Alright, guys.  I’m feverishly working to get some work stuff done this weekend.

It’s The Project From Hell.  It’s one of those characterized by frequent scope changes, team members agreeing to things at meetings without actually understanding them, ignored technical specifications, and all around bad communication.

Worst I’ve been stuck on for years. I’m trying to crash my tasks for no other reason than that I desperately want the nightmare to end.  I’m sure some of you have been there.

So for the news of the week…I don’t care.  I’m too focused on business today.  I’ll get normal posting going again later this week.

Up to you guys to carry the discussions forward this week.  I’m in Quadrant 1.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Yeah the fat orange cuck is well and truly proper fucked based on this development. Can’t cry about witch hunting when this warrant was authorized on a multi-level, highest authority warrant authorization only approved of in the greatest of circumstances. Of course, the cries of witch hunt will be ever present, so let’s clear the air…. Mueller is authorized to investigate ANYTHING in relation to the Russian investigation and has the authority to delve into matters that “arose or may arise” from this investigation. So, YES, if they find another crime was committed it can be pursued (although probably not… Read more »


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Here’s a question: why does Trump keep acting like a guilty person?

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