Recently, we’ve had a fair amount of discussion about Trump’s statements, attitudes, and perceived racism and sexism.  I’ve made the argument that none of it matters.  Two sociology researchers from the nearby University of Kansas have found that this is a consistent attitude among Trump supporters.

It’s worth it to read it all.  It’s a short piece.

Recently, I have noticed where you guys have cited some example of something Trump has said or done and tried to use it to confirm that he’s a racist.  From there, we’re all supposed to…uh…I don’t honestly know what we’re supposed to do.  Change our vote to the evil candidate and call a do-over on the 2016 election?

What the professors found is that there isn’t anything that Trump can say that will bring his supporters to that point.  #NeverTrump, late night comedy, and the droid-fucking aficiandos employed by Disney are spinning their wheels by trying to find that “ah ha!” moment that will finally “enlighten” us.  It is as I’ve said before: as long as Trump is doing what he was elected to do his moral failings with Stormy Daniels, public insult fights that would make a 90’s rapper call for civility, and tendency to say things that he thinks as true that actually aren’t do not matter.

Whether that’s right or not is fine to debate, I suppose.  But I’m comfortable telling you that I don’t care at all what anyone thinks of Trump as a person.  As long as he doesn’t try to overthrow Assad, appoint a liberal justice to the Supreme Court, or bring back Obamacare and fully implement it (which even Obama wouldn’t do) I’m not going to regret my vote for him or consider voting for anyone else in 2020.  Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert can suck my ass.

The only way Trump loses support is if he betrays the coalition that elected him by reneging on the promises that got him elected, no matter how abhorrent you think those were.  But please, by all means, keep complaining about how he’s a pussy-grabbing Cheeto.  We’re totally going to start listening any day now.

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Shitshow, cuckshow, shit-cuckshow, their arguments are so compelling. Whether that’s right or not is fine to debate, I suppose. I might be wrong but it sounds like you think this is a recent phenomenon, it’s not. We all remember the contortions the left put themselves in defending Bill Clinton; bimbo eruption, it’s only sex, a right wing conspiracy. Hell, even Vox says that blind eye allegiance was misguided and harmful, ultimately contributing to a rapacious culture of impunity allowing decades of sexual offenses by men to go unreported and unpunished. They kept their mouths shut and looked the other way… Read more »

I think the Trump detractors are confusing being a good president with being an effective one. A good president can be the one who means well, but doesn’t get much done and is regarded as a failure. An effective president is the one who gets stuff done and gets remembered by history, and thanked by the people. Nice guys don’t always make the history books. Trump has been who he is for decades, what the left is really scared of is him making them completely irrelevant to future generations who might inherit the benefits of Trump’s successes. Trump has gotten,… Read more »

This was actually in a DM I sent you, and I think it’s why the left has completely misread the electorate, and why the left is fucked for the foreseeable. There was a comment I left a couple of weeks ago ( in the context of McCain) asking Rich if he’d vote for a candidate that would execute his agenda, even if he was deplorable. His emphatic ‘of course I would’ was a bit of a wake up call to me I think – where all the lefts arguments about Trumps character can be countered with “yeah, but Gorsuch”. And… Read more »


Exactly cress, well said. We spent 8 years reading and responding to comments about Obama which apparently are now rendered meaningless because. ….none of that even mattered, it was all bullshit, a complete waste of time. Or the rules have completely changed. One or the other. Which is it?


Also, this whole ‘percieved’ racist/sexist thing you’ve got going on. Prior to Trump that shit WAS considered racist/sexist. But somehow once he’s your guy it’s only ‘percieved’. WTF is THAT?!
Sometimes I think I should just ignore everything (just quit reading, watching, checking anything political) until sanity has returned. Have your little ‘break’ from it and we can regroup later….

BTW for the last little while I’ve noticed I have to enter my name and email on every post, any idea why?


BTW for the last little while I’ve noticed I have to enter my name and email on every post, any idea why?


Trump is bulletproof as long as he’s seen as “fighting evil” and to a massive number of Americans, that includes the Deep State, NFL kneelers, countries that screw us on trade, North Korea, MS-13, corporations that offshore jobs, and Rosie O’Donnell. The main reason for their discontent is that their early prognostications of a shit show turned out to be premature and demonstrably false. So whenever something good happens they have to pee in the punch-bowl, like commenting about Bill Gates and helicopters. Part of their constant focus on things racial, a bigger part then they care to admit, is… Read more »


It’s not that much different now versus then.

Ah, yeah it is. Light years. To the point where it’s comical.

It wasn’t until voters started to regognize that Obama’s talk wasn’t translating into results

LOL, right, he dug the US out of a massive hole and handed over a booming economy, but those aren’t ‘results’. Are they only ‘perceived’ results perhaps?


Now that straight out abuse and insults of opponents and groups is established as a norm (and actually actively encouraged), it will be interesting to see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. Not that I think the Dems would elect someone like that, so it’s probably a fantasy (I think at some point sanity will prevail as people realise this is not the way to go). It’s unimaginable to think what the reaction on the right would have been if Obama had said or written even 10% of the shit Trump has. I remember clearly how… Read more »


it’s only at the end of 8 years of trying that the US economy recovered because of (rather than in spite of) Obama’s policies By any reasonable standard that’s an extremely weak narrative, unsupported by the vast majority of economists. He was ineffectual, wouldn’t or couldn’t work with the GOP, and promised more than he could deliver. The GOP made it clear from Day 1 that they wouldn’t work with Obama. McConnell used to pretend he was too busy to attend meetings with Obama. No President or world leader in history has made the sort of outlandish promises Trump has.… Read more »


handed over a booming economy

I about choked on my own spit at that one.

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“Booming” indeed. Weren’t you just chastising someone for trying to rewrite history?


Booming economy? lol Mitt Romney was as vanilla as they come and he was compared to Hitler during the campaign. I think conservatives have just had enough. We can’t run anyone with conservative value and that won’t be labeled misogynist, racist etc. So, enough with vanilla politicians with no spine as it doesn’t matter to the left. As Will says, it’s time to just match the game being played. The rules haven’t changed, they’re just now being used by both sides. And again, booming economy? Both sides are so far apart I’m at the point that there’s no reason to… Read more »

Yeah, I know. I’m to the point that if he’s not going to take this discussion seriously, then I’m not either The main problem here is when you plant your flag on planet Shitshow before the guy was even sworn in, and you think he is a subhuman racist who like Nazi’s should be punched in the face, and you think he is illegitimate because the Russians, it is hard to be at all objective. Factor in that every accomplishment we laud, he scorns because it is undoing the Obama legacy brick by brick. Lower taxes, pshaw, they should be… Read more »


“Booming” indeed. Strong then. From a deep deep hole. Good try at deflection though, all of you. But weren’t the Democrats telling us that Trump would tank the economy? What happened with that? More deflection. Trump was using a tactic to trap the judge into either ruling in his favor or being labeled as a biased judge. You never seem to notice that Trump is quite good at setting up these win-win situations for himself. Notwithstanding that you’ve avoiding the actual point, why would you consider that to be a good thing? It’s just another example of how he has… Read more »


Strong then. From a deep deep hole.

Again making me almost choke on my own saliva. Apparently your definition of “strong” or “booming” is “not in recession.” Yay, Obama! The slowest recovery from a recession in the US ever. Way to go! So strong.


Sorry Will but that in no way reflects the discussion. I feel bad too, since you put so much effort in.

Zurvan I’m not arguing with you about it, the point remains – the economy was in free fall when he took over and in good shape when he left. Of course the share of the spoils went to the top and the same old people missed out so they voted Trump so the rich could get tax cuts and they could lose their health care, instead of the unsustainable rust belt industries returning like Trump promised.


Notwithstanding that, I’ve argued previously that Presidents have little to no postive impact on the economy in the short to medium term. Specifically I pointed out that the graph shown in this link doesn’t tell us that Democrats are better for the economy because their bars are higher, for the reasons set out

They also wrote about it at 538.

Both written pre-Trump, in case that matters to anyone.

Weak cheese there CM. That’s like saying the President has no influence because ultimately it is Congress that writes the bills and passes the legislation that affects economic growth or economic stagnation.

So by your argument it is disingenuous to call it Obamacare because he did nothing to make it the law of the land.

It is the “Trump” tax cuts that is powering this new global economic dynamo;


Zurvan I’m not arguing with you about it You’re not arguing about it because you were flat out wrong. Twice. This is where you say, “Sorry, I was mistaken.” Declaring someone is trying to rewrite history elsewhere, then peddle the line that the economy was “booming” or “strong in 2016 is so clearly the pot calling the kettle black, you must be blind. they voted Trump so the rich could get tax cuts I’m sick of this bullshit being peddled. I received a sizable tax cut that made an impact to my financial picture. I am not rich. If you… Read more »


Zurvan, on the economy you keep missing the other half of the equation – where it was when he started. It was undeniably far far healthier when he left, albeit with the same structural issues. That was my point. Rich did you read your link? 0.1% difference, and that’s a prediction. This makes more sense… “It’s too early to tell” probably should be the watchword on tax reform at this point. Even if we had perfect data on capital spending and buybacks for every business in the country, it would only be a few months’ worth of data. The impact… Read more »


Americans have now been collecting post-tax-cut paychecks for more than two months — and they still don’t like Donald Trump’s signature legislative achievement. In fact, as Republicans fan out across the country Tuesday for “Tax Day” rallies celebrating their law, the vast majority of voters still refuse to accept that their taxes have even gone down. But don’t take my word for it — take the American Enterprise Institute’s. In a new polling analysis, the right-wing think tank concedes that “overall opinion [of Trump Tax Cuts] is still more negative than positive,” while an overwhelming majority of Americans say that… Read more »

You and Pelosi both, two peas in the same pod, nothing but “crumbs”. All the anecdotal evidence like what Zurvan said, and thousands of others, go right out the window because it does not conform to ,”Trump incompetent”. You don’t like that link, I can give you a couple hundred more; Yes, it is too early to give Trump a grade on the economy for his entire term, for the obvious reason that his term(s) is not over. But I dispute your 2 premises that Presidents can not impact the economy and that these tax cuts are crumbs. You… Read more »


Zurvan, on the economy you keep missing the other half of the equation

And you keep missing the fact that you were wrong. Twice. No economist worth his salt (or really anyone with an impartial view of the economy) would have said in 2016 that the economy was “booming” or “strong”.

But then I thought you weren’t arguing about this?

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