We have met the enemy, and it is social media.

Crazy times we live in. Altogether subatomic adynamic unoriginal thinkers of the worst order, totally incapable of creation or innovation of any sort, can by virtue of a few key strokes not only reveal a black heart but get millions of strangers to react. It is mind-boggling to me how either by design or accident anyone can push the agenda by merely being provocative or outrageous. Infamy used to require great effort, now it can be achieved in seconds, great power requiring zero responsibility.

I’m going to add to the faux outrage hitting the blogosphere of late by writing about the pig professor at Fresno State. Post script; the pejorative “pig” is not a reference to her weight, that would be mean, although inferences can be drawn about her body image, she shits on her “temple” the way she shits on norms of decency and common courtesy. No, she is a pig because of the lazy way she thinks, her preferences for mud and mudslinging, and her disregard for those that object to her environment of choice.

Here she is, in her own words;


Great debate is raging about what to do with her. Although interesting, it is not all that important to me. Fire her or not, who cares? Shapiro punctuated the Free Speech angle;

If we’re going to call for freedom of expression on public university campuses, Jarrar’s speech is protected. That doesn’t mean tenure should exist in the first place, or that if her teaching is compromised by her politics, that she’s immune to being fired — if she’s a crappy teacher, she should go for that reason. But dumping her over a nasty tweet about Barbara Bush is beyond the scope of the First Amendment.

For those that actually care about Free Speech, this was obvious from the beginning and was never an issue with me. Speaking as an individual she can spout or type whatever idiotic soulless polemic she wants.

I do think it is fair that the university is getting blow back. Big time donors are not happy and no doubt (well, maybe) this will hurt enrollment. But they hired her, they should defend her. They fostered the environment, they and academia in general, where affirmative action hires feel bullet proof. When you worship at the altar of identity politics, preferences are given, a hierarchy is established, and those higher-ups in the social order chain are protected from any action or comment. The school president has said that her tweets do not represent the university and that the school was taking the incident seriously, now there is breaking news.

Outrage does seem to be the order of the day on both sides but I don’t get why so many people on my side seemed bothered by this. Although she said it, how many on the left feel the same way but for some phony deference to decorum did not have the stones to put their real sentiments on twitter? She is no outlier, she hates the right, no, she loathes the right, and would prefer a slow painful death for all of us. The simple fact is this, where the right think the left is wrong, the left thinks the right is evil, stupid, and not worthy of sharing a table. Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables was not a reactive off the cuff remark, it was a honed well thought out description of the opposition designed to provide meat to her base;

Less than two months before Election Day, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City. Breaking down the electorate she said, “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” It wasn’t a gaffe. It wasn’t slip of the tongue. It was a scripted line, that New York Times reporter Amy Chozick reports, was developed over glasses of chardonnay.

The sooner we conservatives come to terms, the better. Many progressives hate conservatives, they won’t give an inch to bring us in to the fold because they don’t want us in their fold in the first place. Call it elitist, their sanctimony absolutely forbids a brokering of common interest with inferiors. They will use those that try to cross the isle as useful idiots, meant to be exploited because they don’t deserve better. They don’t want a dialogue, they want to silence us and put us in our place. Their ultimate goal is to dominate and defeat.

You don’t get mad at a leopard for showing his spots; this professor is professing sentiments that garner much support within the progressive community. Yes, she showed a lack of propriety and good taste by bad mouthing someone who recently died. But really, “Fuck outta here with your nice words”, a direct offshoot of, “Punch a Nazi, even if that Nazi just died”, desperate times calls for desperate actions. Oh, and say the word ,”Fuck” a lot, that always tells folks that you mean business.

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It is indeed ironic that the same lefties who only want their speech protected use social media to complain.

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