Alright, let’s get to the news stories we didn’t get to this week on account of me being busy with work.  Nah, I’m lying.  I’ve been playing online games on my tablet.  My three favorites, of all time, are as follows:

  1. Kingdom Rush
  2. Plants vs Zombies
  3. Field Runners

I’ve been messing around with What the Hen for the past few days.  It’s fun and has a way of keeping me playing for entirely too long, but I get the sense that unless you’re prepared to spend $100 a month on bonuses, it stops being fun pretty soon.  I’m already at the point that I’m running into Level 30 enemies while all of my heroes are under Level 10.

Speaking of being frustrated by people on an absurd and different level, how about a discussion on why Millennial humor is so weird?

This is as good a time as any to confess that I do not get Tim and Eric at all.

I’ve been sitting on this link about the FBI’s existential crisis for a couple of weeks.  No particular reason, it’s just that I keep forgetting to post about it.

The FBI’s crisis of credibility appears to have seeped into the jury room. The number of convictions in FBI-led investigations has declined in each of the last five years, dropping nearly 11% over that period, according to a TIME analysis of data obtained from the Justice Department by researchers at Syracuse University. “We’ve already seen where the bad guys and witnesses look at those FBI credentials, and it might not carry the same weight anymore,” says O’Connor.

Indeed, public support for the FBI has plunged. A PBS NewsHour survey in April showed a 10-point drop–from 71% to 61%–in the prior two months among Americans who thought the FBI was “just trying to do its job” and an 8-point jump–from 23% to 31%–among those who thought it was “biased against the Trump Administration.”

We’ve talked about the FBI’s tribulations and I always say the same thing: the FBI cannot be fixed and must be disbanded.  It’s not because it happened to have gotten politically involved in the 2016 election and abused its authority.  Instead, it’s that the FBI has always been too politically powerful and prone to abuse of authority.

The decline in public support has consequences that further reinforce my view that the FBI needs to go away.  Jurors, and even prosecutors, don’t trust it anymore.

Some legal experts and defense advocates see the string of recent not guilty verdicts as a sign that jurors and judges are less inclined to take what the FBI says in court at face value. Data examined by TIME support that conclusion. The number of convictions in FBI-led investigations dropped last year for the fifth consecutive year–from 11,461 in 2012 to 10,232, according to Syracuse University data, which was obtained under Freedom of Information Act requests.

If the FBI can’t even get criminals locked up anymore, then it isn’t good for much more than convincing half-retarded people to carry out terror attacks in elaborate and needless sting operations.  Close it down already.

Here’s a strange video on the Mattress Firm Conspiracy.

I had never heard of this before.  The stores aren’t that badly clustered in my area, so it never occurred to me that anything sinister was underway.

Let’s tie together FBI political abuse and bizarre money laundering schemes grounded in conspiracy theories into one tweet now:

As a Right Thinking from the Left Coast successor blog, it is our duty to throw out an Andrew Sullivan link now and then, right?  Oh, I won’t make a habit of it, but  I did find his take on how utterly Obama’s legacy has been destroyed to be compelling.

If Trump has destroyed Obama’s substantive legacy at home and abroad, the left has gutted Obama’s post-racial cultural vision. And those of us who saw him as an integrative bridge to the future, who still cling to the bare bones of a gradually more inclusive liberal order, find ourselves on a fast-eroding peninsula, as cultural and political climate change erases the very environment we once called hope.

I hate to rub it in, but Obama’s Hopey Changey bullshit was always bullshit.

What would you like to talk about?  Tower defense games, I hope.

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Re: millennial humor, I just see it as a rebirth of the Dadaism movement from about a century ago. I never got Tim and Eric either, but I always assumed you needed to be stoned or drunk to actually appreciate their humor. Outside of the Venture Brothers or Metalocalypse, that’s pretty much been my experience with Adult Swim. It’s been 10+ years since I was able to watch Adult Swim on any regular basis so it may be better/worse now. As for the Mattress Firm conspiracy, I hadn’t heard about it, but I think the explanation in the posted video… Read more »


Endless Frontier is in the Google and Apple stores. I got into it because while I love RPG’s, I don’t have 120+ hours to sink into the newest ones. That’s probably 3x the entire time I’ve spent gaming since my oldest was born in 2006. I can’t justify the time sink anymore.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

On the topic of video games, and especially the ones that are app and mobile based “pay to win” is a marketing tactic created recently called “micro transactions.” The general theme is akin to plunking quarters in an arcade game to continue playing. Most tech companies don’t really have business models beyond harvesting your information or annoying the fuck out of you with ads until you pay for subscriptions. It’s been great at keeping them out of anti-trust court (they eat entire business models by offering a free product or service, and then once they own the entire market share… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I also think the mattress thing is pretty explainable in theory. I’d really want to see the balance sheet of this company to see if it’s truly fraud, but I think it’s fairly common for medium businesses to risk debt to gain market share. I’d also add that some companies use a tactic to issue stocks (or bonds) by making themselves look like they’re bleeding to death in the middle of the street. Since most millenial twinks think all they need to do is read warren buffettt to hack their way into wealth, his theory of investing in companies “when… Read more »


I can’t get beyond Candy Crush Saga FFS

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