Just to prove that the Republicans don’t have a monopoly on making bizarre gestures through legal processes, the DNC has sued almost everybody involved with their 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump, except for the voters themselves.  I have to wonder why not.  Go nuts, if you want to go nuts.

The Democratic Party on Friday sued President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Russian government and the Wikileaks group, claiming a broad illegal conspiracy to help Trump win the 2016 election.

The whole idea that the Trump campaign was part of a “conspiracy” for Trump win the election is too funny for words.  As if the mere act of thwarting Hillary Clinton’s coronation was itself a crime.  How ridiculous is this?  Even the left-leaning Onion is starting to wonder if the Democratic Party will ever come to terms with how the Russians seemingly convinced Hillary not to campaign in Wisconsin.

One of the built-in jokes here is that it’s the DNC itself that had fixed an election in 2016 at the expense of Bernie Sanders.

I mean, we know the DNC rigged its own primary.  Since Sanders is the only person who would have standing in any lawsuit against the DNC and isn’t going to sue, it’s moot, but it’s still remarkable for an organization that rigged an election to sue over anyone else doing it.  As for Trump Russia Possible Collusion, there has been no damning proof of it after almost two years of intensive surveillance and investigation. It speaks for itself.

The second joke is that we also know that it was the Clinton campaign’s surrogates (primarily and specifically in the form of Christopher Steele) who were sharing information with Russian intelligence officials and criminally leaking top secret information to media outlets for publication.

The DNC is literally suing Trump because he won and they say it’s because he did all these illicit things that they did themselves.  Hell, that they did to themselves.

Glenn Greenwald notes the insanity of suing a media outlet (yes, Wikileaks counts) for simply publishing raw emails it had acquired which showed it in a bad light.

The answer to that is “yes”.  I think Trump should be allowed to sue media outlets who report on illegal leaks and mishandled documents from “unnamed sources” that find their way into their hands, if this is to be the standard.

It’s not going off that slippery slope though.  I’d say that if this lawsuit doesn’t get tossed out pretty quickly either for lack of standing or the impossibility of proving that the DNC email leaks cost Clinton the election, the fun parts to watch will be the motion for discovery of the server itself that even the FBI wasn’t allowed to examine and Wikileaks possibly being forced to finally reveal who it got the hacked emails from.

Exit question: Why doesn’t the DNC sue Comey?  Polling did indicate that his re-opening the investigation appeared to hurt Clinton in the final weeks of the campaign.  It makes as much sense as anything else regarding this lawsuit.

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This went from Trump being the Volga Candidate, to a DNC version of Downfall………..

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

It’s clearly a stunt, but what is guiding it as a good idea in the mind of the Democratic Party I can’t fathom yet. My only initial guess is the goal here is to plead well enough for discovery and use it in the court of public opinion if there’s anything salacious, but even that seems like a gambit.

My only other guess is this is their attempt at gaining access to republicans water cooler talk emails legally and spread them around l, as opposed to spreading hacked material.

I have yet to get my hands on any court filing.

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