A few Wall Street axioms are proper here; When euphoria abounds, it’s time to sell, and when there is blood in the streets it’s time to buy. The point being that most times the herd mentality does not get it right. Universal consensus is dangerous because there is no one left to ask ,”why!”.

We are seeing this same type of Follow the lemming in front of you thinking wrt the Syrian gas attack that occurred over the weekend. Everyone in Washington is parroting the same trope, We (meaning Americans) must do something in response to this horrific chlorine gas attack. The thousands of troops that we already have there is not enough, a spectacularly loud gesture is required here, we must blow much shit up, for you know, democracy and all that. The “Buck” Turgidson’s are running the show here. Lobbing a few cruise missiles is not enough, the war drums are beating.

Don’t bother to ask the obvious questions, otherwise you are just a Putin stooge. Without Americans on the ground there, or any other reliable source, do we really have a handle of what happened? Was this Assad’s doing, how do we know that? When all the loud mouthed pundits say the West must retaliate, why? Is the U.S. the West? Does the rest of the world have an obligation to condemn and react accordingly to acts of international criminality? Genocides have happened before where we did not hear this unified call to attack. Right now Saudi Arabia is bombing and killing hundreds of civilians in Yemen, yet no call for the West to stand up to this barbarity and attack Riyadh.

I wanted to keep this brief so that you all can weigh in. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Russia has threatened to shoot down our missiles, Russia has told Israel to stand down and respect Syrian airspace. Iran has likewise threatened Israel for the airbase they attacked in Syria, killing some Iranians. The sabers are rattling worldwide.

What  exact dog do we have in this fight? Regime change is no longer on the table, we have no plans to depose Assad and we have no ready replacement. We back the Syrian rebels, but really, they are Islamic extremists themselves, wanting a new Caliphate with Sharia law, nothing even close to democracy. Yeah, we are there is fight Isis, I thought Isis was defeated. Didn’t Trump say as much last week when he desired to have our troops out of there in 6 months? I need help here understanding why the U.S. must act independent with the rest of the civilized world. Why do we need to put our pilots are risk, spend billions on armaments or put any more troops in to harms way. How is war with Syria in our best interest? Regime change did not provide the expected outcome in both Libya and Iraq, why would this be different?

Trump was pretty adamant on the campaign trial, when he cautioned against getting involved in Syria, warning against a protracted conflict there and suggesting the Arab League handle their own affairs. Now such statements would be treasonous and un-American.

The other thing that’s puzzling, I thought the last president had all the chemical weapons removed out of Syria, that is what everyone told us; So this Chlorine gas attack can’t be right.

For now it’s all quiet but Trump has told us that attacks are eminent.  There are a dozen different ways this can turn out disastrous. If only Trump was as good a negotiator as he thinks he is. Some sober reflection is what’s called for now.


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Meanwhile, in our other war:

But if I were Putin, I’d tell Assad he was on his own. He’s a liability for the Russians, not an asset.


The other thing that’s puzzling, I thought the last president had all the chemical weapons removed out of Syria, that is what everyone told us; So this Chlorine gas attack can’t be right.

But there were two important and deadly loopholes. The first was that Assad did not declare everything—a reality that Kerry acknowledged publicly, including in a farewell memo to staff, in which he wrote that “unfortunately other undeclared chemical weapons continue to be used ruthlessly against the Syrian people.” The second was that chlorine gas, which has legitimate civilian uses, was not part of the deal.



Looks like it’ll depend on the level of praise he gets.

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