What’s all the hub-bub, and why must I be subjected to non-stop Royal mania when I’m not even British?

I get that some traditions are quaint and worthy of our attention; paying by cash, writing letters/checks, owning fine china, reporting the news without an agenda, all things that transport us back to a bygone era that seemed less ruffled, contrite, confusing. But dadgummit, we fought a revolution to get away from the monarch and all things royal, why must I be constantly bombarded with stories about  William and Kate’s latest progeny, the upcoming nuptials of Harry and a second squad actress, or the latest goofball racist rambling’s that come from Prince Charles?

It’s partly my fault, having ATT.net as my home page. All the gossip, fluff, and derivative drivel that they think common folk are interested in. Any dumb-ass news about the Kardashian’s, the Hadid’s, Hillary, or any down on his luck actor that needs some instant notoriety, anything that is NOT newsworthy is splashed hourly on my home page feed.

American high jinx and ass-hatery I can usually stomach, but this non-stop fascination for what Kate is wearing, or the latest goofy thing any of them  said of late, who cares?

I like Harry. He seems like a down to earth bloke who would be fun shooting darts with. Born second he was afforded the luxury of not giving a f#ck, of living his own life without expectations. Yeah, he got into a few scrapes when he was young, raising a few eye brows, but he got to hang with his own mates and live a little, good on him.

I’m glad, as worked up as I can get over something trivial, that he is marrying an American. Meghan seems nice and I hope they are happy. But no, I don’t need daily briefings on the latest wedding plans, who is going (not me) or what lemon face the Queen is wearing any particular day in response to what the peasantry is doing.

Many other European nations have monarchies, we don’t care about them. Is it that the other monarchies have some sense of decorum and modesty, are not full of themselves, and have enough dignity to keep certain aspects of their life private? Since I don’t live in a country that has royalty, I’m not sure what the expectations are.  It can’t be some ceremonial unwritten contract that because the royals are freeloaders and deadbeats the people have a right to pry and gossip since they are the one’s paying for all the falderal, other nations practice a more austere form of display and they mooch off the people as well. It might be that the weather is so dreary, the taxes so high, the healthcare so abysmal, and the streets of London so unsafe that a public display of opulence is about all the people there can expect.

So the locals put on a happy face and the media play it out like its Winston and Clemmy all over again, the rest of the world smarting from their ordinary lives look on like all the presentations mean something. I guess if you play it up enough (Russian Collusion!!!) anything singular or ordinary can become sublime.

I even get the angle that it is refreshing to have leaders  you can look up to and be proud of. Since they don’t make policy or actually govern, driving around waving to the crowds, wearing nice clothes, and vacationing in grand style, these do not require affirmation of performance standards.  They manage to stay above the fray by mere appearance of empathy. They visit schools and hospitals, glad hand everyone around, then go have tea and crumpets. Performing ceremonies of national unity while living an idolized lifestyle, all done while remaining separate from tribal politics and the slog of actually governing, where do I sign up?

I don’t really mind that they have their Windsor’s, different strokes and all, but they are not my royals. It is the Brit’s peculiarity, willingly accepted and slavishly propagated. I wish only to view from afar.

No doubt the upcoming wedding will be broadcast live throughout the world as other monarchies look on tightlipped with their dignity intact. This is one spectacle I will pass on.

I wonder if London has their own resist movement, “Not My Princess”.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

It is kinda cool that she’s American. The last time that happened one of those inbred Germans had to abdicate. I think Markle will make a great American liaison to the crown and wish her well.

The last time that happened one of those inbred Germans had to abdicate.

I lol’d. Heartily.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Haha thanks William. Seriously, though. I think markle has done pretty well keeping her composure and not getting pompous despite being married into the height of undeserved ego on the world stage.

I consider the high water mark for American turned into preachy British blowhard was maddona. Remember when she married guy ritchie and added that fake British accent to her already cringe behavior, and lack of grace aging? She buried the cringe meter, but markle has so far kept the cringe factor down to preaching about diet.

The Japanese may have the right idea about how to use a monarchy-leave the throne open when the old monarch dies and let the actual government run things. Sweden also knows how to have a quiet, pragmatic monarchy (kind of like the Swedes themselves.)

I think our obsession comes from a desire for some sort of stability. Certainly the British Empire for all its faults represented that at the height of its power. An era will end when Elizabeth passes away; she is probably the last true representative of the old Empire.

If Charles becomes king, well i think the Monarchy might just die off there…

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