You get what you pay for…………….not quite.

The latest test scores are in, the results reveal that the nation’s kids are in big trouble;

Sixty-five percent of the eighth graders in American public schools in 2017 were not proficient in reading and 67 percent were not proficient in mathematics, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress test results released by the U.S. Department of Education.

Breaking it down by state, how did your kids do?

I’ve talked before about the double-edged sword of failure in ambiguous terms like “proficiency” and “minimum required standards”.  In the pursuit of any endeavor a standard is set by which abilities can be measured. Now if the endeavor involves risk, liability or saving lives, you would hope that the bar would be set high enough to insure a ridiculously high level of success for the participants. But human nature being what it is, effort is subjective, the slots gotta be filled so let’s not make it too tough. An average is taken then refined to allow for cultural differences, protected classes, test biases, and whether the applicant ate a good breakfast that day. Past test scores are reflected in the standard; don’t want to deviate much from the norm. The standard then gets rehashed by all the teachers, the same folks who understand a direct correlation exists between their ability to teach and the test scores, so more changes are made, don’t want actual results to rock the boat and stand in the way of tenure. All these factors go in to the blender, then whatever gets spit out is averaged down a bit more just to be safe. A bar now exists, and still we have disastrous results.

Compared to the rest of the world, we are about average, yea America. We suck wrt other advanced nations but compared to third world nations like Haiti, we rock.

Yes, each state spends a different amount on education per student and pays teachers in the state differently as well.

In my shit hole state the average teacher salary is about 68K. The school district in my small town mirrors that amount. These are averages, big cities like L.A. and San Francisco pay may more, cost of living in the area requires it.

But I always believed that 1) some professions like teaching drew those individuals that had a passion for it and not those necessarily interested in getting rich; all public sector jobs like toll takers, cops, librarians, sanitation workers, you don’t go in expecting riches more than say job security. And 2) test scores are a direct reflection of what the kids are learning, which is a direct reflection of how well their teachers are doing their jobs. If their students are not meeting minimum standards year after year, why are those teachers not getting canned? Don’t tax paying residences have an expectation that their tax dollars are being spent judiciously? Don’t school districts have an obligation  to make sure the students in their care are being properly prepared and educated?

I admit up front that I have a bias in this area and try to work around it. The year I retired I started volunteering at my kid’s school. For middle school worked the daily lunch periods and in high school I coached the tennis teams. Parking in the school parking lots I noticed so many anti Republican bumper stickers on many of the cars. This is not surprising since the teacher’s unions and the Democrats are thick as thieves.

There was also an incident at one of my son’s soccer games. We were watching one of his games. There were 2 women chatting it up on the sideline next to us. Their conversation had to be with how stupid Republicans were and how much better it would be if they all just moved out. They had mentioned other things that indicated they were teachers. The decibel level of the conversation was such that probably 50-60 people were within ear-shot. The fact that they felt so comfortable making offensive remarks within the crowd, this was evidence that the remarks were not considered offensive at all given the crowd make up. I’m so used to being the black sheep, it was water off a duck’s back, but my wife is different. She walked up to them and said ,”You never know when those damned Republicans might be standing next to you just trying to watch their kid’s soccer match in peace”. All done with a smile, of course.

Academia, MSM, Hollywood, the level of group think should be troubling to those that partake in it. Instead, it is used as a tool to reinforce their own biases; everyone we know believes like us, we must be right.

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