I’m not really sure how to interpret this.

Previously, I’ve pointed out before that the unequal enforcement of the law based on who the target is of these high-level investigations have been performed will ultimately render Mueller’s investigation meaningless.  That, combined with Trump’s enthusiasm for using the presidential pardon, of course.

But this is…strange.  There are only a small number of Congressmen who signed off on this criminal referral letter–eleven, to be exact–and only a couple of them are even members of the Judiciary Committee.  Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte was not among them, notably.  Hell, even Steve King gave this one a pass.

Whose heads are demanded?  Not less than Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, and pretty much everybody who had a hand in the Clinton email server and Carter Page FISA application.  Notice who’s missing from the list though?

Rosenstein.  They named almost everyone else who had anything to do with the Carter Page FISA application except for the one guy who is still in office and who they would no doubt like to see removed from office.  I have to wonder what led to that omission.

Scratch that, I have to wonder what led to the entire letter.  Yeah,  I get the frustration that many Republicans have for AG Sessions and his perceived sleepiness.  For my part, I was convinced from McCabe’s 11th hour termination that Sessions is waiting until IG Horowitz to complete his full report and will act when the time is appropriate.

What does this letter mean, then? These Congressmen must also be aware of that, right?  I mean, I don’t disagree with anything in the letter and I would add to it that I can’t believe Christopher Steele is still a free man.  What I don’t get is the purpose for this letter.

If it is to defend Trump by creating a smokescreen, then it is a mistake to omit Rosenstein.  Gaetz, one of the signatories, has been pushing for Mueller’s removal for months.  Hard to believe that he wouldn’t want to keep Rosenstein besieged toward that end.

If it’s a political stunt to help with re-election, I guess it’s…a thing.  Maybe it’s an attempt to mollify Republican voters who keep complaining about nothing happening on the #LockHerUp front and make them quit calling their offices by putting Sessions on the spot?  Or perhaps it’s getting ahead of what they know is coming.  That’s open to interpretation, I know.

I have no idea.  Anybody want to take a swing at figuring out what the point of this was?

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Anybody want to take a swing at figuring out what the point of this was? I think the point was to remind Sessions that even though he would like to stay above the fray, he has a job to do and if he won’t do it then he should resign. Yes, it does seem a bit Comey-esque, to put the cart before the horse and not wait for the official report before opining on it’s findings but that seems to be de rigueur in Washington. And I suspect Rosenstein was not included because he was not involved in the creation… Read more »

Hey Will, OT, what do you think about Greitens upcoming trial, the charges against him, and whether you think this whole affair politically motivated?

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I must admit based on the snippets you added to the post I’m a little at a loss here. If the point here is sessions is sitting on his hands about Hillary Clinton I wholeheartedly agree. Oddly enough, one of the only beidges between the left and right, and the millenial generation is Clinton is universally despised as a rat fink. I remarked to a friend in a conversation recently, that in retrospect the democrats pushing sanders out of the primaries seems entirely suspect given how much it is implied the obama administration was aware of the possibility Russians were… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I thought I’d also add that you’re delusional if you think trump can pardon his way out of mueller’s investigation. The pardon was never meant to be used by the president to shoehorn his ass out of legal trouble. Mueller has signaled that he will consider such pardons a direct obstruction of justice, and there’s black letter law that supports that assertion. It goes back to the framers.

Even bush wasn’t stupid enough to pardon Libby.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Another one hung up on the target/subject distinction I see. Well, subject and target aren’t mutually exclusive, and a designation isn’t permanent. I know that made the rounds on conservative twitter in much the same mistaken way the “fruit of the poisonous tree” debacle did.

Horses for courses, I suppose.

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