I hear it’s implied that Lando has a sexual relationship with a robot in Solo: A Sexually Woke Story.  Had C-3PO known this, he might not have felt as bad about getting the cut direct from Lando at Cloud City.  Or maybe he still would have.  For all of the controversy over Lando being “pansexual” (according to co-screenwriter Jon Kasdan), most fans appear to have forgotten that Jabba the Hutt was definitely pansexual.  But then, he was a villain.

This politically-correct posturing on Kasdan’s part might well have pushed me to skip this movie, if I hadn’t already decided to do that months ago.  Quite a few Rotten Tomatoes audience reviewers have complained about it.  The Audience Score is bad enough on the film’s actual merits that it probably did not need Kasdan to make it worse by introducing this element.

I keep bringing up things like the NFL protesters (more on that in a minute) and the failure of other “entertainment” outlets because it’s amazing to me that Hollywood is so completely out of touch with its customers in the rest of the country.  They can’t recognize it no matter how bad box office sales, ratings, and merchandise sales get.  Pyongyang (more on that in two minutes) isn’t as foreign to Hollywood as the American Midwest is.

Hollyweirdos like Kasdan seem to honestly believe that everybody in the world just adores this sort of fringe propaganda when it’s pasted onto established and beloved franchises and characters.  They can’t seem to get it through their heads that SJW’s aren’t that numerous nor do they have as much money to blow on movies and merchandise as the more moderate mainstream audience that gets completely alienated by needlessly pushing these social and political agendas.

Sure, certain franchises can get away with it.  JK Rowling once said that Dumbledore is gay.  Did it matter to the fandom?  No, not really.  The sort of people who would have been turned off by that already were avoiding the Harry Potter series because they think witchcraft is Satanic.  Hermione is one of the main heroes of the story and she’s very much the SJW.  The series was always like that and there was no risk of alienating anybody by Rowling deciding to say, “Hey, since so many of my fans are gay, so is Dumbledore!”

I could make the same observations about Doctor Who.  It was always a liberal show since the reboot started (memba pansexual Jack Harkness?  I memba) and it’s unlikely that going all-in on gender politics by changing the lead character from a man to a woman now is going to matter in the next series as far as the few remaining fans are concerned.  Ratings have been in freefall for a few years now for other reasons (I hated Clara). It’s not like it’s a huge departure from the original series was to the extent that the Ghostbusters reboot was.

But Star Wars?  I’m sorry.  I don’t want to think about perenially-awesome and smooth Billy Dee Williams inserting his Colt 45 into whatever passes for a mechanical vagina.  Lando Calrissian was quite possibly the single most vital leader in the Rebel victory at Endor, but he is now reduced to a sex-crazed robot fucker by “woke” screenwriters and producers who want to appeal to the politics of the moment they think the young people are all into.  No.

I mean, even the NFL figured out that pandering to left-wing anti-cop activists wasn’t putting asses in seats or helping ratings.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of it.  The players will still find a way to antagonize the fans like so much darker and more brain-damaged Kathleen Kennedy’s.  The team owners and the NFL itself will try to accommodate them, propose more half-assed solutions, and watch their brand continue circling the drain.  Not one of them will question why the NBA doesn’t seem to have any trouble making the players stand for the national anthem.

As a reminder: it doesn’t matter anyway.  Professional football is doomed because playing it literally causes brain damage.  The players can all come out as Lando-sexuals, kneel down, and fuck Roombas on the field on national television and it won’t hasten the demise of the NFL any more or less than that eventually will.

Speaking of things that are always in danger of being cancelled thanks to public statements by the president, is the North Korean Summit still a go?  Or is it cancelled again?

I can’t tell from that.  I guess it’s cancelled but it is still scheduled for the same place and time.  So not really cancelled?

Lack of clarity aside, I think Trump is using the correct approach with Kim.  Kim needs to make a deal as a matter of survival.  Trump has the upper hand in any negotiation (or refusal to have one) with North Korea and Kim and Xi know it.  I think Trump is on the right track.  Whatever it is.

Kim is one of the very few world leaders who Trump can play mind games with and most people won’t find fault with it.  Well, most people.  Not most Democrats, I hear.

That was harsh.  However, he has accurately summed up what is very much on Republican and even right-leaning independent voters’ minds as the 2018 Midterms approach.  The Democrats have a severe perception problem and the electorate is aware of it.

The Republicans can apparently play it safe this year just by saying, “Alright, we’re pretty inept at this whole governing thing and we’re supporting a president who half the country thinks is obnoxious.  But we’re not the MS-13 snuggling, Iran bribing, opposition campaign spying, Russia obsessing, Kim Jong Un loving, tax increasing, flag hating, droid fucking Democrats.”  And it might work.

Here’s random stuff.  First, some geographic perspective.

Then some geopolitical perspective from Peter Zeihan.  A five part series called “This Is How the World Ends”.

Part I

Secondary sanctions are not something the Americans have ever used often or liberally. They present would-be sanctions busters with a choice: do business with the sanctioned country (in this case, Iran) or do business with the United States. Since the Iranian market is roughly 1% the size of the American market, there may be a bit of whining but for most firms that’s not all that difficult a decision.

Part II: Europe Guts Itself

The response from the European governing institutions to the American withdrawal from the nuclear deal can be best summed up as righteous indignation.

In part this is economic: the Europeans were fast to pour investment into Iran after the deal was codified and are not looking forward to rolling those efforts back.

In part it is political: the Europeans are signatories to the deal, working long and hard to show Europe could contribute to a strategic normalization beyond their borders. No one likes it when another country simply informs you that your efforts don’t matter to them and they are imposing their own reality upon a situation.

Part III: The Chinese Discover They Have No Clothes

As in Europe, local media in China is all aghast with how unreasonable the Americans are being. As in Europe, the real decisionmakers are being far more circumspect. President Xi has been deathly quiet. He and the politburo may have nationalist aspirations, but they fully realize the reality of global power ratios.

  • The Americans are China’s single-biggest end-market and the Americans import more than triple from the Chinese than the other way around. In any tariff v tariff conflict the Chinese just don’t have much ammunition.
  • The Chinese are the world’s largest exporters. Nearly all that trade is dependent upon the US dollar-denominated and SWIFT-managed trading system. Should China befall American financial sanctions the China story would crash pretty quickly.
  • The U.S. Navy has ten times the power of everyone else’s navies combined. Since World War II the Americans have used that imbalance to create a unified global system. Should that commitment fail – and it is – anyone dependent upon global trade is more or less screwed. Like, say, China. Making matters worse, nearly all Chinese trade with the rest of Asia is water-borne and therefore vulnerable.

European bureaucrats don’t get that. American media doesn’t get that. But Merkel does. So does Xi. He has to.

Part IV: The WTO Loses Its Grip

The American ambassador to the WTO has made it clear that so long as the WTO isn’t furthering America’s direct economic interests – a position diametrically opposed to the original negotiation – the United States will prevent judges on the WTO’s appellate bench from being replaced as their terms expire. (The U.S. enjoys a de facto veto over procedural measures like this.) By year’s end the WTO’s dispute resolution system will shut down due to lack of judges, and that spells the organization’s functional end.

Part V: Trump Unleashed

The pace of… everything is about to pick up considerably. Between the end of the WTO and the dawning exploitation of secondary sanctions, the US is getting the free use of its other hand – its natural economic power. The Trump administration is testing America’s strength just as other major powers are hitting structural barriers, not least of which are demographic. The Americans are now only one of the few peoples that are repopulating, within a generation the average American will be younger than the average Brazilian (the Americans are already younger than the average German or Chinese). At the same time the collection of people who have repeatedly talked the president out of some of his more disruptive policies are now either gone or sufficiently discredited in the president’s eyes that they might as well be.

I strongly suggest you read all five parts.  Zeihan has provided a fantastic road map of where American foreign policy is heading.

And now a Gotye/Danzig mashup that somehow works better than either song on its own.

And finally, I know I shared a video from this guy last week but I enjoyed this one so much I had to share it this week.  Do you or anyone you know suffer from “Cuckface”?

My advice: Shut your mouth and shave.

For those of you who did see Solo or aren’t going to and therefore don’t care about spoilers, here’s a guy with an interesting theory about the droid Lando put the ol’ restraining bolt into.  Was she originally supposed to be a mockery of SJW’s and this is the reason the first directors were fired?  From what I’ve been hearing, it sounds that way.

That’s all I’m interested in this week.  What have you got?

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Hogg strikes again, customers don’t care: David Hogg has become the face of Le Second Amendment Resistance and has proven himself to be a tool, a fool, or both. As a symbol, he’s convenient for the Left until they find another lackey. Thirty year old teenager offered a job after parents finally kick him out: Is this where we’re headed? I understand that in Europe several generations sometimes live under the same roof, but we’re not Europe and there’s still some expectation that when you’re old enough, it’s time to learn to live on your own. But then… Read more »


“Pan-sexual” WTF? Disney is doing just about everything they can short of announcing Rian Fing Johnson is directing Episode 9 to kill off my love for Star Wars. Speaking of Hogg, wasn’t there someone around here who claimed Laura Ingraham would be off the air due to her tiff with that mindless idiot? Pretty sure she’s still got her show, and her ratings are actually higher than before the incident. Where do you get your news about technology? I’m a tech junky, and love reading about new technology of just about any kind (other than droid screwing). I’ve been reading… Read more »

Anyone remember that story about the F-18 encounter with a AAV er UFO> well it gets weirder, it seems that this occurred over a period of several days. Lando, sigh , in Empire and Jedi he radiated that smooth womanizing allure. Now he down to banging walking fleshlights…. so sad. i am convinced that the Chinese economy is a house of cards, very dependent on its exports to the US, and are trying to rectify that situation by expanding in south asia and eastern Africa. As for lil Hogg, it seems that now that school is out he has more… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

She said “it works” but she didn’t speculate further, so who really knows what it meant. Ron Howard is a cuck, I think we can all agree on that and this one was a snoozer.

Its kinda funny that no one knew darth maul was alive. I guess when people talk about “the fans” they really mean casuals.


I think Trump is on the right track.

You honestly, I mean honestly, hand on heart, believe Trump is actually following some sort of coherent policy though? I mean honestly?

First, some geographic perspective.

Somehow your graphic fails to take into account the day chosen to make the move.


Thanks for the links, WG.

Its kinda funny that no one knew darth maul was alive. I guess when people talk about “the fans” they really mean casuals.

Any 5 year old that watched the Clone Wars cartoon series knows he was alive, even if they have no idea who Luke Skywalker is. Does that make them”the fans”?

Well damn:

RIP Gardner Dozois



Its kinda funny that no one knew darth maul was alive. I guess when people talk about “the fans” they really mean casuals. Oh hell i didnt know he was in the movie.. hmm, i might have to go see it after all…. Yes. Do you honestly believe that Trump’s entire career is just happenstance? I been told several times that his career, is only because of PR, dirty tricks and cooked layers., seriously. You honestly, I mean honestly, hand on heart, believe Trump is actually following some sort of coherent policy though? I mean honestly? Its coherent enough, for… Read more »


So, yeah, this happened.

Less than a week before the California primary, Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

In the “knowledge panel” that provides easy access to information next to search results, Google was showing “Nazism” as an “ideology” of the party as of Thursday morning. The word “Nazism” was hyperlinked to a secondary page that shows “Nazism” alongside other “ideologies” of California Republicans like “Conservatism,” “Market liberalism,” “Fiscal conservatism,” and “Green conservatism.”

Nothing to see here…


JR Smith is a tool.

Green is an asshole.

Awesome game 1.


There are just too many accounts of Trump knowing none of the details and contradicting himself and/or his advisors. That tweet thread sets it out pretty well. Do you honestly believe that Trump’s entire career is just happenstance? He was born rich and into that society. As he said himself, its meant he’s been able to get away with pretty much anything. Including a history of racism and misogyny, ripping people off, conning people, and generally being a horrible human being. I have no idea why some people are completely fooled by it, or just don’t care enough to actually… Read more »


One senior administration official said privately this week that Navarro’s public scolding of the Treasury secretary was a “firing-level offense” but held out no hope that Trump would take any action. The result of the infighting is a trade policy that’s nearly impossible for anyone to understand or predict and which risks undermining Trump’s economic and stock market gains. Thursday’s action sent markets down, compounding losses earlier in the week after the China announcement. “This begins and ends at the top, and the president is behind all of it. He intends to be tactically unpredictable and thinks it’s a fantastic… Read more »


At some point, the media is going to stop trusting anonymous sources. My guess is that will happen about the time a D is elected to the office.

RE: GoogleNazi: They’re blaming it on Wikipedia.


Lowest unemployment rate for African-Americans ever, and all the media can do is bitch about Trump tweeting about the report an hour before it was released. It’s simply amazing the level of completely biased idiocy in the media.


It was the fish feeding episode in Japan when I realized that the media had collectively lost its mind and won’t find it until Trump’s second term ends.

If it helps justify giving him a special pass…….

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