it always strives for what can be. Complacency must bend to evolution. We strive to always get better, be better, and act better.

A major factor in happiness is self-awareness; understanding your strengths and weaknesses, how you relate to other people and how you can best function within a society of others. Probably because of my competitive nature, my weaknesses always rule the roost wrt to taking stock of my self-awareness. This is beneficial because it allows me to appreciate the talents of others, the ability to do those things well that I truly suck at. Great (or even good) singers, musicians, writers, athletes, philosophers, builders, they all hold my esteem and admiration. Where others might bristle when exposed to greatness, become defensive or even jealous or dismissive, I remain in awe, appreciative of the talent and the effort spent in its acquisition.

A talent which I lack but can easily recognize when demonstrated proficiently in others is the ability to speak contemporaneously off the cuff. Better at writing than speaking, to present unscripted a cogent convincing argument that is precise analytical and complete, that persuades precisely by sure din of  logic and simplicity, and do this with grammatical  precision, economical of words, to the point of assent by its common sense, it is a symphony to be admired.

I remember years ago at a job interview, the second interview where it was down to the last 2 candidates, one member of the hiring committee asked me this,” With as much detail as you can provide, please explain to us, from the inside out, what an orange is”. Good communication skills were a priority for this job. To this day I marvel at myself at my answer. This was 30 plus years ago so I do not remember the exact answer, but I do remember using descriptive phrases covering all pertinent senses, color, texture, shape and appearance, from the fibrous veins that attach each juice sack (carpels) to each other. All sections of the orange were covered and discussed, seeds, stem, flower stalk, up to the rind and its dimples. Afterwards I felt like I really nailed it.  I didn’t get the job.

Below is a short video filmed at a city council meeting. The topic at hand was whether, given the recent spate of gun violence in the news, whether the council should cancel now and forever the guns shows that are routinely held with the cities borders. There are two speakers. The first has his notes prepared and second does not. Both are worthy of your attention;

I think Mr. Robinson just became an internet sensation.

The manner in which the argument was presented, its succinctness, its cogency, it’s call to common sense and reminders of basic freedoms held by all citizens, it was a perfect bulls-eye.

I admit that many of the posts of late have had as its subject the 2nd Amendment and the assault of late on its very fundamentals. This is more a product of circumstances, a reaction to what has been more than just a concerted effort by many to revisit and question its tenets and relevancy to a modern America. No need to make the same arguments already made since Parkland. A serious continuing discussion on common sense efforts to reduce gun violence will always be welcome. Throwing the baby out with the bath water and surrendering to  virtue signaling knee jerk out of proportion solutions that threaten civil liberties, no way and not in a million years. We will remain strident and vigilant in securing, husbanding, and protecting our Constitutional rights.

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We can take some comfort in the fact that the Left knows they can’t automatically strip people of their rights; that pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way. They will try to do it under the table, behind closed doors, and bit by bit. The good news is that so far, most people are paying attention to their tactics.

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