I’ve been following a string of recent stories that have me wondering if a shift is underway.  Specifically, I wonder if comedy is actually going to focus on being funny again instead of just scoring applause lines with its ever-shrinking, left-wing audience.

First, comedian Michelle Wolf was criticized for going too far in her vicious anti-Trump tirade, to the point that even some of the most hardcore Never-Trumpers called her out on it.  Jimmy Kimmel has suggested that people have “had enough Trump-bashing.”  Finally, we have this week in which even Vice thinks its time for Saturday Night Live to rein in the #Resistance porn and try, you know, being funny and entertaining.

All of this is preamble to say to SNL, I come as a friend: Your cold opens are terrible, cringeworthy pieces of self-satisfied liberal propaganda that are sometimes so bad they seem like parodies of themselves.

I’ll have to take Mr. Cheadle’s word for it.  I haven’t watched SNL in twenty years or so.   I can’t even imagine watching it now, or any other late-night “comedy” show because they’ve long since all become the Daily Show without Jon Stewart’s beard or charisma: Democratic propaganda outfits who train their audiences to troll people like me.

No, I don’t expect comedians to stop making fun of Trump.  He’s perfectly ripe for parody.  It’s just that I think it should actually be funny.  It should be entertaining.  Sure, I guess that some comedians want to do more than that.  They want to use their publicity to sway public opinion.  Okay, fine.  But what good does it do them when nobody is watching except for angry partisans like themselves?  You can’t be influential if nobody is watching, can you?

Maybe I’m wrong and the sea change I sense isn’t really there.  But if it is, I have to wonder what’s prompting it.  I’d really like to think that comedians have started to examine their own attitudes when they look at the reception Kathy Griffin and Michelle Wolf have received for disguising hyperpolitical hatred as humor.  Perhaps they want to get back to their craft, excel at comedy, and bring in a wider audience again.  Like Carson and SNL once had.

More likely, they’re sick of the declining ratings and wondering why they can’t copy the success of Roseanne by attracting a more mainstream audience.  You know, which includes the half of the country that isn’t the least bit sorry that Hillary Clinton lost the election.  There might be something to it, because Last Man Standing is also coming back.  Rumors had swirled last year that Tim Allen’s support for Trump was a factor in its cancellation.

If this really is a thing, it should be welcomed.  We all deserve a break from the nastiness of politics and should instead turn to the fun and absurdity of politics.  I hope that comedy finds its way again.  Really now.  You can’t tell me that the Left isn’t fully deserving of mockery too, if in a playful way.

Come on.  That’s funny!

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I think they’re realizing that Trump may actually have a shot at getting re-elected in 2020, and by a wide margin, in which case their Trump bashing didn’t work after all. You’ll still have your Bill Mahers and Stephen Colberts who will never accept otherwise, but ultimately the top people in the entertainment business are still going to want their huge paychecks, and they won’t get them if they keep alienating half the country.

Then there are the other remaining idiots:


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