Gina Haspel, President Trump’s CIA director nominee, sat through her Senate confirmation hearing this morning; I watched most of it. Naturally, I support the most qualified candidate in the last 60 years to get nominated. Naturally, if this was a Clinton Administration she would sail through confirmation. And naturally the cabal of Democrats present were petty, petulant, confrontational, and hypocritical. Yeah, you knew all that anyway, I just saved you 3 hours.

If I’m around I like watching these hearings mostly for the comedic value. Typically you have eminently  qualified folks  who have to sit through questions from unqualified politicians  who would rather mug it up for the camera and score cheap political points and know very little about the job description for which they assume they are the boss. Sometimes we see cringe worthy beat downs, like what she did with that dope Jack Reed comparing CIA agents to terrorists. Other times we marvel at the patience exhibited when the little terriers nip at their heels, like her question and answer session with Kamila Harris. It was like a toddler in a sand box trying to have a conversation with Albert Einstein. Harris is supposed to be the heir apparent for the Dems in 2020, such a simpleton.

Much like a debate, I heard the hypocritical nonsense thrown at her by the usual crew and was hoping someone would call them out on it. I didn’t have to wait long;

Naturally 99.9% of questions had to do with the interrogation program, a program that was not only legal but approved by every one of those hypocrites on the Congressional committees while it was in place. But, as we all know, they like to re write history to suit the needs of the present. Forget that in 2009 Obama declassified the Office of Legal Council memos and  promised all the CIA members that they would be protected from future scrutiny because the actions taken at the time were legal and had backing of both the Executive and Legislative branches of the government. Clearly some (Brennan) got that special dispensation, while others (Haspel) did not.

Many of the Democrats were not happy that much of Haspel’s CIA career is classified. Unlike Plame, Haspel really was a spook, spending almost her whole career in the clandestine service, running covert ops against hard targets.

Many Dem. senators wanted assurances that she would stand up to Trump if he asked her to do something she felt was not moral. I don’t recall John Brennan ever being asked if he would stand up to Obama if asked to do anything morally questionable like maybe a Drone strike that killed civilians.

Haspel will get confirmed, despite having to suffer fools on national TV.

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a program that was not only legal

Bull. Shit. It violated the UN Convention against Torture

But, as we all know, they like to re write history to suit the needs of the present

Bingo. You don’t get to reinterpret what torture is so you can claim it’s legal.

She’s a hangover from a shameful and embarrassing period of your history and nobody involved should be even close to having a position of responsibility. But given the unscrupulous morons making these decisions and their inability to have any shame whatsoever, it’s not in the least bit surprising.


was hoping someone would call them out on it. I didn’t have to wait long; But Haspel’s flaws are nothing compared with those of Cotton, who has surpassed Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) as the most disliked member of the Senate. He used his five minutes of questioning time to “clear up” and to “take exception to” the “entirely false” things his colleagues said, peppering his remarks with gratuitous partisan swipes. And then, he kept going. When Sen. Jack Reed (R.I.), the top Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, was questioning Haspel about moral standards, Cotton heckled his senior colleague from the… Read more »


It violated the UN Convention against Torture

Bull. Shit.

But we’ve been over that before, so I’m not going to re-hash it.


LOL. Point is, shitty advice doesn’t make something legal, no matter how many creative memos you get someone to write to justify your desire to commit a crime. If your lawyer tells you murder is now legal and you murder someone, it’s still murder. They were rescinded for a reason.
Just like going to the UN and asking for a resolution to invade a sovereign nation but then giving up and doing it anyway doesn’t make it legal.

Unfortunately we saw a lot of splitting hairs during the Bush years on interrogations. The issue of what’s legal versus what’s moral is often a gray one on the battlefield, but it shouldn’t be once the bad guys get caught. If they’re POWs in all but name, then they should be treated as such.


Of course he wants to re-hash it, he was wrong then and he is wrong now. We have a process here, at least in this country, which determines legality. You simply don’t get to redefine torture so that you can carry it out. James Mitchell, the doctor who developed the program was on Foxnews this morning. He stated that Haspel not only did not run the program, she was never in any of the meetings he had with Rodriquez. She had no say in the program or could have stopped it if she wanted to. So he’s disclosed classified information… Read more »


Oh well, if according to him she wasn’t in any meetings with Rodriquez, it’s all sweet. My bad, don’t know what I was thinking. You keep right on mocking those who have questions about illegal actions. I mean why bother having confirmation hearings at all right? Just sign em off.

I didn’t lose jack. Sorry, I can only just see the warm glow of the fire from here, you’ll need to try a different tactic.

Here is the first example of Cotton being a douchebag.
He heckles at 4.21.
No reason not to believe the rest since the first checks out.


Other example is quoted here (#10):

But no doubt that’s also ‘fake news’.

A Trumpian calling someone gullible, that’s brilliant.


No mocking on this end, Ha? WTF? Did you read what you’d written in your entire opening post? just wonder why after all the years we kicked this around you still want to rehash the same stuff. I like to keep correcting the record. There is no two ways about it. Well, we have a procedure to follow. I know how you just hate that word and would rather play by different rules On the contrary, I quite like procedures and rules. No idea what you’re on about again. There was a procedure that the agents in the field had… Read more »

You can scroll down to the transcript and there it all is at 02:17:47.
I guess it’s a conspiracy between the Dems and C-Span now then.

If you dismiss reporting as false simply because you don’t like it…..well it’s consistent with being a Trumpian, and it leads to nonsense like this.

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