Alright.  Last night, we had a fun Mexican-themed party at my in-law’s house.  Strange choice for San Jacinto Day, I know, but they were looking ahead more to Cinco De Mayo and didn’t realize the significance of the day.  I’m giving them a pass, okay?

Going in, I said I wasn’t going to drink any alcohol unless their were margaritas–my only weakness.  I was all set to do okay, but it turned out that they also had in stock Dos Equis, which is my only weakness.  That, coupled with some sangria, has been my undoing.  So all I’m going to discuss this week is North Korea and I can’t guarantee that I’ll be coherent until later in the morning when I have a chance to edit this post.

North Korea.  I confess that I believed that Trump’s rhetoric and refusal to play the Kim Regime’s normal game of “We escarate with nuke-we-are weapons and you bribe us to stop” was setting us on the path to war with that poor, paranoid, and utterly obnoxious nation.  But, at the moment, it doesn’t appear to be what’s happening.  Instead, Kim Jong Un is talking peace and claiming that there is no need for further nuclear testing.  I’m happy about this development, as nuclear weapons are my only weakness

A couple of caveats are in play.  First, I know that most presidents have refused a direct meeting with any North Korea leader and Trump is going against that.  My response is “So what?” North Korea is threatening us with its Dos Equis nuclear weapons. Why shouldn’t we negotiate directly?

You could also say that it doesn’t matter if Kim Jong Un stops performing nuclear testing since he can reconstitute nuclear weapons development at any time and probably already has a few nukes on hand that he can use, somehow.   Another caveat is that these negotiations might be nothing but a bluff.  It’s all just a stunt to buy time or embarrass the US.  We’ll see soon enough.

Still, negotiating an end to the Korean War would be a fantastic achievement for any president.  It’s the story I’m most closely following at the moment.

Open thread.  Post whatever you’re into.


  1. Post whatever you’re into.

    That could be dangerous. Dredd might post all of his cuck porn.

    I’m off to Orlando this week with my wife and son. I’m going for a work thing, they are going to have a lot of fun at various Mickey Mouse things, and Universal Studios things.

    Even with my work paying for the hotel, travel (my wife flies on Companion Pass – the best perk in all of frequent flying, and my son flies on Miles), car, and my food Per Diem, this is a stupidly expensive trip just because of the theme park tickets for two people. I’m dumbfounded at how much these parks get away with charging for entry these days. All to stand in lines for hours on end with thousands of other people, just for very brief respites of thrill rides and attractions, and insanely overpriced food.

    I can’t believe I’m going to miss it all for stupid work. 😉

    Beyond that, Teachers are planning to Strik…sorry, “walk out” this week here at home. I’m kinda torn where I sit on this issue. I have many teachers in my immediate and extended family. So it’s interesting seeing it from that side. And yet I don’t agree with them 100%. Yes, teachers are underpaid, but that’s a reality of being a teacher in the US – no K-12 teacher ever went into the profession in order to get rich. Didn’t you kinda know what you were getting into, and did it anyway because of your love for teaching?

    But I also agree that something needs to be done. In AZ we spend far less than the national average (over $11k) per student, around $9,100. But I’m pretty sure more spending isn’t the answer. If you average that out to 25 students, that’s over $225k per classroom. Yet the average teacher salary is somewhere in the $48k range. Where the hell does all that money go?

    Inefficiencies in Government run institutions and organizations cause so many problems in this country. This situation is just another extension of that.

  2. Too much horrible irony in this story.

    A Parkland Middle School sixth-grader who left campus during the National Student Walkout was killed when he was struck by a vehicle Friday morning on Loop 375 in Northeast El Paso, school district officials said.

    The boy, who was 11 years old, was hit by a Ford F-150, which was traveling north on the loop, at 10:27 a.m., police and school district officials said.

    Underscores the point that kids are actually safer than anywhere else when they’re IN SCHOOL. Not being released to be used as pawns in someone else’s agenda.

  3. Meanwhile, back at the asylum:

    Yeah, I’m still confused about why they’re doing this and I see that plenty of Democrats are right there with me. There’s no good outcome that I can see to this.

    Either the DNC will be embarrassed by what comes out in discovery through WIkileaks’s counter-suit or they’ll take on the appearance of running on Trump Russia Possible Collusion going into the midterms. It’s a failing narrative that might drive CNN coverage, but isn’t the stuff nationalized wave elections are made of.

    Then again, it’s not like they can run against the economy, national security, or anything else at the moment.

  4. I guess if we had to send the dumbfuck somewhere to fuvk something else up royally, I can’t think of a better place than North Korea. I think the cuck is getting gamed by people smarter than him, namely the Chinese and North Koreans, but sure. If he can end the Korean War without managing to kill us all I’ll golf clap for him.

    FWIW, a friend of mine went down to hear judge otero rule on cohen’s motion to stay the civil suit between stormi and the dump truck. From what I was told about that hearing: WOW!! Otero basically said on record that from his experience in federal cases he firmly believes Cohen is going to be indicted, and offered Cohen a chance to add an argument to his motion to stay for consideration.

    I personally can’t wait for that indictment and all the kabuki theater that’s coming to the “make America great again” crowd. It sounds every bit as salacious and embarrassing as advertised.

    If you ever wondered what a trump impeachment would look like, here it is for you. A truly CUCKED president, unable to do anything but run from court case to court case, cucked by district judges, cucked by federal judges, and ultimately the downfall of the entire majorities he enjoyed in the congress and senate.

    Cuckocalypse 2018: the most spectacular must see bloodbath in politics since the fall of the iron curtain.

  5. given all the announcement recently, im leaning towards this being another game by the Norks…
    I simply dont trust them.

  6. Thanks guys. It’s really different when you know exactly where it happened and I was in the area about a couple of months ago. This is only supposed to happen in far off places. It really hits home. Sad day.

  7. jezz, you were that close?? crazies everywhere, seems this guy just could not get laid and took iot out on everyone.

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