In case you missed it, the guy that got his lunch money taken from him routinely in school, and now has more money than scruples, got sent to the principal’s office (Congress) to explain himself. Naturally I feel bad for all you working stiffs that spend all day grinding out widgets for Scrooge McDuck and can’t catch CPAN when things get good. Here’s an  alleyoop;

OK, that wasn’t CPAN, but it was the best example I’ve seen in a while as to  why we need term limits.

That Zuckerberg sure is one pasty white guy. Does he have a short guy complex? That would explain a lot;

The actual testimony was not nearly as funny as this. When Cruz asked him about the bias inherent in Facebook news feeds his response was essentially ,”We are based in Silicon Valley, a left leaning community”. OK, but what about the censorship? Damn algorithms, what are you gonna do?

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