No, Will and I don’t confab on  our posts, this is strictly a coincidence.

Summer movie season is fast approaching. Most summers of mine are spent far away from any movie houses, the standard fare always being sub-standard and for me usually cringe inducing. But a new Imax theater opened up in the Bay Area close to where I live. That and for a real change some interesting stuff is coming up, please God, please make it so Deadpool 2 doesn’t suck ass.

Probably the best experience is going in with no real expectations and coming out pleasantly surprised; a real rarity. The absolute worst is a continuation of a story line where the characters are established and the plot thickens, then you come to find out that the writers must have all been drunk because the joke is on you and your wasted 2 hours.

This new theater has rows of super cushioned recliners and buttons on the arm rests where you can order food and drinks. I just want the movie to be good.

Yes, a bunch of junk is coming as well, but some trailers I have seen have really piqued my interest. Here is my list for “will see” and “may see”;

Will see;

Deadpool 2, of course. The trailer looks awesome. Some new characters but my faves are all returning, Dopinder and Teenage Negasonic Warhead. My expectations are high on this one.

Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom. I loved the first Jurassic World movie, gotta see this one as well.

The Incredibles 2. I got a thing for Pixar movies. I wanted a Incredible sequel for 10 years, don’t know what took them so long, I’m in.

Tag. For those that have not seen the trailer;

This is a big wild card, the potential is huge…………….please let it be funny.

May see:

Ant Man and The Wasp. Another Marvel creation. I like Avenger movies but I am overwhelmed by all the characters, this looks more palatable.

The Meg. Another shark movie,a really really big shark movie. Like dinosaurs, a movie about sharks is a hook for me. The first Jaws, Open Water, The Shallows, The Deep Blue Sea, all good stuff.

I’m going to pass on the Han Solo movie, the all female Oceans 8, the new Mission Impossible and anything with Dwayne Johnson, won’t even Redbox them.

So, anything coming this summer that is a must see for you?


  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Deadpool 2. I think I said it somewhere else, it’s Van Wilder as a superhero. Deadpool is a perfect role for Ryan Reynolds.

    I’m not as attached to the story of Star Wars as most of you are, so I’m okay to go see Solo. My oldest daughter has a great enthusiasm for the new Star Wars movies and it rubs off on me.

    I’ve seen the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, and that looks pretty good. I’ll probably go see that.

    And the one movie I’m anticipating the most is playing only one night only, on July 12.

    ROCK ON!!!

  2. I’m not as attached to the story of Star Wars as most of you are, so I’m okay to go see Solo

    I’m not at all attached to the series, it just looks like it isn’t going to be very good. I could be wrong.

    That Muse movie looks intriguing. They should run it more than just one day.

    I might Redbox Bohemian Rhapsody. While growing up I was a huge DOORS fan, I played Morrison Hotel like a million times back when we had turntables. I made the mistake of watching Oliver Stones’ The DOORS movie, that ruined me on music movies. Whenever I get QUEEN nostalgic I just youtube the Wembley concert;

  3. My kid went with his friends to see Deadpool 2 last night. He said its better than the first, high praise.

  4. My kid went with his friends to see Deadpool 2 last night. He said its better than the first, high praise.

    Going to see it tonight!

  5. oh yeha DP2, for sure, and Jurassic World, no doubt in my mind, me and my boys will have a great time at that, and my wife can drool over Chris Pratt.
    Incredibles 2, wow very much so, I so loved the first one.

    Solo…….ugh the kids want to go, im hesitant…..

    Oh BTW, has anyone watched Cobra Kai>? WOW i really enjoyed that one, i was expecting cheesy and bull, but hell it turned out to be a very enjoyable show.

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