A rhetorical question; who does John McCain hate more, Barrack Obama or Donald Trump?

I assume that leftist blogs are the same way, but whenever I visit right leaning blogs I get the feeling that I am being directed to look at a particular issue a certain way. Being contrary be nature, I bristle when manipulated down the primrose path when all other alternatives are discounted and dismissed.  The obviousness of the situation and resulting echo chamber comments that follow demand a closer more thorough approach.

John McCain has been all over the news of late; mostly of his own making, his bitterness that events did not go as planned, mortality staring him in the face and his scramble to re write history more favorable to his reputation, and a plaint media who couldn’t care less about McCain but love to stick it to the president.

Most of the right leaning blogs paints him as blight on humanity, a decrepit shell of a man too self-absorbed to die gracefully, and too bitter at events to take proper reflection of his life. The left love him for one reason only, he does not like Donald Trump (how easy it is to join their TDS club). That and he did not get in the way of their beloved Barrack Obama.

The lead off question was obviously not difficult at all. Despite losing to Obama, and despite Obama humiliating him at the healthcare summit;

McCain hates Trump, and for good reason. Trump has called him a dummy and a loser, has maligned his naval service and questioned the “war hero” moniker because he was captured, and questioned his conservative bonfides (who hasn’t?). McCain derailed the skinny Obamacare reform legislation which his best buddy co-authored, I guess he hates Trump more than he loves Graham.

McCain knew that when he passes Trump wouldn’t attend. He missed Barbara Bush’s funeral because the Bush boys would kick his ass, it would take all of them to do it. So it goes to reason that he would miss McCain’s as well. No matter, John made a big deal out of publicly banning Trump from his funeral.

I won’t go much in to the stupid Kelly Sadler controversy, what a bag of nothing that is. Of course the media won’t let it go, anything to stick it to Trump, how noble they all are.

Much like Hillary, with Obama and Kerry’s books coming next, McCain wrote a book trying to rehabilitate his reputation.  We come to find out it was he who first laid hands on the Steele Dossier and gave it to Comey back in November 2016. He tries to make himself all noble by having concerns about Russian interference so when it was given to him by another UK official with the clear warning that it was raw, unverified and unsubstantiated, his hatred of all things Trump lead him to turn it over to Comey, just in case.

Also in the book he kicks Sarah Palin in the stomach by saying he made a mistake in selecting her as VP, like she had anything to do with his loss. He was worse than Hillary at campaigning. McCain was no conservative, so choosing Palin got him a lot of votes.  Palin has always been gracious to McCain, too bad his need to make excuses for his defeat obviates him following suit.

It is clear to McCain that he will not recover, thus all the talk about who gets to come to his funeral. Yet, he still holds the Senate seat. McCain cannot do his job. He cannot vote on any issues since he is not in Washington. He does not resign and allow the Governor to nominate a replacement, why, because he hates Trump. With such a razor-thin majority in the Senate, even measures that require a simple majority are difficult. The combination of Trump being bombastic and prickly, and some prima donnas like Collins and Paul who have a distorted view of their own importance, that and a misguided messiah complex, has made getting anything done Herculean.  Another “yes” vote would go far in advancing the Trump agenda, but McCain won’t budge, more moral failings on his part.  He is not serving the people of his state or the people of the nation when he puts ego before duty, he is doing this in spades.

A quick note on his daughter. By all accounts John has been a good husband and a good father. Meghan is getting a lot of grief over her blind defense of her father. I say blind because she is asking what is unreasonable.  I never fault a relative for sticking up for family. Much like Cindy Sheehan during the Bush gulf war, she was becoming a nuisance and an irritant but I always cut her slack because she lost a kid, no one should ever have to suffer that fate. Meghan is being a good daughter, leave her alone.

John has led a good life, he needs to exit with that same grace and honor that exemplified his life.  I respect his naval service and acknowledge the rough times he weathered as a POW. I think he tried to serve the good folks of Arizona as best he could, no shame in that.  I wish he was less bitter about the past and less resolute in trying to explain away or right certain wrongs he feels he has endured. He has the love of his family and the respect of most Americans, which should be good enough.  I hope he does not suffer and pray for his family. He should not be used as a cudgel to beat the president with or maligned by the GOP’ers who wishes he would just shut up and die.  He is a good man and should be remembered as such.

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McCain may be bitter, but to his credit he didn’t constantly whine about it unlike Gore and Hillary. His final act seems to have been about regaining his independent cred. His reputation on the right may improve after he’s gone. Either way, he definitely left his mark on history.


I honor McCain’s military service, and am sad to see an American hero go.

But let’s be honest, anything that was heroic about McCain died years ago. The fact that he will not resign even now is all anyone needs to know. The 100% politician that has taken over since long before his presidential run needs to FOAD.


I rewatched the town hall meeting when he was running for President where he puts the nut jobs in their place. Classy. Now the nutjobs with absolutely zero class are in charge. No wonder he is so disappointed in the state of his beloved country. Rich, it’s Barack, not Barrack. He was POTUS for 8 years, is your ODS still so bad that you won’t spell his name correctly? What was that you told me: you lost, get over it etc. Also, it’s a little bit strange to write a piece supposedly arguing McCain deserves better, when the vast majority… Read more »


You also still seem to be suffering under an illusion that speaking out and acting against Trump (and generally considering him to be wholly unfit for public office and an embarrassment to the country as judging by his words and actions since he became POTUS, which really are just a continuation of before, because that’s who he is) is just blind irrational ‘hate’. Good luck getting yourself out of that rabbit hole (as if you’d have any intention of doing so).


List of Accomplishments

This is why It Just Doesn’t Matter how many times leftists call Trump a “nutjob”, or say he “has no class” or claim he’s “unfit for office”, because conservative shit is getting done. And that makes leftists become completely unglued.

I find it amusing that the very people that were thrashing McCain a few years ago, basically calling him every thing but white, are now up his ass acting like they are his most nobel defenders… Hes bitter old and dying, and wont let go of his seat, for the good of the nation, because he has a grudge with trump. as as POW, he shined, but as a politician, he turned in to a embodiment of the old power elite, that held on to power for spites sake…. reminds me of Melville, as quoted by KHHAAAAAANNN!! To the last,… Read more »


Nope, no TDS there. Talk about a rabbit hole, you are mired in a sewage hole, home is where the heart is. Coming from a Trumpian (and especially one that belly-ached about the type of private party Michelle Obama threw) that’s as meaningless as it gets. Thanks for lending more evidence to my point about your suffering the illusion though (somehow you haven’t worked out that if you dismiss all criticism you don’t agree with as TDS, it very quickly loses all meaning). And I suspect based on your track record that the only reason you have anything good to… Read more »


Hes bitter old and dying, and wont let go of his seat, for the good of the nation, because he has a grudge with trump. as as POW, he shined, but as a politician, he turned in to a embodiment of the old power elite, that held on to power for spites sake….

Gee, who would have thought that Trump’s actions and statements would have an actual negative effect?! 😉
Nah, it’s all McCain, he’s the problem here. LOL
Bizarro world.


Even Tillerson is clearly glad to be out of the weirdness. But no doubt he’ll be dismissed as a ‘disgruntled former employee’.


You ARE a Trumpian, as I keep pointing out when you put it on display. Clearly when Obama could do nothing right you were only pretending to have standards.

Ah nope, it was a classy and impressive thing to do at the time, before he lost. That he lost is irrelevant to that. It’s not all about winning or losing I can’t be arsed to get into the tit for tat of who has ODS/TDS and all that guff, as it’s a really circular argument. But I thought it might be interesting to pose a hypothetical. Would you rather your candidate acted with integrity (a la McCain) and lost, or didn’t (a la Trump) and won? Let’s keep this hypothetical – I’m sure the right wingers here could come… Read more »


That’s assuming McCain has any integrity left. One of the liberal media’s attacks on him in 2008 was that he had lost his integrity. While they were right, it’s amazing that they again consider him a person of integrity just because of his dislike for Donald Trump.

This sounds like one of those “moral victory” capitulations losers tell to other losers. Not really. There are a lot of reasons for both liberals and conservatives that it may have been better for certain people to have lost their elections. You can’t always know ahead of time, but signs are usually there. I am not sorry that Hillary lost. I do not think she would have been the best president, but Trump is not a better option in my opinion. Besides, McCain didn’t lose because of integrity, he lost because he looked out of touch with the realities of… Read more »


The Bill Gates video talking about his recent Trump experiences……holy shit, yet again.


Lurking…. https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/blogs/right-turn/wp/2018/05/18/trump-apologists-are-grossly-exaggerating-his-achievements/?__twitter_impression=true Each accomplishment on the list I provided is backed by a news story, including a link to the original source (at least all the ones I looked at, anyway), so people can read the articles and do the research and reach their own conclusions. Or they can be lazy and let a “journalist” who claims to lean right, but writes for a left-wing paper and uses left-wing sources, do their thinking for them. The bottom line is that it still doesn’t matter if leftists call Trump names. Conservative shit is still getting done, even if Jennifer Rubin opines… Read more »

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