I am evolving, willingly I might add. This old dog is learning new tricks with aplomb. Gone are the days of cisgender (cis-men, I know, it sounds so girly), now, gender is just a social construct;

Nice boots.

Nope, I didn’t need a Ted Talk to set me straight. Nowadays I reflect on my emotions. cultivating normative relationships with other men sans any masculine underpinnings, color me cosmopolitan. So with this new-found “awareness” I will admit that Ben Shapiro just gave me a massive woody and I’m not ashamed to admit it;

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that White House insiders were leaking the possibility of an alliance between Vice President Mike Pence and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley against President Trump. According to the report from Peter Baker, Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Maggie Haberman:

Beyond the immediate disconnect, though, is a deeper strain between Trump and Haley, according to administration officials and other insiders. … along the way, Trump has grown suspicious of her ambition, convinced that she had been angling for Tillerson’s position and increasingly wondering whether she wants his own job. Republicans close to the White House whisper about the prospect of an alliance between Haley and Vice President Mike Pence, possibly to run as a ticket in 2020.

The practical odds of this happening?  I’d say about zero. But much like Christie Brinkley declaring her undying love for me, on Planet Rich Taylor, I can project any fantasy into fruition.


2 of my favorite people running for President and VP; yeah, it doesn’t get better than that.


Of course this is nothing more than a flimsy attempt by lib journalists to get the right more comfortable with the thought of impeaching Trump, and providing a palatable replacement. A pox on all your houses for wetting my whistle.


This allows me to visit passed pronouncements I made, like when I said I didn’t think Trump even wanted the job, figured he would lose, and once elected realized he was in way over his head. I still think that although now it’s meaningless. Many times I suspect that both he and Melania, especially Melania, pine for the bygone days of having a semblance of privacy and being able to fire those that displease you. The purpose of satiating ego more than a genuine calling to rectify the plight of the common man, was his motivation, no noblesse oblige for him. I really believe the job is cramping his style. It is costing him money and it requires him to suffer fools with patience and restraint, not his strong suits.

What would it take for Trump to admit victory, declare he has nothing more to prove, and leave the heavy lifting for others? How about one more signature accomplishment? He got his tax cut but did not get Obamacare repealed (neutered to a large degree, yes). The economy is rocking; one more tally in the win column, preferably in the international sphere would do it. How about a new rapprochement with North Korea?, Yep, give him the Nobel Peace Prize for that.


Yes, the left would like to make the impeachment process a bit more savory, we are not going to help you out. Even with a dem majority in the house, if this is the bed you want to sleep in, make it yourself.


It does provide a warm snuggly feeling to think about having a president that one could actually admire and respect, snap out of it, just remember, Hillary is still NOT president.

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What would it take for Trump to admit victory, declare he has nothing more to prove, and leave the heavy lifting for others?

See, when you say all that, I wonder what it will take for people to admit that he does appear to succeeding and should stay in office for a full 8 years.

Hmm. Pence the stern dad versus Biden the babbling but funny uncle?

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