I’m keeping busy this weekend with a major reorganization of the basement.  In addition to all of my useless crap downstairs, here’s some of the news from the week I’d like to dredge up for discussion.  Sorry to say I’m pretty tired already, so I’ll keep this post brief.

First up is Macron’s visit with Trump.  Can we all agree that this was weird?

I was going to write a post about the weirdness of all the hand-holding, but then the Kanye West weirdness eclipsed it.  What I won’t let slide is that Macron’s worldview is problematic to me.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he will call for continued U.S. intervention in Syria before a joint session of Congress this week.

“I will advocate for multilateralism,” Macron said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.“

Yeah, no.  The last time we let the French talk us into joining in on an idiotic Arab Civil War, this happened:

Fighting Forces In Libya: July 2017 | Critical Threats

Trump and Macron can play ring-around-the-rosie all day long, for all I care, as long as Trump gives him a firm absolument pas with regard to any nation-building or regime change in Middle Eastern countries.  Those days are over.

Oh, yeah, regarding Kanye: here’s a perfect job for him.

Michael Harriot from The Root, who has not yet embraced Kanye’s “love everybody” thing, read that Science reveals that white people hate living around anyone but other white people.

Kye found that middle-class whites were more likely than whites in poor neighborhoods to leave a neighborhood once minorities moved in. And despite what many believe, their fear of being infected with melanin wasn’t limited to that of blacks. Kye found that Hispanics and Asians moving into mostly white suburbs produced white flight at similar levels to that resulting from black people moving into the Caucasian hoods.

I have an observation and a question on this part.  The observation is that most people like having neighbors that speak and look like they do.  It’s as true of blacks as anyone else.  A phenomenon I have personally witnessed in my city is that Hispanics eventually drive blacks out.  It even happened in Compton, California.  The blacks chased out the whites and then the Hispanics in turn overran them.

My question on this was that for when white flight occurs because “Asians” move in, are we talking like Japanese or Vietnamese people moving in or is it Arabs and Pakistanis?  Just curious.

And finally, one of my favorite shows is ending after its third season.  Sorry to see it go, but Ash vs Evil Dead had a great run.

I suppose this will be the last Halloween I dress as Ash at the annual costume party.  Anybody need a toy chainsaw?

That’s all I have for now.  If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work in the nether regions of the house.  God willing, I don’t get my hand anywhere near an annoyed brown recluse.

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God willing, I don’t get my hand anywhere near an annoyed brown recluse.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

In actual news: Scott Pruitt: maybe the most opulent spender in washington’s Appointee history. Trumpalos seem to give zero fucks because, well, it’s inconvenient. Kanye West: well, it’s a bit ironic how a guy went from vilified by the republicucks to folk hero for posting a picture of himself in a shitty red trucker hat. There’s some real depth of the modern conservative movement for you right there. There’s not one word from the fat orange cuck or any of his bootlicking toadies about an actual hero, James Shaw Jr. I never really expected it from the president and party… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Oh, and I almost forgot! Red State had a big shit canning of all it’s writing staff. They fired everyone of their staff writers that were trump critics, including one of the site’s founders, Erik erricson.

You can’t make that shit up if you tried. Haha!

I think i had some bad Sushi last night before watching Infinity war. Thank god it didn’t kick in until i got home.

Yeah that Whole Handys thing with Macron was , weird. You have them yucking it up together then later Macron, rip into Trump over global warming while addressing congress…

as for the WHCD, wow, it seems that the left cant do classy humor anymore,it has to be vile nasty and mean. and here i been told that they are the better people, given just how bad and nasty trump is.

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, wow he realy must have pissed someone off, he went from be a widely respected officer that served, what 3 presidents, with out issue, to a drunken womanizing, pill dropping nutjob, all in the span of a nomination….

FBI questions Russian MAA fighter that once talked to trump….. next Boris and Natasha..?
I dont think Muller has ever questioned that Russian attorney that got a meeting with trump jr.?

Britain’s oldest new parents, aged 63 and 65, have baby, 1, taken away by social servicesstarve a baby to death, take another away…………… England is such a shithole.


Lol, how you play a complete and utter arsehole “respectfully”? Baldwin struggles to parody Trump because he’s almost beyond parody.

Not a good precedent IMO:

Gangstas be hatin’ on that free speech thang yo:

Future Darwin award winner?

The Iran thing, that’s a big f*cking deal, as Joe Biden might say. It shows Team Obama got nothing out of all that bribe money, er, aid, they gave them. But what happens next?

Meanwhile, in the US Stormy Daniels is a symbol of resistance.

And feminists will no doubt applaud this:

Another link. Real Sea Monkeys?


Matt Groening –

People love to pretend their offended.

Sums this up perfectly.


You’ve bought into the caricature of what Trump is based on the parodies from people who have no interest in understanding him well enough to get why certain things are funny.

Ah, nope, directly by what he says and does (and has in the past). No caricatures are needed. No idea what you’ve bought into, or why.


I would warn everybody who’s hitching their wagons to the Kanye West crazy train….



Funny thing is that West is doing now what Trump has been doing since 2011.

55% Trump, 45% Charlie Sheen.

We’re in a tornado watch with massive thunderstorms coming in. Including tornado warnings just to the southwest. Damn glad I cleaned up the basement. Probably be spending an hour or so in there tonight!

Be careful…… :-/


Thrill Jr gets, like, Dragon Energy from storms and won’t sleep when they’re at night.

Racing through his Tiger Blood…..


Stay safe WG!

Thrill Jr gets, like, Dragon Energy from storms and won’t sleep when they’re at night.

My youngest gets that way when we’re on the road and in a hotel. Sge gers so damn excited. NO ONE gets to sleep until she’s fully drained of her energy.


Stay safe, good luck.

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