Life provides us with an unending series of rhetorical questions such as that whole woodchuck/wood conundrum and whether a fat person can go skinny dipping. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? If you throw a cat out a car window does it become kitty liter? If you’re in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

All head scratchers, for sure.  But what keeps me up at night is any physiological explanation on how often a progressive head can explode. It is unknown what level of brain cells are destroyed while spontaneously combusting, but what is astonishing is the regenerative powers considering that for many, the pyrotechnics are a daily occurrence.

Fo  those who are amused at all the hair pulling {raising right hand}, it’s like it’s not even work to find something that will provoke the constipation face.  This is the very definition of low hanging fruit.

That was 8-year-old Jordan McLinn, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  The historic event was Trump signing “Right To Try” legislation;

President Trump signed a bill Wednesday allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental medical treatments not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dubbed “right to try,” the law’s passage was a major priority of Trump and Vice President Pence, as well as congressional Republicans.

Getting future lifesaving drugs to market for public consumption is an arduous task which typically takes about 10 years. For your typical drug company, when one product finally does get FDA approval, 10 others are still going through the process with many of these showing promises.  The chance to give terminally ill patients the right to try experimental drug treatments seems like a no-brainer to me and one more example of how Trump connects with normal folks.  To give hope where before there was none.

Last week Trump signed major legislation that gutted a good part of Dodd/Frank providing relief for the smaller banks that were getting crushed by onerous burdensome (and useless) governmental regulations. Now if we can just repeal all of Dodd/Frank.

More news that is causing cranial carnage among our betters (just ask them) is the on again/off again NK summit. The frenetic hysteria of imminent nuclear war because of Trump’s strident bellicosity was predicted by those who are rarely right. They told us he was just itching for a fight and would kill us all. Then Trump got an actual sit down with Kim who came to us wanting a deal.  The usual suspects then did an immediate 180 and warned that Trump was out of his league dealing with Kim, that he would give away the farm with nothing substantial in return.  Then he cancels the summit, not kowtowing to Kim’s bluster, and more heads exploded.

“What is he doing walking away from diplomacy?” But when Kim does an about face and reasserts his wish for a summit, more, “If he wants it then I’m against it” lashing out. They are not smart enough to know that they are being played.

The willingness to walk away from a bad deal, to pressure the opposition to settle by creating uncertainty while keeping your own cards close to the vest is Negotiation 101. His maneuvering has kept both Kim and Moon (not working in our best interest, btw) off-balance and unsure how strong their own positions are.

Yes, it may come to nothing, just like all of his predecessors, but he is preparing the soil for next year’s crop. A bad deal with Kim would make a good deal with the Supreme Leader impossible. Whether anything comes of this, I don’t know, I just like watching all the tail-chasing and heads exploding. Don’t get caught in the flying debris.

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Hoo boy. Judge Dredd is going to throw some serious “cucks” around over this when he sees it. We might even refer to this historic explosion of ranting about cucks as…the Cuckocalypse.

Sorry, is your point that these three things are making liberals heads explode? The first I didn’t hear about, the second is troubling, but more for the Democrats complicity and the third I hope he works out, but I’m (understandably) nervous about the risks involved.


Bee has already lost a sponsor (Autotrader). She should be fired. If these are the rules, then let liberals live under them too.

Bee is about to get the full fury of the White House, NFL treatment. I don’t think she’s going to survive this.

Trump builds a wall (of tariffs):

They seem shocked that the tariffs he wants for China would apply to them, too.

Google calls Republicans Nazis:

ok serious question. Tarriffs are basically taxes on imported goods right?
Designed to raise the price point of a item to a X level, usually so that similar items that are made here can compete with foreign produced goods.
money produced by the Tariffs go into the governments coffers, which allows the Gov to spend more, right?
Then how in the fuck are the dems against Tariffs, if there is anything a Dem pol, loves , its more taxes to increase government revenue.. and since most are economic illiterates, this should be right up their ally.

ok serious question. Tarriffs are basically taxes on imported goods right? Yep. It makes those goods more expensive in America. (Upon the supposition that the reason you’re buying imported goods is because they’re cheaper). So what happens is that American companies who use a lot of (say) Steel end up having to pay higher prices for their product (either by importing it plus taxes or using the higher priced US producers) – this higher price flows through to the consumer Then the other country retaliates and puts their own tarriffs on American imports – which means that producers in America… Read more »


Hilarious Rich, you’re describing yourself to a T right up until Election Day 2016. Your head must have exploded 100 times while the Kenyan Muslim was turning the US into a socialist republic. Until relief arrived via King of the Birthers.


You strangely seem to have avoided the point. But I’ll be sure to let you know when Melania throws a private party that I’m not happy about. Hey, do you also remember when the debt was END TIMES? And how picking winners was EVIL INCARNATE? And how betraying your friends and allies was DESPICABLE? Good times. Turned out to all just be jokes! Grendel I think you’ll generally find the Centre-left parties of the Western world have been supportive of free trade for some time NOW. We got a new left wing Govt in the mid 80s who largely did… Read more »

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