Another sports related controversy and both sides look petty and weak;

On Monday, President Trump released a statement rescinding the invitation the White House had extended to the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, noting that some of the players on the Eagles disagreed with Trump’s position that NFL players stand for the national anthem with their hands on their hearts to honor the men and women who have fought for America as well as honoring Americans in general. The statement said, “The Eagles wanted to send a smaller delegation, but the 1,000 fans planning to attend the event deserve better.”

Born in Philly I have waited my whole life for an Eagles Super-bowl win, I got one this year, I can now die a happy man. But wait, no White House visit, this really blows.

I read the article a few times and I’m still not clear who nixed the visit. From what I gathered, the Eagles were still going to visit tomorrow but was not going to bring a full squad because some of the players 1) Do not like Trump, and 2) Do not like the new NFL rule, which Trump orchestrated all by himself, about the new kneeling rule. So apparently Trump being his petulant self revoked the visit for the entire team, deciding to celebrate with the fans instead.

Ever since Obama was The Man, I have had a few conversations with myself about what I would do if given the opportunity to visit the WH with my championship team. Even if I didn’t like the president, I would go. It is an honor to be invited and to not go because of ideological differences with the current occupier is disrespectful. I would respect those that felt differently but for me, you go. You go because you are representing your team and your home city and you go because sports has been and always will be the great unifier of the masses. Fans go to sporting events to be distracted from our politics and debates about race. We come together, all races, all walks of life, all religions, all income levels, the commonality of cheering for the same team unites us.

For those Eagles players that wanted to attend, what a disappointment, but who do you blame? This is another example of Trump being Trump so you just gotta role with it, but I think it stinks. If half the team wants to come, honor them with the same WH ceremony. It’s not all about the photo-op.

A few thoughts on the new rule; In trying to please everybody, they ended up pleasing nobody. They gave the teams the option of staying in the locker room. You don’t think this is going to look awkward and invoke just as much fan derision as the kneeling? And what about peer pressure. Some players who want to come out will probably be shamed into staying, for solidarity sake, is that fair? And some owners totally weenied out and declared publicly that they would pay the fines, so they are now co-conspirators and willing accessories.

The other thing that I found odd was the public statement Goddell made in implementing these new rules;

 We are dedicated to continuing our collaboration with players to advance the goals of justice and fairness in all corners of our society. 

How woke of them. So now they are not only in the football business but also in the SJW business. Are they now going to have a public position on income redistribution, taxes, or our national trade policy? Maybe a reparations policy where minorities get tickets half price or free beer, could this be the next phase of their want to advance the goals of fairness and justice?

Long has been outspoken about his contempt for President Trump. Before the 2018 Super Bowl, he announced that if the Eagles won, he would not visit the White House, snapping, “No, I’m not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?” The year before, as a member of the New England Patriots, who won the Super Bowl in 2017, he refused to participate in the White House visit, saying, “My son grows up, and I believe the legacy of our president is going to be what it is, I don’t want him to say, ‘Hey dad, why’d you go [to the White House] when you knew the right thing was to not go?’

Sorry but that doesn’t work for me, “Gee, dad, didn’t you tell my that football is a team sport and that your own personal feelings are always subordinate to that of the team as a whole? So you disrespecting those in power because you don’t like them is something I should emulate? I will remember that when dealing with a teacher or a boss I don’t like.”

I can’t imagine  the Eagle fans attending the WH gathering tomorrow will be all that thrilled with no real Eagle players in attendance. Why must everything be an ideological battle? All participants in this sad affair deserve a time-out.

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I’m waiting for some team members’ son to say, “Gee dad, why can’t you guys just play the game?”

Meanwhile Philly’s mayor gets his two cents in:

In 2018, everyone is woke
In 2019, they’ll all be broke


‘Ideological differences’ Lol
Enforced patriotism, awesome.
He represents everyone though of course…..because employment.


Is it true that not one of the players on the Super Bowl winning team took a knee all regular and post season? And that not one refused to go simply because Trump “insists” folks stand for the anthem? But they’re still anti-military?

So apparently Trump being his petulant self revoked the visit for the entire team, deciding to celebrate with the fans instead. I don’t think he’s being petulant. The players are making a political statement by sitting out the White House visit just as they sat out the anthem. Trump is denying them the opportunity to score political points for what should be a non-political event. You know, like what the NFL indulged all through the last season and only recently applied a half-assed solution for. Like Lucasfilm, the NFL and many of its players just can’t themselves from alienating fans… Read more »

I’m waiting for some team members’ son to say, “Gee dad, why can’t you guys just play the game?”

I loved this comment so much, I tweeted it.

Some of the players are, we don’t know how many, I suspect a very small percentage.

And only some of the players kneeled during the last season, all of it with zero consequences from the NFL. This is another political stunt that neither the NFL or the team will address and instead indulge.

Like it or not, Trump is fighting the overt politicization of absolutely everything that we discuss here so often. If you want it to stop, this is the way it’s going to happen.

And I want him to continue this fight but he needs to pick his battles better.

I can’t imagine a better battle to fight than one he knows he’ll win with maximum visibility. The end result of this is that the NFL is going to start pressuring players to stop engaging in these stunts to save itself. Which is exactly what Trump has wanted all along.


The players have politicized this. Let them enjoy the blowback from fans.

I guess it all comes down to your version of “winning”, and why you think everything has to be a battle. Because it is. The players turned the NFL into a battleground by making political statements on the field. Every aspect of the culture is a battle right now. Every other post I’ve written lately is about this phenomenon. So punish all the players for the conduct of a few? Yes. They’re a team, aren’t they? The idea is that next year, maybe the winning team’s coach will say, “God damn it, all I have ever wanted to do in… Read more »

Some did, a small percentage, those kneelers do not speak for the whole team collectively. Yes, they do. They speak for the team and the NFL, who all indulge this behavior. ABC “punished” the cast and crew of Roseanne for her tweet. Why should I view this any differently? And I’m saying that sports should not be politicized, period. I don’t think sports, Star Wars, comic books, or any of it should be politicized. And yet here we are. The president is responding to the times. Trump is making the politicization of sports toxic and the blame is being pinned… Read more »

I love the NBA players’ griping. They have to stand for the National Anthem and I hope it drives them crazy.


I don’t give a shit about sportsball of any fashion, but the following clips from Full Metal Jacket came immediately to mind:


And now the NBA is getting into the act:

Great. Now on principle, I can’t watch the GOATCA (Greatest Of All Time Choke Artist) lose again. Just bounce your ball, shoot your baskets, and shut the hell up.


GOATCA (Greatest Of All Time Choke Artist)

I don’t know about that. He’s taken his current team of misfits to the Finals. Also the GSW are an unprecedentedly good team. Can you think of any team that MJ had to face that came remotely close to the Warriors? He’s also averaging 34.6 pts, 9 A, and 9.2 RB per game over the playoffs. Hardly the numbers of a choker.

You want chokers, take a look at the Raptors.


Those 3s from Curry tho…. again and again. Soul destroying…


Probably my favorite photoshop of all time. Kinda puts it into a unique perspective.


Can you think of any team that MJ had to face that came remotely close to the Warriors? Let’s look at it like this for Team stats in the regular season: 97 Bulls Current Cavs 47% Field Goal Percentage 47% FG% 37% Three Point Percentage 37% 3P% 49% Two Point Percentage 54% 2P% 74% Free Throw Percentage 79% FT% 103 Points Per Game 110PPG So the teams as a whole have similar stats. 97 Jazz Current Warriors 50% FG% 50% FG% 37% 3P% 39% 3P% 52% 2P% 56% 2P% 77% FT% 81% FT% 103 PPG 113 PPG Seems pretty even… Read more »


Hmm, I overestimated the disparity. Although the Jazz PPG went down to 96.1 for the playoffs. I still think that losing to a line up led by Curry, Durant (2 HOF’ers) and Thompson and Green, while carrying a bunch of nobodies shouldn’t be considered choking.

On the bright side, Ovechkin is now a Stanley Cup winner!


losing to a line up led by Curry, Durant (2 HOF’ers)

As opposed to Stockton/Malone? Also two hall of famers who would have had at least two rings if they hadn’t run into the real GOAT.


As opposed to Stockton/Malone? Also two hall of famers

Fair enough. Maybe I’m taking this from the wrong angle. Here is the Bulls starting lineup.

Scottie Pippen (HOF)
Denis Rodman (HOF)
Ron Harper
Luc Longley

Notables Bench
Steve Kerr (who surprisingly averaged less than 1 3P a game!)
Tony Kukoc

Cavaliers starting lineup

JR Smith (a tool)
Kevin Love (maybe a borderline HOF candidate?)
George Hill
Kyle Korver
Tristan Thompson
Green, Hood, and Calderon have also started games.

Not exactly a scary lineup. I still contend that it takes a great player to carry that lineup all the way to the Finals.


Not exactly a scary lineup. I still contend that it takes a great player to carry that lineup all the way to the Finals. Think of the greats. MJ, Kareem, Bird, Johnson, Dr. J, etc. Nobody ever says, “Oh, he was the GOAT, except his team sucked.” Lebron is no doubt an incredible talent, and will go down as one of the greats. I don’t debate that MJ had a fantastic team. And I give much of the credit for that team to their coach. But when the chips were down, he carried the win (except when he dished the… Read more »


Man, LeBron sucks! 🙂

Congrats Warriors! Now comes the withdrawal… Hurry up World Cup!


Your entire season is on the line, you’re the GOAT to some, you’re carrying your team on your shoulders, and you’re down at the end of the third. So what do you do? You sit for the beginning of the fourth. Yeah…not GOAT.


The real GOAT doesn’t need to defend himself, or worse have his fans defending him with excuses.

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