Oh, wow.  Is it already Friday?  I haven’t prepared a DJ post this week and am blaming the holiday on Monday for throwing me off.

Since I’m doing this at the last minute, let’s keep it topical and dedicate this week’s music thread to Roseanne’s career or rather, the sunset of it.

Let’s have music featuring:

  1. Planet of the Apes – Songs referencing gorillas, monkeys, baboons, evolution, cavemen, etc.
  2. Off (Francis Scott) Key – Remembering Roseanne’s national anthem performance that nearly wrecked her career the first time around.  I’d like to see some horribly sung songs.  These can be talentless lead singers in known bands or really bad covers of great songs.
  3. Ambien Effect – Video of artists performing drunk or stoned.  Like Eric Clapton laying down for an entire concert.

Here’s this week’s playlist, starting off with official ceremony.

Dedications!  Uh, dedications….right.

Yeah, I didn’t do any.  I overslept.  Because of Ambien.


  1. Yeah, I didn’t do any. I overslept. Because of Ambien.


    Zurvan, you are the bomb for posting that Santana song. I’ve only watched that clip and the whole Woodstock movie about a million times, when music meant something.

    And 2 good picks by Lurking.

  2. Since we are being creative today, I’m going to dedicate this Nick Cave masterpiece to ol’ Roseanne “just for the joy of it”:


    But he wasn’t her type, he was a different kind
    They were built for each other
    Bit by bit and piece by piece
    They were built for each other
    By some cosmic hand just for the joy of it

  3. ok im gonan throw this one down here. it his several themes. itis really bad bad bad..

    Yikes …

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