It has been a contentious couple of weeks, politically speaking.  Thrill pointed out in Let Trump Remain Trump  that no one gives a fucking tinker’s damn if Trump lies or is inconsistent or grabs pussy, as long as he does what they want him to.  THERE IS NO TOO FAR.  At the end of the day, the article is right.  This is awesome disconcerting to me for a number of reasons, but the main one is that it forces me to rethink my own position of attempting to be consistent and independent of “party politics”.  It forces me to care little about the integrity of politicians that I agree with politically.  To do so is a weakness because the favor will absolutely not be returned, ever.  Seeing things from the other side is overrated.

This is, of course not sustainable and at some point (Trump can’t live forever) people will realize that it is patently ridiculous to allow this reprobate behavior from their leader(s). There may be no too far, but there is likely a too long, as in time.  In the meantime, I will retrofit my views accordingly, starting with ignoring any and all references to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Franken and that douchebag in Hollywood screwing all the actresses we all thought were so special but really got their breakout roles via blow job.  For now.

For this most excellent Friday, let us celebrate the sheer force and power of the lie.  Let’s jam to songs about lies and the lying liars that spew lies from their lying liar holes.   It is a target rich environment full of emo anger, illicit sex and pissed off assholery.  This can also be cheating cheaters, fucking fuckers, you know.

Here is the playlist:

Here are your dedications:

Grendel – Lies

Santino – Kitchenette

Thrill – White Lies

Rich Taylor – Lie to Me

WVR – Why do I Lie?

ilovecress – Sacred Lie

Lurking – Don’t Tell A Lie About Me and I Won’t Tell The Truth On You


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