Is it too soon to call Solo: A Self Destructing Story a bomb or is it merely a flop?  We won’t know for sure until later this afternoon when the weekend box office estimates come in, but right now it looks pretty grim when the Friday box office estimates are taken into account.

If I’m math-ing it right, that’s a 77% drop from Friday the 25th (which I believe also takes the Thursday opening into account).  If you count Thursday, May 31st, it’s a 65% drop from week-to-week.  For comparison’s sake, Rogue One had over a 70% drop from it’s first Friday to its second one, but this was during the Christmas season and Rogue One also brought in $155 million in its opening weekend versus Solo’s $84 million.

All told, Rogue One‘s box office dropped by 58% from its first to second weekend while The Force Awakens only dropped 40% and Last Jedi went down by 67%.  Based on that, I’d call Solo a “bomb” if it drops 70% or more this weekend.  It’s definitely already a flop.

Update: The verdict is in: Solo is a bad flop with a 65% drop in its second weekend.

Who’s to blame for this?  Why, white males, of course.  We’re responsible for everything, don’chano.  World Class Bullshitters offered a fantastic rebuttal to this stupid assertion.

Unlike Lucasfilm, I’d like to leave politics out of everything right now.  We have some good active TDS and ODS discussions on other threads so I’m thinking of focusing on some other interesting stories this week.  Don’t let that stop you from discussing politics in the thread though.

As if every aspect of the JonBenet murder case isn’t strange enough, the forensic psychologist who worked on it and other famous cases was murdered.

Witnesses told police they heard an argument between two people outside the office following by gunfire, according to Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV. Police said it is unknown whether the shooting is connected to Pitt’s work.

Police described the suspected shooter as a bald Caucasian man wearing a dark hat with a short brim.

Google is back to trying not to be evil.

Citing bad publicity and internal dissent, Google announces it won’t renew contract to supply AI for US military drones

I have mixed emotions on this one.  Sure, Google’s engineers are following a moral code about how their work should be used and that’s fine.  However, it’s disappointing that they’re far less enthusiastic about fighting the US’s foreign enemies than they are censoring American conservatives, manipulating information to affect political attitudes, and helping Deep State spy on us.

Google is only selectively evil, I suppose.  But they still manage to do more good with their tremendous wealth and influence than Joel Osteen.

According to the article, here’s a rough breakdown of how Lakewood Church uses that 90 million dollar budget:

    • Weekly services and programs: $31.7 million
    • Night of Hope events: $6.7 million
    • TV ministry: $25.1 million
    • General and administrative: $11.5 million
    • Fundraising: $11.9 million
    • Mission and outreach: $1.2 million

There are two related things that I find sad, albeit not surprising, about how Osteen and company spend their many millions. Most of that big pile of money is spent on furthering Osteen’s brand while a tiny fraction of it is spent on evangelizing the lost. And by a tiny fraction, I mean just a bit over 1 percent.

It’s not like there isn’t any poverty to fight with all that money.  Much of it growing in the same suburban communities whose residents are more likely to attend megachurches.

Why is poverty rising faster in suburbs than in cities? There are many reasons. Population growth in suburbs plays a part – the U.S. has become a suburban nation. However, that’s not the most important factor. My research finds that suburban poverty is growing three times faster than population size in suburban communities across the country.

No matter how much your neighborhood sucks, at least you probably don’t have the Crack of Doom in your backyard.

Kilauea has shocked the world with streams of lava swallowing houses and giant fissures opening up across Hawaii.

The latest aerial drone footage of the volcano has revealed dramatic changes within the volcano spotted at one of Kilauea’s main craters

There are new alarming cracks and fault seen in a collapsed crater, some of which are spewing with intense steam.

Scientists are concerned that an “expanding collapsed crater” and the debris blocking the vent could trigger a massive explosion.

Speaking of long dormant forces suddenly re-emerging, Illinois has voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

This prompts some interesting constitutional questions.  The time limit for passing the ERA has long, long expired.  Back to the time all the great movies that today’s creatively bankrupt Hollywood keeps remaking were first coming out.  But does that matter?  If the required number of states ratify the amendment, doesn’t that mean that the will of the people has been demonstrated and the amendment should be added?

Well, not so fast.  Several states later rescinded their ratifications of the ERA.  So they don’t count.  I think.

From my viewpoint, the ERA is unnecessary since discrimination on the basis of sex (but not gender, as the amendment is written) is already enshrined in federal and most state laws.  It would be hilarious to see it get ratified so that the lawsuits from men alleging sexual discrimination against them in family court and other realms where women get preferential treatment can commence.  I also would like to see the reaction from the young women who get told that they now have to sign up for Selective Service in case we need to draft women to fight off 600 million screaming red Chinamen.

Of course, the griping from the transgender community over the amendment’s clear wording about “sex” instead of gender would be great.

Keep an eye on this one.  Should just one more state vote to ratify, proponents are sure to declare victory.  It’ll be back.  If it does become law, then I recommend that the jungle be outlawed for unfairly oppressing women through snakes, spiders, and dirty water.

I noticed that the “Donate to Women” phone number is a Kansas City area code.  I don’t know who runs it, but wouldn’t recommend calling it.  People are ornery around here.

Today, my favorite local restaurant is closing.  It’s sad, but all of the non-corporate, family-owned establishments have been going under in the last few years.  There aren’t any left in my town that have the sort of breakfast and lunch cuisine that I enjoy anymore.  I’ll eat Banquet tv dinners before I eat at an Applebee’s, Glob damn it.

That’s all for now.  What else is there?

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Who’s to blame for this? Why, white males, of course. We’re responsible for everything, don’chano. World Class Bullshitters offered a fantastic rebuttal to this stupid assertion. I don’t get the white man whinging shit, Thrill. I don’t have it as good as white men and I don’t think that my life is “that bad”. Women have been blamed for everything since Eve ate a (probably) pomegranate and ruined everything. Boo fucking hoo. Family court and prison sentences are about the only disadvantage white males have right now and I agree that they should be addressed. I don’t give a shit… Read more »

It’s a flop.

Does this include overseas? I agree that the numbers are low here. Perhaps they should rethink the side stories.

I don’t get the white man whinging shit, Thrill. I don’t have it as good as white men and I don’t think that my life is “that bad”. Women have been blamed for everything since Eve ate a (probably) pomegranate and ruined everything. Boo fucking hoo. Family court and prison sentences are about the only disadvantage white males have right now and I agree that they should be addressed. Milo has a few words for you, I know, he talks too dang fast; I have seen what he is talking about first hand, raising a son over the years.… Read more »

I’m to the point that I think Episode IX would be better if it focused on Kylo Ren instead of her. We can agree here. They should develop his character better. They made that mistake with Luke and Rey. Tell us who these people are so we give a shit. Emo Ren is rivaling Luke as the top whiny bitch of the franchise. Why? What did he not get from Han and Leia? With Luke, you at least knew that his uncle was holding him back. Ren doesn’t have that excuse being born into the rebellion. I don’t know what… Read more »

So, i took my boys to see Solo, last night, meh, it was ok, nothing overly exciting, nothing too horrible.
The Feminist robot wasn’t too annoying Lando wasn’t quite as smooth as i hoped, but he was the shining star there.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Why do you you focus so hard to try and make the Lando-droid joke into a dealbreaker? It’s such an innocuous part of the movie it absolutely screams “I want to be pissed off about perceived politics” where none exist. Disney may be a lot of things, but what they aren’t is overtly insulting to anyone’s beliefs. They spent the last century delicately tiptoeing around white trash flyover sensibilities in almost everything they did. In this century they even gave the politically misguided, dumb white trash family a comedic forum, and even added them as trump supporters for authenticity. Now… Read more »

I haven’t seen Solo yet – and I went to see every other Star Wars movie right away, but this one I just can’t be bothered. It’s nothing to do with white male leads or pansexuality though. I just can’t shift the feeling that this is a DVD movie. I’m not curious about what happens, because we know. TL/DR – Prequels suck. As for Rey – I’m fine with her being a cypher – I see it as her role. The interesting parts are the cast of characters around her – just as Luke wasn’t why we watched episode 4.… Read more »

Why is poverty rising faster in suburbs than in cities? Left completely out of this article’s diagnosis is the simple fact that poorer people have been pushed into the suburbs in droves over the past twenty years, as urban centers have been “revitalized” and rich people started repopulating them. In many cities, entire neighborhoods have been bulldozed and rebuilt with luxury condos and “live-work lofts”, raising rents into the stratosphere. So where do you think all the displaced people end up? They get pushed out, and now they’re in the inner-ring suburbs, which in many cases haven’t been prepared for… Read more »


The Inspector General’s report was just released, it states Comey was “insubordinate”, along with other damning stuff. That’s not the point of my comment. My point is that MSNBC is currently talking about Trump pardoning a 63 year old woman after meeting with Kim Kardashian and how he loves to use the power, and is using it more than other presidents (he isn’t), and CNN is covering a live second string WH briefing related to foreign relations. Narry a mention that the Inspector General report even exists, let alone what is in it. Nothing to see here, folks. You can… Read more »

William Guess

Careful. It leaked, wasn’t released. I’m not one to defend the MSM, but I can see their reluctance to run with this as it’s unsourced.


I’m not one to defend the MSM, but I can see their reluctance to run with this as it’s unsourced.

Is there a liberal news organization in existence who hasn’t used leaked information to slam Trump that they haven’t later had to retract/correct? They didn’t suddenly change their MO, Will. My point stands – they would have spent the last 12 hours covering it if what was leaked exonerated Comey, or condemned Trump in any way.

William Guess

Can’t argue with that. Of course, I fully expect that they’ll claim the IG report “just tells us stuff we already knew” when it is fully released. They can’t attack it, so they’ll minimize it.

The “official” IG report is set to be released a week from today, June 14th, then we can officially call Comey a putz.


So we just elected Doug Ford, brother of Rob, as our Premier, You could probably consider him a Donald Trump acolyte. The cucks are starting to rule the world! I didn’t vote for him (or at least his party), I went Libertarian this election. I couldn’t tell the difference between his rhetoric and what the socialist and Liberal parties were peddling. Of the main candidates, I suppose he’s the least evil of the 3. The good news is the standing Liberals were relegated to 7 seats from 56. It was time for a purge.


Well, this sucks – Fox News star Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live in heartbreaking letter

Smart, smart guy. Sad to see this. I actually had no idea he was a quadriplegic.

I saw that this morning, very sad. I knew he was battling cancer. Big Nats fan, that’s probably his dying wish, to go to one more game.

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