“Can I get a dash of cinnamon with my ‘comeuppance’, thank you?”

It is always delicious to see the sanctimonious hoisted by their own petard. The lib politician getting caught using illegal labor, the presidential candidate getting caught paying women less,  the conservative firebrand that wraps himself with the blanket of family values getting caught sucking some guy’s joint in a public bathroom, and the SJW CEO’s that wag their fingers at the hoi polloi, all these punctuate the old adage about those with feet of clay.

Tone deaf CEO’s are a special sight to behold. Burdened with a thousand times the average employee’s bank account, or whatever the latest percentage touted by  income redistributing journalists,  this guilt can only be assuaged by embracing virtue and pointing out your shortcomings. So they brag about their hiring practices in non right to work states, they do not use child labor from Bangladeshi sweat shops,  and they only use properly exercised chickens in their fajitas.

But even the converted can sometimes fall off the wagon, like Ben and Jerry’s selling out to a large conglomerate, or an airline boss thinking it is just peachy to have paying customers dragged off their planes and getting bloodied in the process. My favorite is the BP CEO who wanted his life back after the massive oil spill his company caused.

Probably the biggest prog CEO out there is Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks. Planting his flag early concerning the social causes he wanted to champion, he has decided to make profits subservient to issues he believes in. Yes, I think it is funny that he wants to,”Stand for something”, but most shareholders do not want the company turned in to a social experiment. Savvy CEO’s in the past have been able to make money through virtuous business practices so in this instance both bosses can be served but alienating customers by raising their social hackles seems really dumb to me.

After getting embarrassed over HIS policy of extricating non-paying customers he get his ass handing to him in the court of public opinion. It does beg the question, how incensed does your typical SWJ’s feel getting the tables turned on them, getting accused of something (racism) that they charge everyone else with? It’s not the hypocrisy part, they would not know hypocrisy if they sat on it, no, it’s the public perception that they are the very embodiment of that which they rail against with a vehemence.

The public apology, requisite but not contrite enough for this offense. Something wholly symbolic is required here and I expect it will be forthcoming. A large contribution to the NAACP, maybe, or better yet a public pronouncement that instead of hiring 10,000 refugees (How proud he must have felt over that), he will hire 10,000 black real estate developers who routinely schedule business meetings wearing sweats and a hoody.

Not enough, we want our pound of flesh. OK, how about this;

On Tuesday, Starbucks announced that the company is going to close over 8,000 stores across the United States next month “to conduct racial-bias education geared toward preventing discrimination in our stores.”

Gee, most of us do not need an entire day class telling us to not discriminate, it just comes naturally. Allow me to save them some time,”Dear Mr. Johnson, just tell all your employees ,’White people suck’, there you go, your get out of jail free card”.

I also found it pretty despicable that he threw his own store manager under the bus over this. Most corporations have field manuals, policies that address every conceivable contingent . If you work retail, never confront a shoplifter, If a customer refuses to pay, it must be your fault so tell him it’s OK,  and wish him a nice day. I would bet that the standard policy for every Starbucks is that if someone enters the store and does not buy something then after a certain amount of time you politely relate the store policy to that person. If this is met with resistance then the next escalation leg up is to ask the person to leave. And from here the cops are called. This is a business, after-all, not a publicly funded wifi station.

Yeah, you would think that much of this would be left to the discretion of the manager, but managers and employees have been fired over not strictly adhering to store policy. This particular situation seems tailor-made for some common sense discretion, thinking or making decisions on the fly will get you in the grease while following policy even if it is the absolute wrong thing to do, this is always condoned.

Although my wife is a Starbucks regular, I think their coffee costs too much. Every morning I grind my own, good coffee with a decent coffee maker, who needs Starbucks anyway? So as a casual observer from the outside I can sit back and be entertained by the SJW boycott and all the hoops the CEO has to jump through to make amends.

With their no gun policy that they enacted last year, I’m surprised they would even allow the police to enter. Now if they offered free coffee to the cops, that would work.


  1. My favorite part of this story is that Starbucks’s hipster customers are now going to have to share the seating with crazy homeless people who never buy anything and give themselves sponge baths in the restroom.

    This is the funniest story of the week.

    For my part, I’m a Dunkin’ guy. Best coffee out there.

  2. I remember Dunkin from my L.A. days, killer donuts, but none close to where I live now.

    A large part of this problem is this zero tolerance one size fits all mentality. Each store manager faces a different set of problems reflective of his community at large. Starbucks operating in San Francisco must be cognizant of the homeless population there and be allowed to adapt to conditions.

    I used to work the SAP Open every year in San Jose. There was a McDonalds close to the arena, I would stop there in the mornings for my coffee. It was cold outside and 75% of the booths would be filled with homeless or low income people. Paying customers would come in, find those that had no coffee cup in front of them and buy them a cup of coffee, just so they could stay there out of the elements. For those that had no cup in front of them, they were not forced to leave. I never sweated not having a booth, I could sit in my car. The homeless don’t want to get booted out so they don’t cause a fuss, they don’t hassle anyone and certainly don’t want the cops called.

    Call me cynical but until proven otherwise I’m going to stick with the notion that this whole episode was a planned shakedown of Starbucks, and Johnson seems like just the guy that would open up his stomach for it.

  3. You want to champion social justice causes, be prepared for the wrath of the social justice warriors. The manager had every right to ask them why they were there if they weren’t going to order anything, although calling the cops if they weren’t being disruptive seems a bit much.

    Also RIP Barbara Bush.

  4. The manager had every right to ask them why they were there if they weren’t going to order anything, although calling the cops if they weren’t being disruptive seems a bit much.

    I could well be wrong but isn’t the issue that white people are much less frequently asked to leave if they haven’t ordered anything?

  5. Starbucks has a history of premature cop calling;

    And tolerating SJW insanity;

    I expected them to roll over and expose their underbellies, but now we have Starbuck reparations;

    What kind of racist company they running;

  6. Call me cynical but until proven otherwise I’m going to stick with the notion that this whole episode was a planned shakedown of Starbucks, and Johnson seems like just the guy that would open up his stomach for it.

    An absolute bulls-eye, this was a total shakedown and these 2 guys are getting a huge payday.

    The store manager, a flaming SJW btw, got the boot over her following the store rules. She will now be vilified and get the Darren Wilson treatment, all for doing her job. Maybe she can cash in on liberal white guilt like the 2 other guys will.

    Another interesting take, the Philly police chief embarrassed himself and the whole department by issuing a formal apology to these guys, what a sniveling coward. The rules just got thrown out the window, now identity politics determines protocol, not legality.

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