This year, man, I swear.  And it’s only April.  I really didn’t think I’d ever find anything Kanye West does to be surprising or interesting.  I also didn’t think that anyone would rock Twitter so hard that even Donald Trump would pay tribute. But here we are.

I’m glad you’re all here with me, at the end of all things.

Look, I’m not a Kanye fan–either musically or as a celebrity spokesman for insanity–and when Obama called Kanye a “jackass”, I fully agreed with it.  Still do.  When he took that cheap “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” shot, I disapproved of it.  On the other hand I think what he’s doing now is pure “punk rock” in how he’s giving the finger to all sorts of norms, and I can respect that, but this is just too weird.

For what Kanye has been saying, as far as free-thinking and all that being a good thing goes, I can find bits and pieces I agree with, I suppose.  I also wonder if we’ll see other celebrities who like Trump besides Roseanne and James Woods poke their heads out of the ground now.  Not that I care, but I too hate seeing the social justice mob cow anyone into silence, like they did Shania Twain.  In that regard, Kanye is doing a good deed by explicitly attacking that nasty aspect of our current culture, right?

Kanye likes to set himself up as a lightning rod of controversy and I think he has finally figured out the absolute best topic over which to break the wheel once and for all: praising Trump.  Eminem should pay heed while he pursues his own quest to find controversial relevance again.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Stay tuned for next week when Kanye West creates another incredible self serving outburst that will remotely tie to marketing something. Maybe the guy just loves controversy and attention, and maybe he’s still the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” guy who subsequently married into an attention whore dynasty.


I believe the term that the kids are using is “thirsty”.

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